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Un gif dans ta gueule...

Un gif dans ta gueule...

41 sites pour trouver des photos libres de droits Il existe de nombreux sites spécialisés dans les photos libres de droits. La liste ci-dessous n’est pas exhaustive mais en rassemble une bonne partie. Les sites que je vous présente aujourd’hui mettent à disposition des photos sous diverses licences et droits d’auteurs mais la plupart vous permet de les utiliser a but privé, professionnel ou commercial. Vous pouvez aussi les exploiter sur de nombreux supports comme : des plaquettes, des cartes de visite ou des sites internet. Bref, pour vous aider à faire votre choix, voici 43 sites pour trouver des photos libres de droits… Et vous, quel site de photos libres de droits utilisez-vous ? Note : article paru pour la première fois le 24 juin 2010 sur Autour du Web. Etiquettes : Imagelibrelibres de droitsPhoto Description de l'auteur Cédric blog depuis mars 2009 sur Autour du Web.

the impossible cool. The Ark In Space Hyper-photos: Jean-François Rauzier attempts to create the most detailed images in the world. Welcome! Behold is Slate's new photo blog. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter @beholdphotos and Tumblr. Hyperphotos are to panoramic photos what Google Earth is to a globe. At the foremost of this evolving genre is Paris-based photographer Jean-François Rauzier, who has spent the last decade building photos of unprecedented detail. As a fashion photographer in the 1970s Rauzier longed to break free from the constraints of advertising and film photography. Rauzier takes an hour or two photographing his subject from every angle “like a scanner.” Sometimes he also incorporates himself, clad entirely in black. If you have a large decorating budget and a huge space, his massive images are available for purchase from Waterhouse & Dodd in London and New York. Click to see more detailed image. Other Photo Features You May Enjoy

Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама Schell Studio Maquette Sculpting and Painting Class Maquette Sculpting and Painting Class (currently enrolling) Once again Jordu Schell is offering a Maquette Sculpting and Painting class. This class will be held at his studio: 21629 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. Materials are included! The sessions will commence Saturdays 10am-5pm, starting January 4 – February 1, 2014 Seating is limited. Cost: $450.00 Jordu will be instructing the following from start to finish: - Building an armature - Character Design - Sculpting - Painting - And much more! To Enroll Click Here: N.E.R.D. N.E.R.D.cast#31 The NERDcast is back with special guest, Erin Michael McCash. N.E.R.D.cast N.E.R.D. Nerdcast#30 This NERDcast had technical issues at first which took awhile to fix… But…everything’s fine now, so laff with us as we welcome back Michael Norman and talk about all various and sundry nerdy thangs. N.E.R.D. Nerdcast#29 Sculpting a Realistic Silicone Likeness Workshop Cost: $150.00 -Hair Work

Visite de Paris, Nantes et Metz Avant avec iPhone | Ma Ville Avant Gilbert Garcin - Artiste Photographe Best Photo Locations: Abandoned Swimming Pools © Jonathan Haeber | Catskills, NY If you’re an on-location photographer or filmmaker, then you know how much value a great location can add to the shoot. I like to find and feature supercool locations around the world. Stuff I discover, stuff that others send me, places I’d love to shoot. If the location makes you scratch your chin, laugh aloud or the hair on your arms stands up… it might be a good location to shoot something original. Keep your knees bent and be ready – because these opportunities are ALL over. Case-in-point, these photos of abandoned swimming pools. These pool images led me to discover photographer, J Bennett Fitts, who traveled 20,000 miles around the USA to photograph barren pools attached to deserted hotels in beautiful locations. Sometimes you have to go looking a bit. © Cari Ann Wayman | Two Guns, Arizona © Troy Paiva | San Jose, CA Thomas Hawk | San Francisco, CA © Saaty Photography | Northern Arizona © Phill D | Harpurhey Swimming Baths, Manchester

Jen Stark Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама