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Create your customised business card online

Create your customised business card online

Watch How First-Time Readers Use Your Blog First time readers make almost instantaneous decisions on whether they’ll be subscribing to your blog, leaving a comment, and making their way back for a return visit. Abby Kerr has a great post on this over on her site. And it’s true, much like a good first impression matters during an interview for a new job or going out on a date, a good first impression matters online to new blog readers. Today’s Task: Perform a first time reader audit on your blog. First: submit your URL. Second: share your memory test URL with your network. Basically, the way it works is when people click on the Clue Memory Test URL, Clueapp shares a screenshot of your website for just a few seconds. What’s the goal here? Is your site memorable? I took this test. You can even take it a step further by asking a friend or two (someone who doesn’t visit your site on a regular basis) spend 5-10 minutes navigating your content. What was your first impression? For yourself, take note of things like: Where did they click?

BUSINESS We use cookies to make sure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, you're agreeing to receive all cookies on the IKEA website. Privacy policy | Read more about cookies | Manage cookies <div class="buttonContainer"><a href="javascript:void(0);"><span class="buttonLeft">&nbsp;</span><span class="buttonCaption"><input id="lnkSearchBtnHeader" type="submit" value="Search" /></span><span class="buttonRight">&nbsp;</span></a></div> Welcome to IKEA United Kingdom. Ask Anna Product Recycling Fund The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner. Read more on PRF Time and finances are precious – whether you're in retail, hospitality or an office. Office(1179) Retail(1218) Hospitality(1009) Short on ideas? View more ideas for your business You can do it all yourself. See all the services we offer Delivery Assembly service

American Institute for Innovation Excellence: Home Packaging and Shipping Your Lovely Creations: Guest Post from Monster Kookies A lot of people tend to think that because they have done all the hard work to get a sale online, they can take a breath and worry not because all the work is done. But realistically, posting and selling your items are only half of it. You have an impression to make! Packing and shipping your items might seem like a meagre task, but what you are doing is sending the buyer a piece of your personality. These ten thorough tips will get you started on packaging your beautiful products in a way that will make an everlasting good impression on your buyers. Packaging should reflect you! Monster Kookies is a blog dedicated to the creations of Monster Kookies, tips and tricks for working with polymer clay, as well as the featuring of unique & independent artist-run shops online. Tagged as: customer service, monster kookies, packaging, polymer clay, product packaging, shipping, tips and tricks

食宿环境-北京艺德前程——花式调酒师咖啡师培训学校 ¿Por qué no añadir una pizca de ciencia en la cocina? | BBC Mundo Desde suciedad comestible a espuma de miso, la influencia de la ciencia en la alta cocina ha cambiado la forma en que se concibe la comida. Pero las técnicas gastronómicas que utilizan los grandes chefs también se pueden aplicar en el hogar. Es cuestión de añadirle al guiso una pizca de ciencia. "Somos capaces de medir la temperatura de la atmósfera de Venus pero no sabemos qué hay dentro de un soufflé, y eso es un triste reflejo de nuestra civilización", dijo en 1969 Nicholas Kurti, profesor de física de la Universidad de Oxford y amante de la comida. Pero la ciencia ya no está tan lejos de ollas y sartenes, y muchos cocineros han transformado sus cocinas en laboratorios. Aunque la cocina casera no esté aún preparada para la experimentación científica, la aplicación de algunos principios científicos puede convertir los alimentos de todos los días en algo especial. ¿Cómo crear platos soprendentes sin necesidad de tener un equipo costoso? Salmón sous-vide en el fregadero

Tax allowances and reliefs if you're self-employed If you're self-employed there are various reliefs, allowances and expenses you can claim to reduce your tax bill. You can take away from your business income various running costs and expenses associated with your business to work out your profits - but you can't take away any private expenses. And you can claim special reliefs for certain 'capital items' - one-off costs to buy or improve an asset you keep and use for your business. You can usually claim expenses, reliefs and allowances for the current tax year and for the previous four years - but there are some where you have a shorter time limit for claiming. This guide tells you about the tax allowances and reliefs you can get as a self-employed business person - including the expenses you can claim - and when and how to claim. This guide tells you about the tax allowances, deductions and reliefs you can get as a self-employed business person. On this page: Expenses at a glance What are 'allowable expenses'? Each business is different.

创新贴心设计的灵感觅取 日常生活中,我们接触的所有东西无不经过了设计,有些看起来是那么的好看,而用起来是那么的槽糕,后悔不堪当初为了什么而买;有些看起来是那么的平凡不起眼,但功能上的精心设计,贴心到让你觉得就是那么自然,几乎感觉不到这个物体的存在,觉得本来就是这样用的。所以我们生活中是需要那么多的必备用品。好的产品体验,不会让人觉得不舒服,而是让人觉得就是那样理所当然的使用,说夸张点就是引起我们的占有欲,将其设为必备用品,就是非常成功的设计产品,而后成为经典。这些目的正是我们所渴望达到的。 上面提及的必备好产品,生活中已经非常的多,尽管我们每天在用,但却没留心太多来思考它们的设计。 如1980年代初问世的便利贴,当时正好是个人电脑诞生,人们的思考模式发生大转变的时代,而这个小小的产品同样也震撼了世界。 我尤其喜欢留意家具和日用产品的微创新设计,看给现在不乏设计的时代,还能带来什么更多的便利与惊喜。 别致的工具设计 在家免不了要安装东西修修补补的时候,这款名为“Coral”的家装工具,由设计师Jinyoung Choi设计,当不使用的时候可以给它盖上帽子保护它,而在使用的时候,三角的定律能发挥它的很大作用。 USB充电插座 科技产品的日新各异,很多的传统产品已经跟不上潮流了,例如现在USB接口的充电技术。 带开关的插头 设计师在插头上增加了一个开关,是为了能够增加更大的安全系数,同时也为了简便人类的生活。 在桌上涂鸦 这张桌面上可以写字的「涂鸦咖啡桌」让通常于桌子两侧所进行的对话增添了二度空间的互动感和乐趣。 水杯加湿 在杯子喝不完的水怎么办? 获取更多的牙膏环保包装 这是另一个有趣的牙膏包装设计,非常有意思 。 对这些已经很熟悉的东西加入或者进行新的良好做法,又将是眼前一亮一个新好产品。 《创新的艺术》书中对创新源于观察的见解很贴切: 观察现实生活中的人们,搞清楚他们心里想的是什么,他们的困惑,他们喜欢什么,他们讨厌什么,他们在哪些方面有当前的产品和服务所不能满足的需求。 一旦你开始细心的观察,各种见解和机遇都将会在你面前展开。 有些时候——如果你很幸运,你会通过观察自身而获得灵感。 对于现在各种软件产品的产生,很多的拟物产品都是对于现实的观察而搬到电子设备上,又有何不可是吧。 我们每个人都有创造性的一面,如果你善于抓住你的“蜘丝马迹”的发现,或对自己疯狂的想法尝试实验一下,并允许自己偶然的失败,创造力会疯狂滋长。