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*FREE* Felt Food Pattern!

*FREE* Felt Food Pattern!
This is a follow up to all the wonderful comments and requests for a pattern for my felt play food. This is a free pattern, made by me, for a sandwhich and a bag of chips. Right-click the following three images and select "Save Target As" and save to your desktop. Then from there you can print these images full size. Basically the construction on these is pretty simple. Potato Chips and Bag:The chips were the only thing that were not handsewn. Blanket stitch the brown strip onto one side of the white bread part. Swiss Cheese:This was pretty simple. Lettuce:I blanket stitched the outside first. Tomato: This was one of the harder components of the sandwich. Other Sandwich Parts:The rest of the parts were all just blanket stitched except for the peanut butter and jelly. Related:  FEUTRINE

my foray into felt foods My foray into felt foods has been frustrated by a fantastically frantic April. (Ahhh . . . alliteration . . . the overkill of one poor unsuspecting letter.) But seriously, I feel like this month has gone super fast. Wasn't it just March? If you've been reading along, you have seen my "frozen" felt treats and you have heard the inside scoop on my struggle with making bread . . . the felt kind. Now, there are a plethora (gosh, I love using that word) of tutorials out there on making bread of the felt kind. So, here's my recipe for felt bread: 1) Take out a piece of bread (yes, a real piece of bread) and trace it onto your felt or a piece of paper for a pattern. 2) Measure around the outside edges of the felt bread shape and cut a 1/2 inch strip from the felt you've chosen for the crust. 3) Now, begin to hand sew one bread-shaped piece to one edge of the crust strip using embroidery thread to match the crust. 4) Cut four or five layers of quilt batting in the same shape as the bread pieces.

Tutorial: Felt Pizza Slice | This is my first attempt at writing up a tutorial, so please let me know if you have any questions, or if I need to clarify anything here! For the few months, I’ve been busy making various felt play food for my son. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from the tutorials posted by Polly of Helping Little Hands in her Felt Food Cook-Along…and have added far too many more things to my ever-growing project list! Quite a few other bloggers have linked up their own tutorials with her cook-along, and I finally decided to take the plunge and share one of my own. My son loves pizza, so I started searching online for tutorials on how to make a felt pizza slice for him. Everything I found was instructions for making whole pizzas, rather than individual slices, so I got brave and tried to figure it out on my own. I used a mix of eco-felt bought by the yard, and sheets of cheap craft felt. Step One: Cut out your felt shapes I don’t have printable patterns. If you want toppings, cut them out now. Like this:

Felt Cupcake Tutorial I have felt food on the brain at the moment. Slightly obsessed. Today I headed over to a lovely little felt shop with a crafty friend to stock up on some new colours with these in mind. And doughnuts. A quick search of the in-ter-net came up with many cool possibilities. Having spent way too much at the felt shop, I felt (get it) disinclined to spend even more money on buying a pattern and they did seem like they would be pretty straight forward to make. So here goes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Felt Brown Bag Lunch Tutorial I don’t know what it is but I love felt food. Today on the menu is a very unhealthy sack lunch! I have provided the instructions here in this post. The Brown Paper Bag You need two pieces of light brown felt. Pinch the side and bottom together and sew. Finished! The Chip Bag and Chips Cut two pieces of felt. Place right sides together and stitch along each side. Cut chips out of yellow felt. The Ho Ho Cut 2 pieces if dark brown felt and two pieces of white felt. Place the pieces together and sew around the outside edge, leaving an opening for turning on the short side. Turn right side out. Slip stitch the roll closed along the outside edge. The Sandwich Cut two pieces of off – white fabric and a strip of light brown felt about. Sew the strip to one side of the white square overlapping the ends. Sew the white square to the other side leaving an opening for turning. Turn right side out. Make ingredients for your sandwich by sewing two of each color together. Every sack lunch sandwich needs a baggie.

Tutorial: Felt food corned beef & cabbage I've been fiddling with this set for the last few days, but I'm calling it done now. I'm especially pleased with how the cabbage turned out! And now, in honor of the feast of St. Patrick (coming up one week from today!), I'm sharing a tutorial with zillions of images so you can make your very own. In the pictures below, I use *contrasting* thread so you can more easily follow along. If you need to see a larger version of a picture, just click on it and you will be taken to that photo at flickr. Materials scissorsthreadpolyfilfelt in these colors, 1 sheet each: ivory camel (tan) cardinal (darkish red) orange light green (sometimes sold as neon green or lime green) Potatoes Cut out three circles of ivory and three circles of camel/tanIvory felt: 3 1/4 inches acrossCamel felt: 2 1/4 inches across Hand sew around the edge of an ivory circle, but do not knot it off yet. Instead, pull your thread to cinch the circle together into a little pouch. Now you can knot and trim your thread. Carrots Cabbage

Sliced Cheese - Felt Food Cook Along - Day 18 From here on out, the felt food may be in a somewhat random order. Sorry about that. I wanted to do sandwiches next starting with sliced bread...but when I made the sliced bread, I didn't take very good I need to make some more before I can do a tutorial for it. Hopefully I'll get that done soon. So I we'll start with some of the sandwich fillings first, and hopefully by the time we get through them, I'll have some bread to show you. :) We did shredded cheese a while ago for our pizza, but sliced cheese is better for sandwiches. These are one of those things that you really don't need me to tell you how to do them...but I'll go ahead anyway. Materials: Cream and/or gold felt, and all the regular sewing stuff For the cheddar cheese, first I cut out squares of felt. I didn't use a straight edge or ruler or anything I just cut. The swiss cheese is the same, but I cut out a few semi-circles of slightly different sizes from a few of the edges before I sewed the sides together.

Felt Food Tutorials Pages This Blog Felt Food Tutorials It was getting a bit cumbersome to update the list of felt food tutorials in each post, so here they are. Don't forget to some readers' felt food creations for more great inspiration. Felt Farfalle (Bowtie) Pasta « One Inch World More playfood, this is ridiculously easy to make. You may notice that the finished pasta is a different color than the in-process pasta… My daughter broke my last felting needle while I was wraping the second-to-last felting needle that I had just broken in tape to throw it away… Oy. Her punishment was having to go to the (boring) quilting store to buy me new felting needles. (^_^) Cut a felt rectangle 1.5" by however long you want. Pink the long edges of your rectangle. Cut into approximately 1" wide sections. Fold felt into a W the long way, and needle felt, stitch, or heck, glue, in the middle. Done!