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Talent Development Resources - Creativity - Psychology - Personal Development - Mental Health

Talent Development Resources - Creativity - Psychology - Personal Development - Mental Health
‘Condition’ or ‘character’? How language impacts our understanding of the high sensitivity personalityBy Cat Robson In her Marie Clare article Are You Too Sensitive?, Helen Kirwan-Taylor discusses her process of self-discovery related to her own highly sensitive personality. “Once upon a time, HSPs might have been written off as shy or even neurotic, but Aron [Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person] believes these labels are demeaning […]

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Resources for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People Introversion and high sensitivity are different, but they can also overlap and interact, and many of us experience both personality traits to some degree, perhaps along with shyness. This page includes articles plus some books, sites, videos and other material about these qualities, their impact on our creative lives, and how we can thrive using the positive aspects. “From about the age of eighteen or nineteen, when I went to college, I realized that it was just not my idea of fun to party. 9 Free Conference Calling Services Businesses often need to get together to collaborate. That means you occasionally need to hold conference calls with clients, customers, and employees. Your existing phone service might have a “conference call” feature – but that probably only lets three people on the line at once. Every so often, you need more than that. But the “big names” can be expensive propositions, sometimes requiring a monthly up-front billing commitment.

Douglas Eby: resume Douglas Eby, M.A./Psychology, is a writer, researcher and online publisher with a focus on psychology and personal growth topics related to creativity, especially for multitalented people. Contact : use form. 12 Popular Productivity Blogs and 36 of Their Most Shared Posts As makers of a platform that increases productivity, we’re big fans of other products and resources that help individuals in the same way. Last week, we shared our 10 favorite new productivity apps from 2013, and now as we kick off the year, we’re sharing a sample of our team’s productivity reading list. For each outlet, we’ve dug up three popular posts from last year based on social media sharing numbers—a “shares” tally from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. To find this number, we relied on Moz’s Open Site Explorer and the more simpler ShareTally, two great tools that help reveal a site’s traffic and social virality. Each description also features the publishing frequency of the blog, a number garnered from Michael Shipley’s RSS Feed Analyzer.

Strengths-Based Coaching Can Actually Weaken You In the past decade, there has been much enthusiasm for the idea that behavioral change interventions are most effective when they focus exclusively on enhancing people’s inherent strengths, as opposed to also addressing their weaknesses. This is particularly true in employee and leadership development programs, with strengths having somewhat of a cult-like following among HR and talent management professionals. A Google search for “strengths coaching” yields over 45 million hits.

Metaphorical Magic in Speech Metaphors help a skeptical or apathetic audience better embrace and value a new concept or idea. Metaphors make the connection of that new idea to an object the audience already knows. Read on to discover a treasure chest of metaphor speech examples. The dictionary defines a metaphor as an implied comparison between two unlike things (e.g. human body and garage) that actually have something important in common (e.g. storage). “Your body is a garage to park your soul,” writes author Wayne Dyer.

The Creative Mind column Setbacks and Mistakes and Innovation By Douglas Eby What seems to be a setback, error or limitation, may often be valuable for encouraging more creative thinking and innovation. 17 Best Blogs on Mindfulness and Personal Growth – Life Goals Mag My favorite blogs to read have changed throughout the years, but one thing that hasn’t is my love for reading them. Most recently, I’m loving blogs that focus on personal growth and mindfulness. I love bloggers who discuss how we can improve our mind, body, and soul. We’re all trying to become better people and improve ourselves, so it’s nice to find blogs where we can learn how to do that and how to foster great relationships with ourselves and others.

Bouncy Curled Under This is one of my favorite ways to style my hair, especially when it's at it's awkward stage. It's not really on my shoulders, it's not really above my shoulders. . .so I need a very loose and bouncy style so it can go where it wants to! All you'll need is hairspray, duckbill/alligator clips, a comb, and a flat iron.