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Recruiting for User Research

Recruiting for User Research

Low Cost Usability Testing - Fastly Andrew Parker - The Gong Show: Metric-Driven Design KISSinsights Free Online Surveys, Customer Feedback & Survey Software Tool World's Best Creative Team How is crowdSPRING different from other marketplaces? From the start, we designed crowdSPRING to be a better marketplace and community. crowdSPRING has the largest creative community on the planet (100,000+ designers and writers). crowdSPRING offers more choice per project (an average of 110+ concepts per project). We let you set your own price and your own schedule. We handle all the details, including escrow and payment, project management tools, and even give you a free customized legal agreement to protect your purchase. We have custom project briefs in every category on our site - to help you write a strong brief to guide the people working on your project. Thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses from nearly 100 countries have leveraged crowdSPRING's creative team for custom logo design, web design, other types of custom graphic design, and writing projects. Is crowdSPRING's creative community sophisticated and experienced? What are PRO projects? Should a logo be simple? Yes.

The Value of Good Design Drawar has published a couple of interesting posts about the importance of design and aesthetics for online businesses last week. The main premise is this: businesses succeed and fail on the web regardless of how well designed their sites are. An ugly website will succeed if their product or service is good, so why bother making something beautiful? Now, Paul Scrivens' position on this is that you should care, and that pushing out something that’s just good enough isn’t what web designers should strive for. I agree. I also think that good design, and good aesthetics for that matter, oftentimes make business sense. It’s not difficult to find examples of businesses with beautiful websites but no traffic. Of course on the other end we have pig ugly websites that are wildly successful. This will vary depending on your product or service, but in many cases it can and will make a difference. The easiest example is of course Apple. Take the case of Facebook. Good design speaks.

Bounce – A fun and easy way to share ideas on a website Authentic home cooked Chinese dinner from Leo and Helen on Zaarly If your impression of Chinese food is greasy and starchy, you may not have had the real deal. Here in Los Angeles, the only place to find authentic Chinese food is if you drive east 20 minutes past downtown, in the Chinese populated San Gabriel Valley. Yet one can still get confused by the hundreds of translated items on the English menus. Here at the Pig-In, we offer everyone a fare chance to try and explore authentic Chinese food without the hassle of a reading a giant menu - we offer a prix fix menu that stays true to the Chinese food sharing culture, complete with soup, vegetable dishes, and protein dishes. This meal will be cooked in your kitchen and delivered to your table piping hot and ready to enjoy. At $20/head, the size of the menu varies depending on number of guests sharing.

Realism in UI Design The history of the visual design of user interfaces can be described as a gradual change towards more realism. As computers have become faster, designers have added increasingly realistic details such as color, 3D effects, shadows, translucency, and even simple physics. Some of these changes have helped usability. Shadows behind windows help us see which window is active. The physicality of the iPhone’s user interface makes the device more natural to use. In other areas, the improvements are questionable at best. Details and realism can distract from these concepts. The image on the left is a face of a specific person. At the same time, it’s obvious that some details are required. The circle on the left clearly shows a face. Let’s look at a symbol we actually see in user interfaces, the home button. The thing on the left is a house. The thing on the left is a home button. Let me explain this concept using an entirely unscientific graph: The button on the left is too realistic.

Build Your Site Multi-Screen Resources Skip to content Make Your Website Work Across Multiple Devices Build a website that showcases your business on every screen from smartphones and tablets to computers and TVs. Whitepaper Building websites for the multi-screen consumer Learn about the most typical structures for multi-screen websites, with tips on how to create a great user experience and avoid some of the more common mistakes. Learn more. Case Study American Cancer Society mobilizes 7,000 web pages in one quarter The Society increased mobile visits by 250% and trippled mobile donations with a smart content strategy and deep understanding of visitor needs. Read more. Case Study Baines & Ernst’s new site increase mobile conversions Baines & Ernst launched a Responsively Designed Site. Read more. Case Study Beyond the Rack’s mobile conversion rate doubles Read more. Case Study Plusnet sees traffic grow 2x and sales 10x Plusnet implemented a multi-screen strategy based on Responsive Design. Read more. Read more.

Ambient User Experience How do you perceive Walmart’s ambience? Next time you go into a department store, look for a couple of things: signposts (detailing where items are located throughout the store), cashiers (ready to assist you should you have any questions), and muzak (that oh-so-good, yet oh-so-bad “elevator music”). Do you think you would find them? I imagine so. They’re usually not hard to spot. The point of this exercise isn’t the visibility/audibility of these things, but their utility in a different sense. Our societal notion of a good retail store is defined in large part by what has worked (and what hasn’t) over the course of iterative experience design. These are the sorts of elements which make up ambient user experience, the experiences that subtly align with user expectations. How we experience Even “novel” ways of interacting with the world are themselves tempered by previous experiences. If a pair of scissors works, it works. Magdalena C.’s review on Search: let me help myself