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Stremio - All You Can Watch

Stremio - All You Can Watch

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Установка HTTPS сертификата Let's Encrypt Вот наконец решил попробовать SSL сертификат от Let’s Encrypt. Сподвигло меня на это то что, купленный мной ранее сертификат от COMODO, на платформе Android оказывается считается недоверенным. А я ни сном ни духом об этом( Да и вобщем хрен с ним с тем сертификатом, стоил он всего 8$, и во первых не жалко, а во вторых, FireFox начал ругаться на то сертификат использует небезопасное шифрование 1024bit. Вообще что такое Let’s Encrypt?

Nivel Principiante - DOMINÓ: ARTE O CIENCIA Básicamente una partida de Dominó se compone de: La Primera Ronda (la Salida y la respuesta a la misma del resto de jugadores), El Juego Medio (desde la 2ª ficha hasta la 5ª ficha, más o menos, de las siete que posee el jugador) y Las Jugadas Finales o de Definición (las últimas fichas, normalmente 6ª y 7ª). Prácticamente la Primera Ronda y el Juego Medio pasan por el desarrollo de los palos propios (nuestros y del compañero) y evitar el desarrollo de los palos contrarios. De igual forma podemos evitar el desarrollo de un palo rival: bien no abriendo nunca el palo, bien tapando el palo directamente, bien dificultando su entrada (dejando fichas abiertas a palos de fichas ya jugadas del palo, por ejemplo dejando un cinco si el 5-2 ya fue jugado), bien tapando el palo rival con el palo menos acompañado (se trata de una jugada muy técnica que consiste en jugar de los palos rivales las fichas con menor acompañamiento para que no nos la saquen buchera).

Bulk Email API for Bulk Marketing and Other Needs Introduction Our API interface is used to integrate SendPulse’s distribution service capabilities with client’s personal projects. The API is designed for developers and is accompanied by detailed documentation. Web hooks are available by request. Please contact us at if you want them enabled for your account. How To Build A Great Media Center PC In this free PDF, we take you through all the steps of understanding and creating your own media center. Read all about the different hardware components, best places to buy them, software candidates and media extenders, in this manual for geek to techno-deprived. A good media center not only plays your music or lets you watch movies and television, it also gives you the opportunity to stay connected over the web, to stream content, or grab subtitles and movie reviews.

Satori live data channel details - app key, SDKs, and more - Satori Beta We are gathering every RSS feed in one live data channel. With over 6.5 million feeds and growing, we are the largest RSS aggregator in the world. UpdatedApril 6, 2017 Code It's simple to subscribe to a live data stream with Satori. You just need a Satori client SDK and the information included on this page: endpoint, appkey, and channel name. News feeds from the BBC What are News Feeds? News feeds allow you to see when websites have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and video in one place, as soon as its published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from. Feeds are also known as RSS. There is some discussion as to what RSS stands for, but most people plump for 'Really Simple Syndication'. In essence, the feeds themselves are just web pages, designed to be read by computers rather than people.

An Introduction to DNS Terminology, Components, and Concepts Introduction DNS, or the Domain Name System, is often a very difficult part of learning how to configure websites and servers. Understanding how DNS works will help you diagnose problems with configuring access to your websites and will allow you to broaden your understanding of what's going on behind the scenes. In this guide, we will discuss some fundamental DNS concepts that will help you hit the ground running with your DNS configuration. After tackling this guide, you should be ready to set up your domain name with DigitalOcean or set up your very own DNS server. Windows 2012 R2 Remote FX RDSH - GPU acceleration in Session Host Hello, I'm testing the new virtualization session from Win 2012r2 with remote FX as I’ve read that r2 enable graphic acceleration in RDSH mode :) My configuration is a physical Windows 2012 R2 with a ATI S7000 graphical card with lasted driver. I've enable user experience, RDS Session virtualization services, and configured the GPO in order to use RemoteFX (hardware compression) functionality. Remote FX is operational, and i'm testing Under IE11 and I get the following result: -If I'm logged ON the server (locally), GPU is used (Frame rate 30fps, cpu 25%), so graphical card is normally used -If I open a RDS session on server. vGPU is used (Frame rate 6fps, cpu 100%), so graphical card is NOT used.

Windows Virtio Drivers Overview This page describes how to obtain and use virtio drivers for Windows virtual machines running on KVM, and additional software agents for Windows VMs. Yum|Dnf Repo There is a yum|dnf repo shipping 'virtio-win' RPMs. The RPMs install driver binaries and agent installers on your host machine into /usr/share. These bits can then be shared with Windows VMs. WindowsGuestDrivers/Download Drivers The source for the Windows drivers is hosted in a repository on GIT hub. Anonymous users can clone the repository git clone Browse GIT repository online Binary drivers are provided by some Linux distributions including WHQL Certified drivers. For example the binary drivers for Ubuntu can be found here.