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The Top Five Crowdsourcing Mega-trends

The Top Five Crowdsourcing Mega-trends
I had my eyes opened to the massive growth of the crowdsourcing industry at a SXSW panel earlier this year. Ever since then, I have been looking for an opportunity to bring more information on this trend to {grow}. I’m fortunate today to have an expert on the subject, David Bratvold, provide a guest post: If you’re not yet familiar with crowdsourcing, it’s a new work process that involves getting a crowd of people to help with a task typically performed by one employee or contractor. Imagine needing a new logo for your business. Rather than hire a freelancer, agency, or in-house designer, with crowdsourcing you can post your need and several designers will compete and create a custom logo just for you. While this is a common example, today crowdsourcing extends far beyond simple graphic design and can be broken down into four main subcategories: Microtasks – Taking a project and breaking it into tiny bits as seen on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (“the online marketplace for work.”). All posts

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Peerfunding This wiki section is dedicated to the topic of "How do we make Peer Production sustainable? Why It Is Crucial that Peer Production Companies Refuse Venture Capital Investments Also read: Podcast: Bauwens, Kleiner, Restakis on Cooperative, Commons-Based Venture Funding Donations-based business model Crowdfunding business model Freemium as a business model To be developed: Disney heroines meet their demise in photographer Thomas Czarnecki's take on fairytale endings By Jennifer Madison Updated: 09:45 GMT, 8 February 2012 Disney princesses don't always live happily ever after. At least, not in Thomas Czarnecki's twisted world.

Total Global Crowdfunding To Nearly Double in 2012 to $3b (massolution Research Report) May 8, 2012 - massolution™,'s sister company, a research firm specializing in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding solutions, released its first comprehensive Crowdfunding Industry Report. After collecting data from more than 170 crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) and other sources, the results revealed that CFPs raised almost $1.5 billion and successfully funded more than one million campaigns in 2011. The majority of these campaigns were in the donation-based category totaling 1,067 campaigns, and North America was the largest market for fundraising at $837 million. As of April 2012, there were 452 crowdfunding platforms active worldwide; and massolution projects there will be more than 530 by the end of 2012.

A Closer Look At Crowdsourcing Whether you like it or not, you are either crowdsourcing or being sourced. The information we are generating in a big data world is starting to funnel into tightly curated areas of interest to companies and people. And it’s only going to get bigger! Crowdsourcing can refer to a number of things, including gathering resources or opinions from large groups of people, and today, refers to a revolutionary type of fundraising. Recent successes in crowdsourcing ranges from the launch of new products, such as the Turtle Shell speaker, to the funding of new movies like Veronica Mars, both getting headlines for disrupting the traditional process for launching a new project.

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