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Packard Humanities Institute - Greek Epigraphy

Packard Humanities Institute - Greek Epigraphy
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Ethnologue, Languages of the World Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. L’ouvrage Ethnologue, Languages of the World, souvent abrégé en Ethnologue, est une publication visant à inventorier toutes les langues du monde, depuis 1951. Jusqu'à la 16e édition de 2009, la base de données était d'abord éditée sous la forme d'un ouvrage papier puis mise en ligne sur le site web; désormais c'est l'inverse[1]. À partir de données confiées par des linguistes experts de chaque région, la 17e édition d’Ethnologue, publiée en 2013, compte 7 105 langues différentes. Éditeur[modifier | modifier le code] Ethnologue est publié par l’organisation missionnaire évangélique SIL International (anciennement Summer Institute of Linguistics), originaire des États-Unis. Avis[modifier | modifier le code] Michael Erard, dans son article du New York Times, note que, « bien que son histoire insolite attire quelques critiques chez les linguistes laïcs, Ethnologue est également loué pour son étendue »[6].

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Mendeley, Zotero, quel est le meilleur choix? Chester Beatty Library – Collections – The Western Collection – Papyri | The Western Papyri Collection, Chester Beatty Library Papyri Collection Ranging in date from 1800 BC to AD 800, the Chester Beatty Library's collection of papyrus includes rolls, codices and individual documents from Ancient, Roman and Coptic Egypt. It includes many works of outstanding importance, with unique documents and, in some cases, the earliest known copies of particular texts. Many of the papyri in the collection (both religious and documentary) are written in Greek, the official language of Egypt for over 1000 years from the conquest of Alexander the Great until the Arab conquest. The Papyrus Collection was, for the most part, established in the 1920s under the guidance of senior curators in the British Museum's Department of Egyptian Antiquities and Department of Manuscripts; allied Oxford and Cambridge academics also contributed to its formation and development. The principal papyri were purchased through dealers based in Cairo, where Beatty wintered between the wars.

US Epigraphy: Introduction Vegfaq Perseus Digital Library Welcome to Perseus 4.0, also known as the Perseus Hopper. Read more on the Perseus version history. New to Perseus? Click here for a short tutorial. Perseus Updates September 19, 2017: Unleash Open Greek and Latin! For more read the full Perseus blog Release Announcements October 2013 New texts: the English Bohn and Greek Kaibel editions of Athenaeus' Deipnosophists and Harpocration. Read older announcements... Portails contenus Digitised Manuscripts Almost 900 Greek manuscripts and some of the most important papyri, ranging in date from the first to the 18th centuries, are now included in the Digitised Manuscripts site. The first two phases of the Greek Manuscripts Digitisation Project were generously funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the third phase was funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the A. G. Leventis Foundation, Sam Fogg, the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, the Thriplow Charitable Trust, and the Friends of the British Library. A guide to the Greek Manuscripts collections, including articles, videos and collection highlights, is available here. Over fifty Thai manuscripts and the Chakrabongse Archive of Royal Letters have been digitised with the generous support of the Royal Thai Government, in celebration of the occasion of the eightieth birthday anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand on 5 December 2007.