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Stock Photos and Royalty Free Image Subscription from 123RF Stock Photography

Stock Photos and Royalty Free Image Subscription from 123RF Stock Photography

Your Shopping Cart Whoa there!This doesn't look right. More thingsyou might like! There’s nothing in your cart. Sad! Images - Clip Art, Photos, Sounds, & Animations Insert clip art In the newer versions of Office, there's no longer a clip art library, but Office still helps you insert clip art. STEP 1: Select Insert > Online Pictures (In Outlook, when you're using the Reading pane, there isn't an Insert menu. Engagement Analytics Now Includes Facebook's "People Talking About" by Martin Homolka, Socialbakers Co-Founder & CTO Before now, we have integrated directly to Facebook so that we could offer you access across complete data sets that are publicly available. We are pleased to announce that we have integrated to Facebook Insights and that we have added a metric for “People Talking About” to our portfolio of metrics. So, what is" People Talking About" and how does this metric appear in Socialbakers Engagement Analytics “People Talking About” is a value that is visible on every Facebook page and appears below the number of fans.

15 Must-Have Bookmarklets For Web Designers And Developers Bookmarklets are a great way of saving time when used regularly. With just a click, they can provide so much information / help. Here is a list of 15 very handy web designer / developer bookmarklets which includes: learning the colors usedinserting a ruler on a webpagereloading CSS without reloading the whole site & more.. To use them, bookmark the "Get It" links. Cool And Free Launch Page With Ajax Newsletter Almost every web project needs a "launch page (under construction page)" or a page to show when the website is under maintenance. Rather than creating a new one from scratch for every project, here is a free launch page with an Ajax newsletter. Don't forget to bookmark this resource at E-mails are saved in a .txt file with ";" delimiters.

jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design So, do you want your website to be properly displayed on mobile devices and tablets? If yes (and we’re pretty sure it is ‘yes’) then it is time to think about how to make your layout more responsive. Being one of the most discussed web design trends of the year of 2011 responsive web design keeps moving forward by providing new efficient solutions for web developers and webmasters. Today this trend will be presented by the awesome jQuery plugins for responsive design. We’ve tried to put together various types of plugins that will help you to properly display your content on mobile devices, and by content we mean not only images but also fonts, videos and even grid system to make things look nice on small screens. Also don’t forget to look trough our article that would guide you through the basics of responsive web design – How to Get Started with Responsive Web Design.

How to Get Started with Responsive Web Design “We should embrace the fact that the web doesn’t have the same constraints, and design for this flexibility. But first, we must “accept the ebb and flow of things.” John Allsopp, “A Dao of Web Design” Adobe’s Secret Weapon – the Wallaby Converter This is it folks, we have witnessed another turn in this long war between well-known rivals – Flash and HTML5. Despite that entire buzz about the death of Flash, its main advocate – the world’s leading software vendor Adobe – is alive and kicking! Some days ago Adobe has released their interesting experimental software called Wallaby (in real life Wallaby is small kangaroo that lives in Australia). The main idea behind this software project is creating a tool for converting Adobe Flash Professional CS5 files (.FLA) to HTML5. Pretty impressive, don’t you think so?

40 New Free Fonts for Designer’s Needs [Year 2011] There have been hundreds of free fonts created this year, but we have surprisingly few good fonts that can be used for designer’s purposes. Do you want to get a font that will be most effective in your web environment? We are here to show you them. 25 Essential HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques We are always close to the latest technologies – you know that, so today let’s cover some more info on the new fundamental markup language for the web – HTML5 that you all love so much. When saying about HTML5, developers mean the new semantic structural tags, API specs like canvas or offline storage, new inline semantic tags, etc. HTML5, in fact, is aimed at creating a comprehensive markup language for front-end development, able to provide qualitative information on the different elements of the page.

Register your Free Facebook Fan Page Hosting Account 1. These Terms of Service These Terms of Service apply to everyone who is using the services provided by hostFB (the site) and is a member of the site. By clicking “I accept. Create account” you accept the following Terms of Service.

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