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The Beading Gem's Journal: JEWELRY MAKING TIPS

The Beading Gem's Journal: JEWELRY MAKING TIPS

How to Crochet a Bead and Wire Bracelet August 1st, 2008 Email 102 users recommend Wire crochet gives this bracelet a light, lacy appearance. Diane Gilleland You can make this bracelet in any assortment of bead colors—mix and match them. Begin with an assortment of about 40 beads. Photo: Diane Gilleland When I teach wire crochet classes, most of my students want to make this bracelet. If you're not familiar with wire crochet, you can learn about it from my basic tutorial. Start with an assortment of beads. What you'll need:28-gauge craft wireAssorted beadsAluminum crochet hook, US size GNeedle-nose pliersWire cutters The wire you see here is 28-gauge colored craft wire. Your first step is to string some beads on the wire. You'll need far fewer beads than you think! posted in: Stay connected with CraftStylish Find ideas to create the ultimate DIY Wedding and to help plan any showers and parties this spring.

How to Make Jewelry for Everyone Jewelry tutorials About the jewelry tutorials: There are so many ways to create jewelry, and there are luckily no rules to tell you how they shall look, or what you must use to make them. You can let your imagination and creativity go wild. To classify jewelry into groups is not an easy task. Of course, you can see plainly that it is a bracelet or necklace, but when it comes to say what kind of bracelet or necklace it is, the trouble begins. Pure beaded or bead embroidered jewelry is normally easy to classify. These tutorials are about putting different components together into jewelry, and about the basic jewelry techniques. I hope you will enjoy them all, and use them to get inspiration to create your own awesome jewelry. Add YOUR tutorial Basic tutorials: Make Your Own Ear Wires How to make wire loops How to fasten a clasp to a jewelry wire Want to know how to make your own Jump rings? Bead stringing: Sparkling Crystal Feathers Funky Mica Shift Necklace Blue Breeze Necklace Red and White Nugget Bracelet Chain Mail

Crochet Beaded Wrap Bracelet These crocheted wrap bracelets are a perfect instant gratification project! Whip one up in an afternoon and wear it out that evening. Depending on your choice of materials these bracelets will look great with casual attire or more formal wear. Step 1: Gather materials. Measuring tapeSize 3/1.5mm crochet hookBeading needle1 large closure bead (a 20 mm donut or 8mm glass bead works well)Approximately 80–100 size 6 seed beadsSize 10 crochet thread Step 2: Measure loosely around your wrist or neck and multiply by the number of wraps desired to determine how long your finished piece should be. Example: my wrist is 6.5” and I wanted my bracelet to wrap 5 times so I need a finished length of 32.5” Step 3: Use a beading needle to string all your beads. Step 4: Start crocheting! Chain 17*, slip stitch in 1st chain to form loop. *This loop will hook over your large closure bead, so adjust number of chain stitches if necessary to accommodate your closure bead. What is “chain 1 with bead”?

Bead Jewelry Making Instructions! How to Make Jewelry for Everyone - Easiest Fastest Bestest Crochet Pattern Octopus Bracelet (free) Why octopus? I've been crocheting the bracelet in a cafe with a friend of mine. She asked me, "what are you making? an octopus?" I guess with all the turquoise strings the bracelet did look like an octopus a bit. So here it is, octopus bracelet pattern: Skill level: Advanced beginner. Supplies: Crochet thread #10, crochet hook US 10 (1.30 mm). Yarn ideas: Aunt Lidia’s cotton thread #10, Aunt Lidia’s Bamboo crochet thread #10, Royale Classic crochet thread, DMC Traditions cotton thread #10. Gauge: 9 stitches & 9 rows equal 1x1” square is single crochet stitches. Finished size: Length of the bracelet can be adjusted to your own measures. Approximate time to complete this project: 1 hour. Abbreviations and stitches used: Ch – chain, (chs – chains), Sc - single crochet, Sl st - slip stitch, st – stitch, (sts - stitches). Please note: This pattern is written in standard American terms. Pictures in this pattern refer to the row (round) described directly above them. Start by measuring your wrist.

Wonderful beads art by Nancy Josephson Nancy Josephson is bead artist who makes wonderful and really uniqe beaded art like decorative different things for interior, beaded animals, birds, candlestick, mirrors and even urns! This is something really must see! Click to visit Nansy Josephson Facebook Related posts: t Eat the Paste: Crochet Beaded Wrap Bracelet Pattern I used light spring colors, but this would work in other shades, and the basic technique will work with other weights of yarn. Just size the beads up or down to match and the number of stitches. You will need: size 10 thread (bedspread weight)size 6 steel crochet hook (1.6 mm)tapestry needle5/8th inch buttonsize 8 seed beads - a size 8 seed bead is about 3mmneedle and thread for loading beads All of the supplies for mine came from my stash, the thread is from a thrift store, the button is from my button box, and the beads are one of my favorite colors, Orange Opal Gold-Lined. American terminology ch=chainsc=single crochetrepeat ** means repeat the step between the asterisks. To work a beaded single crochet: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull loop through stitch, push up bead, yarn over, finish stitch. String 61 beads on thread (66 for a large wrist, 56 for a smaller wrist, 51 for a child) Loosely chain 147 (157, 137, 127) Sew button to center of the 10 stitch single crochet end.

Inspirational Beading: About Welcome to Inspirational Beading! This blog is a resource for anyone who adores beads, jewelry or handmade crafts. With each post, I hope to inspire new ideas for using beads, colors, and techniques. A Quick Note on Copyrights: All text on this blog, including interviews, is the property of the author(s), and may only be copied as excerpts (maximum one paragraph or 300 words) when credit is given with links to all authors involved. All images are the property of the artists, with the exception of screenshots which are the property of the originating site. If you would like to share an original Inspirational Beading image, please provide credit with links back to the post. I always do my very best to provide credit, links and SEO tags to help promote the artist and/or site where images are found. Tutorials: Beaders and crafters are welcome to print tutorials shared on Inspirational Beading for personal use. For suggested tutorials, see the individual site for copyright information.

beaded crocheted bracelet video tutorial I love the look of these bracelets. The turquoise & brown is my favorite, of course. I really love the mixture of color and bead shapes and sizes. All of them feel like summer to me. This is a great road trip project too! Supplies: a really long length of 3-ply waxed linen thread (at least 3 yards) various beads (seed beads size 11/0) 1 button crochet hook, size 5 Things you might want to know: * T0 find out how long your bracelet needs to be, measure your wrist and add 1/2″-3/4″ for each time you want it wrapped around your wrist. * It is best to find a good fitting bracelet you already own and use that as a guide. * The purple bracelet is almost 34 inches long and wraps around my wrist 5 times. Please leave any questions in the comments. Be Sociable, Share!