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800+ Photoshop Patterns For Your Next Web Design Project

800+ Photoshop Patterns For Your Next Web Design Project
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100+ Seamless Patterns Great for Creating Website Backgrounds 1026 shares 200+ Seamless Patterns Perfect for Website Backgrounds We’re always on the lookout for great freebies to share with our readers, and today we’ve got some seamless patterns. Seamless patterns are a great way to add a lot of detail to a design and fill up a big area, such as a background. Read More 46 shares Best Places to Find Seamless Background Patterns Web Designers are always in need of background patterns. 22 Free Seamless Vector Pattern Resources Perfect For Web Design Patterns actually can be found almost everywhere – in print design, web design, graphic design etc. For example if you use pattern in web design, just set CSS repeat-x-y and you’ll get beautiful background,but image will be very small and page load time will be much faster. There are very big variety how you can use and implement patterns, but the fact is – free resources – like patterns, brushes, shapes are big time savers. Of course it’s better to create your own stuff, but sometimes you receive project with fast deadline and you need everything to do fast and this is one of the solutions. This list just features 22 resource sites and several very well written articles with premade pattern collections, it was very interesting for me to write this article, I am hoping it will be interesting reading and useful resource for bookmarking. DinPattern ( ~120 patterns) SquidFingers ( 158 patterns) Pattern8 DreamsTime Did you know there are huge collection of free patterns as well? HoverWebDesign

Citrus Moon Patterns: Arrays These should be very easy to colorize. This tile, for example, was altered in the simplest possible way: in Photoshop, with #669999 green chosen as my foreground color, I simply used "Image: Adjustments: Hue/Saturation: Colorize" to change the color. Des photos gratuites pour illustrer votre blog, Photo Pin Tenir un blog, outre l’écriture de textes uniques et originaux, du moins en principe, c’est aussi trouver de quoi les illustrer. Il convient d’être prudent dans le choix des images car celles que l’on peut trouver sur le Web (Google Images) ne sont pas forcément libres de droit. Un ayant droit procédurier pourrait très bien vous réclamer des espèces sonnantes et trébuchantes pour avoir utilisé une photo qui lui appartient ou pire faire fermer votre blog par décision de justice. Pour éviter d’en arriver à de telles extrémités, la solution consiste à ne piocher que dans les images distribuées sous licence Creative Common. Le tout nouveau service Photo Pin s’adresse aux blogueurs pour les aider à trouver des images gratuites diffusées sur Flickr pour illustrer leur blog de photos ou d’images en s’assurant qu’elles soient libres de tout droit. L’interface du site est en anglais. De plus, les mentions légales peuvent aussi être récupérées pour sourcer comme il se doit les images utilisées.

Modern UI and Layout Tutorials for Photoshop :Speckyboy Design Magazine It would be very hard to find a situation where Photoshop does not have the perfect solution for any web (or print) design problem. With Photoshop you can pretty much design a web page just as you envisaged mentally, with virtually no creative restrictions and with a pixel-perfect result. Web design trends change, and they change regularly. As such, it is very important that a designer stays on top of the game and their UI designs reflect modern design demands. In this article we have a huge collection of current web layout tutorials for Photoshop, that covers not only web page layouts, but also web app layouts, mobile UI and we have also included some of those tricky to design elements such as buttons, search boxes, headers and footers. Textured Web Layout In this tutorial you’ll be shown how to create a textured web layout, starting from the concept on paper, leading on to the Photoshop design and you will use the 960 grid to organize the layout. Textured Web Layout → Apple Style Layout

Blogger Templates (Classic) 21 – 25 | GeckoandFly If any of you guys happen to boot the classic templates from my previous collection into the new XML format, please share, email the files and I’ll host it here. A credit on the footer of the template goes to the author and not to GeckoandFly. Come and help built the world’s biggest collection of Blogger Templates. Thanks :) Good luck and happy blogging! P.S. – The blogger templates are all open source, you are allowed to customized the template as you like and remove the credit to Geckoandfly if you want to, and just in case you’re wondering why there is no result when you use the “Google Search This Blog” feature, the reason being is that Google Search Engine has yet to index your blog. We recommend these Blogger Tutorials : The Other Eden Click here for Demo Visit the The Other Eden Blogger Template Ambiru Click here for Demo Visit the Ambiru Blogger Template Binary Bonsai (Two Column) Click here for Demo Visit the Binary Bonsai Blogger Template Green Bubble

Browsing Photoshop Patterns on deviantART Comment faire un brief créatif ? Ces deux mots qui sonnent bien ensemble sont pourtant parfois difficiles à corréler et à mettre en oeuvre pour un designer . En effet, rédiger une approche, des idées, les informations pertinentes, les ressources de travail qui répondent le mieux aux attentes et parfois une affaire complexe. L’idée, lorsque l’on répond a un appel d’offre, à une compétition, serait donc d’avoir une méthodologie -et non une méthode- qui puisse nous guider quelque peu vers la rédaction d’un tel brief. des Designers Interactifs, a publié un document de travail intitulé « Comment formaliser un brief créatif ». source Ces articles peuvent aussi vous intéresser: [infographie] Le processus pour réaliser un site internet ! DesignLeaks : des PDF sur le design en libre consultation Synthèse sur l’identité numérique en 2010 et quelques pistes de réflexion… Transformez tous les sites internet en wireframes avec Wirify ! Le guide complet de la gestuelle pour les interfaces multitouch ! Un cyclope dans Paris ?

Getting Started: Exceptionally Great Beginner Photoshop Tutorials Adobe Photoshop is most powerful image editing software, having great variety of tools to do your desired actions in order to create astonishing graphics and making image look better. Photoshop has major market share in the class of image editing softwares. Although it is the best software available but it is not easy to learn, it can take a heck of time and guidance to learn its basics. If you want to learn Photoshop or you are just getting started with it then you found the right place. In this roundup we have compiled a list of absolute basic Photoshop tutorials for getting started with Photoshop. 1. If you are just getting started with Photoshop then this article is worth a read, it discusses Photoshop and Fireworks interfaces and common tools, and explains few basic tasks such as creating new documents and saving files for the Web. 2. In this tutorial, Photoshop’s Toolbox will be introduced to you, describing the basic functions of every tool present in Toolbox. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Creating a Mouseover Fade Effect with jQuery My last little jQuery tutorial was an alternative to using CSS to create an image change on a mouseover. Now I want to take that one step further and add a fade effect. For my example, I am going to make a black and white image fade into a color image. Add the jQuery script between your head tags. Here is the function. Here is the CSS. And here is the body code. All together you got something that looks like this. Test it out below: NOTE: If you are using jQuery with WordPress, you need to replace all the dollar signs ($) with the word jQuery due to other Javascript libraries that use the dollar sign.

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