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Place in history[edit] Herodotus announced the size and scope of his work at the beginning of his Researches or Histories: Ἡροδότου Ἁλικαρνησσέος ἱστορίης ἀπόδεξις ἥδε, ὡς μήτε τὰ γενόμενα ἐξ ἀνθρώπων τῷ χρόνῳ ἐξίτηλα γένηται, μήτε ἔργα μεγάλα τε καὶ θωμαστά, τὰ μὲν Ἕλλησι, τὰ δὲ βαρβάροισι ἀποδεχθέντα, ἀκλεᾶ γένηται, τὰ τε ἄλλα καὶ δι' ἣν αἰτίην ἐπολέμησαν ἀλλήλοισι.[2] Herodotus of Halicarnassus, his Researches are here set down to preserve the memory of the past by putting on record the astonishing achievements of both the Greeks and the Barbarians; and more particularly, to show how they came into conflict.[3] His record of the achievements of others was an achievement in itself, though the extent of it has been debated. His place in history and his significance may be understood according to the traditions within which he worked. His work is the earliest Greek prose to have survived intact. Homer was another inspirational source.[16] Life[edit] The statue of Herodotus in Bodrum

Herodotus I am bound to tell what I am told, but not in every case to believe it. Herodotus of Halicarnassus (Greek: Ἡρόδοτος, Hēródotos) (c. 484 BC – c. 425 BC) was a historian, known for his writings on the conflict between Greece and Persia, as well as the descriptions he wrote of different places and people he met on his travels. Force has no place where there is need of skill. I know that human happiness never remains long in the same place.Book 1, Ch.5Men trust their ears less than their eyes.Book 1, Ch. 8In peace sons bury fathers, but in war fathers bury sons.Variant translation: In peace, children inter their parents; war violates the order of nature and causes parents to inter their children.Book 1, Ch. 87It was a kind of Cadmean victory. Book 1, Ch. 166, refering to a victory where both sides suffer extreme losses. Misattributed[edit] Call no man happy till he dies.. External links[edit] Wikisource has original works written by or about:

Call no man happy before his death, for by how The Internets NYTimes 7 Degrees of Wiki The meaningless BA degree | Machine Design Blogs For those who have issues with the cost and quality of a college education today, there was some interesting commentary about BA degrees recently by Charles Murray, a political scientist best known for a book called The Bell Curve which talks about the role of human intelligence in society. Murray recently expounded on the BA degree. He claims it "wreaks harm on a majority of young people." Speaking at the libertarian Cato Institute, Murray pointed out that about a third of all adults now have a BA degree. One outcome of this situation is that a BA is increasingly required just to get a job interview. So there has been an incentive for schools to just churn out BA graduates but with "no incentive to improve their product," he says. "What do you know as an employer if a candidate walks in with a BA?" The situation also harms kids, he says, because many of them who would be happier in trade school end up in a hopeless quest for work in professions such as law or medicine.

Company Immediately Calls Job Applicant Upon Seeing 'B.A. In Communications' On Résumé Human resources was “utterly blown away” upon seeing that Wilhelm also has a concentration in English. SEATTLE—Calling his résumé “exceptional” and “like nothing we’ve ever seen,” the human resources department at local public relations firm Brink & Tiller called 22-year-old job applicant Corey Wilhelm immediately after noticing he had a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, sources confirmed Wednesday. Wilhelm’s résumé, which was e-mailed to the firm in regards to an entry-level job opening, was reportedly forwarded to the highest levels of the company, after which executives scrambled to contact the 2012 University of Washington graduate and offer him the position. “A Bachelor of Arts? “Jesus Christ,” Bradshaw continued, “his résumé says he minored in History, too. Wilhelm's résumé. Impressed and admittedly intimidated company sources went on to confirm that Wilhelm had also completed four years of high school Spanish.