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UX Tools — Hints from the lazy bear

UX Tools — Hints from the lazy bear
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Clustering Engine Carrot2 Search Results Clustering Engine Carrot2 organizes your search results into topics. With an instant overview of what's available, you will quickly find what you're looking for. Choose where to search: Type your query: More options More advanced options Hide advanced options Example queries: data mining | london | clustering About Carrot2: Carrot2 is an Open Source Search Results Clustering Engine.

Redesigning Hype A revamped User Interface Pretty early on in the process of making Hype 3, we decided we wanted to focus on the interface. Version 1 looked very ‘Native’ in the initial release, but we realized it was time for an update. The overall idea for the redesign was to keep a strong Mac OS X look and feel. We wanted to make the app as intuitive as possible and move beyond the Keynote-like interface to give the UI a much stronger personality. All-in-one window The previous version was clearly inspired by Apple’s Keynote presentation app with floating panes and inspectors. We heard from Hype 2 users that the floating inspector and color picker panes interfered with their work. We decided to opt for an all-in one layout with everything accessible in one window. It was also important to us that creative users could customize their workspace. Popovers over dialogs Dialog windows tend to cover content. An interface designed for designers I personally use Hype for hours everyday. The re-redesign Typography

Designing for Mobile, Part 1: Information Architecture Around 1993, my dad brought home a large, brick-shaped mobile phone. We were all incredibly excited by the new technology, even though none of us thought it would have a massive impact on our lives. I actually still thought of it as a gimmick, a few years later, when some of my friends decided to purchase them. Today there are six-billion mobile subscribers in the world – meaning if there were one mobile per owner then 87% of the world’s population would have one. Mobile devices are clearly here to stay, and along with them come a whole host of new constraints (and opportunities) for our designs. How is mobile different? The first thing we need to understand about mobile design is that it’s different – and not just with regards to size. Physicality and specifications Most mobile devices employ touch screens, where users rely on gestures – in addition to simple interface elements – to interact with them. How, where and when How we behave and feel How mobile affects designers Hierarchy Good for

Tri de cartes et ergonomie web Introduction L'architecture de l'information est le fondement de la structure d'une application. Pour optimiser cette architecture, plusieurs méthodes sont utilisées. Cet article décrit l'une d'entre elles, le tri de cartes. Nous détaillerons les caractéristiques des différents types de tris, le déroulement classique d'une session de tri, ainsi que le rapport entre les caractéristiques de la méthode et les besoins et contraintes de l'ergonomie web. Cet article sera volontairement orienté vers le domaine web, car c'est celui dans lequel nous disposons du plus d'exemples concrets. 1. 1.1. Il est essentiel de travailler sur l'organisation des contenus lorsque l'on conçoit une interface informatique. Travailler sur l'architecture de l'information d'un système informatisé, c'est réfléchir aux endroits où l'on va placer les contenus et à leurs appellations, afin que l'utilisateur soit susceptible de les retrouver facilement. 1.2. ETAPE 1. Etape 1 d'un tri de cartes. ETAPE 2. ETAPE 3. ETAPE 4.

7 Simple Rules for Creating Elegant UI Interactions 'Interaction design' is one of those newish buzzwords that has become strongly tied into the UX design process. In 2015 it's no longer enough for interface elements to instantly switch between two static states. Today words like 'slide' and 'bounce' and 'rebound' have come into the conversation on how good user interfaces work. However in the world of interactions – as is the case with expensive watches – 'fancy' does not not necessarily mean 'elegant'. If you are creative like me, it's easy to be tempted to create fancy-flying interactions just to make your website feel more modern and engaging. As such, I’ve found that it's important to focus on animations that are so smooth and easy on the eye that our users barely notices them. So, why does that matter? Why does Apple spend so much time and money on packaging that usually gets quickly thrown into the recycling bin? So, what defines a 'micro-interaction'? Key Rule #1 – No teleportation Rule #2: Toggles are better than buttons

Download Principle 0.0.80 Build 24 (Mac) If you are an app designer, you probably get bombarded with new ideas constantly, most of which never see the light of day. Of course, you cannot possibly test all of them, but it can be useful to have access to a tool that allows you to experiment with various concepts and interface designs. Principle is an intuitive OS X app created for this particular purpose. It can help you generate animated, interactive designs, with customizable layouts and transitions. The results can be recorded and shared with others or viewed directly on your mobile device. Design your app's interface by adding objects and setting up interactions and animations Your project is split into multiple artboards, each containing a certain number of layers. Interactions are handled with the use of drivers and animations, all of which are displayed in an accessible timeline view, making it simple to alter their properties and get an overall idea of the state of your project.

