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5 Ways to Reverse Cancer using Bikram Yoga

5 Ways to Reverse Cancer using Bikram Yoga
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Slideshows - Bedtime Yoga Yoga For Bedtime Whether you are a night owl who would rather be a morning bird, have trouble falling asleep at night, or just need a little extra help relaxing before going to sleep, doing a little yoga before bedtime can help. This routine—which you can do in bed—will put your body and mind to rest, helping you to sleep soundly through the night so you can wake up rested and fresh for the morning. No sleeping pills required! First things first. Short Meditation Sit up in bed comfortably, either with your legs folded or straight in front of you; whatever you can do with the most ease. Seated Twists Stay in your seated position and twist around to the back of your bed. Easy Forward Bend Keep your seated position and gently bend forward at your hips and let your hands stretch out straight in front of you on the bed. Legs Extended Forward Bend Flat Back Slowly start to straighten your legs in front of you. Legs Extended Forward Bend Round Back Lying Down Knee to Chest Hamstring Stretch Knee Hug

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The Wisdom Journal — Wise Choices. Improved Finances. A Better Life. Preparing for Your Home Inspection by Ron Haynes Home buyers may be as unique as the homes they are looking to buy, but they all share a common desire to ensure that the home they will call their own is as good beneath the surface as it appears to be. They will have concerns about the roof, the heating system, the floors and […] Tell me more → Ready to FIRE Half Your Staff? Management can be an absolute joy when you have the right people in the right positions. Tell me more → Spread of Deadly Disease. Beware! Part 3 "Lyme Disease" The elderly population, children and people with low immune system are more at risk. It is advisable to seek medical attention immediately, instead of dismissing it as a case of common flu. They say treatment can be effective if the disease is caught early on. Lyme disease affects various parts of the body in different degrees as it advances. The part one of this article showed a short story I made about a small town that was unknowingly taken over by a strange disease they took for granted as the common flu, later causing pandemonium and rampant deaths which took the CDC officials by surprise. Lyme disease is medically described to have 3 stages as: (1) early localized disease with skin inflammation; (2) early disseminated disease with heart and nervous system involvement, including palsies and meningitis; and (3) late disease featuring motor and sensory nerve damage and brain inflammation as well as arthritis. Some tips given by the CDC included the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

6 Simple Yoga Stretches for Daily De-Stressing :: Tips :: The 99 Percent We have a tradition at the Behance office called the “four o’clock stretch,” where we step away from our desks to do a few simple stretches and recharge. When energy is waning mid-afternoon, it’s pretty incredible how a little deep breathing and muscle movement can completely re-invent your mood. Below are a few of my favorite “office-friendly stretches.” 1. There is no aspect of relaxation more important than breathing. To begin square breathing, sit in a comfortable, upright position on the floor or in a chair. Repeat 10 times, going at your own pace: Inhale 2, 3, 4. 2. Interlace your fingers, and raise your arms above your head, with your palms facing upwards. 3. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Once you have the arm wrap going, look straight ahead and try to keep your elbows lifted. Unwrap your arms and hold them out to the side again. 4. Still standing with your feet hip-distance apart, reach your hands behind you, clasping them together in a fist at the base of your back.

Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life 100 Brilliant Ideas 'This Thing's Got Legs' Foursquare races past a million users Smartphones are taking over. By 2012, Nielsen researchers say, they will be the most commonly used mobile devices in the U.S. And you know what that means: more apps--and tons of money--to be made. BlockChalk An app that turns mobile phones into digital news bulletins. Bump Technologies The free Bump app lets users exchange information by bumping two phones together. Square Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's newest venture seems likely to be a big one: Square turns mobile phones into credit- and debit-card readers. Penny Pinchers, Unite! Billshrink trims the fat out of budgets--and is making a mint doint it The Age of the Tightwad shows no sign of ending. Blackboard Eats A free e-newsletter and website that offers exclusive deals at top restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles. Copy Cat Chic Interior designer Reichel R. Groupon Rrrrrrrreally Chic Don't laugh at Doggles: Fashion sunglasses for dogs are $3 million a year business Docstoc

Spread of Deadly Disease. Beware! Part 2 It is late fall, the hunting season has brought about great trade in the locality. A lot of people in this small North American town came down with flu-like symptoms and no one seemed to be alarmed. Despite the rampant health issues the people experienced, everyone was more distressed about the unexpected acorn crop problem, followed by the disturbing sudden increase in white-legged mouse population in the county. In few days, a family member comes down with a high fever, followed by the spread of an expanding reddish rash. A visiting scientist did some research and conducted interviews. You lean over and try to close his mouth. Sounds like a movie teaser from an upcoming horror movie, don’t you think?

Gregorian Bivolaru - Karma Yoga Translation from Romanian: Rodica Harabagiu Final correction of text: NATHA,Copenhagen, 1999 Motto: "In a state of detachment perform what has to be done, no matter what it is, and never wish to assume the fruits of your doings." Karma Yoga represents one of the four main classic forms of Yoga. Karma Yoga represents a starting point and is an essential part of the teachings of Bhagavad Gita, this serves as sufficient ground for its authenticity. Like all other forms of Yoga, the main and final purpose of Karma Yoga is to facilitate and accelerate the spiritual evolution of its persistent practitioner. The main difference from other forms of Yoga is that Karma Yoga can be practised well from the very beginning, and can be applied all the time, all day long, because it is applicable to all human activities. I should also emphasise that the practice of Karma Yoga does not exclude the simultaneous practice of one or more of the other forms of Yoga, but will amplify their efficiency.