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Essential Node.js patterns and snippets

Essential Node.js patterns and snippets
In this post, I take a look at the different patterns that you need to know when using Node.js. These came from my own coding and from a look at the code behind Tim Caswell’s flow control libraries. I think it is necessary to know how these basic patterns are implemented even if you use a library.. 1.1 Class pattern If the class is long, then instead of doing a single Class.prototype = {…} assignment, it may be split into multiple Class.prototype.method = function () {..} assignments. Reminder: Assign all your properties some value in your constructor. 1.2 Accessing global values from objects // constructorvar Class = function(global, value2) { = global;}// access using in class methods 1.3 Factory pattern // Constructorvar Class = function(value1, value2) { ... }// FactoryClass.factory(value1) { return new Class(value1, "aaa"); }// properties and methodsClass.prototype = { ... }; 1.4 Sharing state between modules 1.5 Singleton class (added Feb 2011) 2.1 Parsing GET 4.

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