Solving the Brain Fitness Puzzle Is the Key to Self-Empowered Aging What works to pre­serve cog­ni­tive abil­i­ties? Much like the human brain, the answer is com­pli­cated, indi­vid­ual and nuanced. As the con­cept of brain fit­ness (or, the brain’s abil­ity to func­tion effi­ciently and effec­tively in per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life) goes main­stream, the pro­lif­er­a­tion of sci­en­tific find­ings, media reports, and com­mer­cial claims is gen­er­at­ing much noise and con­fu­sion. Know­ing what to believe and what to do presents a real-life puz­zle, lead­ing many peo­ple to either inac­tion or toward a focus on the wrong priorities. Click to view and down­load arti­cle as a PDF document. This past Octo­ber, sixty-nine sci­en­tists, con­vened by the Stan­ford Cen­ter on Longevity, released an announce­ment stat­ing that there is a sci­en­tific con­sen­sus that brain train­ing does not work (Allaire et al., 2014). The prob­lem here is not see­ing the for­est for the trees. We May Not Stop Demen­tia, But We Can Pro­long Function Fig­ure 1. Fig­ure 2.

Complete Beginner's Guide to Interaction Design Interaction design has its origins in web and graphic design, but has grown into a realm of its own. Far from merely working with text and pictures, interaction designers are now responsible for creating every element on the screen that a user might swipe, click, tap, or type: in short, the interactions of an experience. Newsletter Sign Up Original UX articles Curated Resources Never miss an issue! This article serves as a good jumping off point for people interested in learning more about Interaction Design. What is Interaction Design? Interaction Design (IxD) defines the structure and behavior of interactive systems. Interaction design began the day the first screen was designed to hold more than static copy. Interaction design has evolved to facilitate interactions between people and their environment. Common Methodologies Although interaction design spans myriad types of web and mobile applications and sites, there are certain methodologies that all designers rely on. Goal-Driven Design

Trouvez un bon thème WordPress avec cette méthode Vous êtes-vous déjà trompé en achetant un thème WordPress ? Si oui, souvenez-vous de ce que vous avez ressenti. Vous vous êtes probablement dit quelque chose du genre : « Allez, encore de l’argent de jeté par la fenêtre… ». Vous ne devez pas choisir un thème uniquement parce que vous le trouvez beau. De même, par pitié, n’achetez jamais un thème sur un coup de tête. En procédant ainsi vous êtes quasi assuré d’aller droit dans le mur. Comme pour toute décision importante, vous devez garder la tête froide. Rappelez-vous que le thème que vous allez choisir va vous représenter (ou votre client) sur internet pendant quelques années. Note : Cet article est une adaptation d’un chapitre du guide gratuit « Themeforest : Le guide ultime pour dénicher votre thème WordPress« . Reprenons. Cela ferait mauvais genre de recevoir ces personnes dans de mauvaises conditions, n’est-ce pas ? Pour cela, fermez tout sur votre ordinateur à l’exception de cet article. Oui vraiment. Quel est le but de votre site ?

Danish Roommate | DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad Udlej et værelse i fire måneder Bliv roommate med en studerende fra USAFå et internationalt netværk Vær sikret husleje fra DIS Hvad er en Danish Roommate? En Danish Roommate er dig, som ønsker at få et internationalt netværk, indsigt i en anden kultur og have muligheden for at tale engelsk derhjemme. Derudover er du selvfølgelig sikret leje for værelset, som den studerende bor på. Det er DIS, du formelt set lejer værelset til. DIS-studerende er typisk 20-21 år og læser til dagligt på amerikanske universiteter. At være Danish Roommate er en enestående mulighed for at opbygge et internationalt netværk. Et semester begynder enten midt januar eller midt august og varer fire måneder.

Whiteboard sheets Why Stattys Whiteboards? Take the ultra light Stattys Whiteboard and flipchart sheets with you and transform every room into an innovative and visually demonstrative workshop. For bigger projects or ideas, several Stattys Whiteboard sheets can be used together to make a larger working surface. Please make sure the attachment surface is smooth and damage free. Stattys Whiteboard sheets may also be used on precious walls surfaces where under normal conditions nothing would be mounted. How to use them? Stattys Whiteboard sheets can be used like any other whiteboard, however they do attach to almost any surface (doors, walls, wooden surfaces or glass) without the use of adhesives or any other materials. We have tested many markers for Stattys Whiteboard sheets, and do recommend the Faber-Castell GRIP Whiteboard Markers for best results and life span of the whiteboard sheets. What are they Available in white and transparent versions: