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Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
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British ambassador to US denies he helped Saif Gaddafi with PhD In a statement, a Foreign Office spokesman said: ''Sir Nigel Sheinwald did meet Saif Gaddafi during the time he was studying at the LSE, and was therefore aware that he was preparing a thesis. ''But Sir Nigel had absolutely no role in the writing of any part of the thesis, made no suggestions about it to Saif Gaddafi or anyone else, and suggested no changes.'' Last month Sir Howard Davies resigned from his post of director at the LSE over the university's links to the Gaddafi family. He said the decision to accept £300,000 funding from the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF) in 2009, had ''backfired'' and expressed regret that he had visited Libya to advise the regime about how it could modernise its financial institutions. The LSE council has commissioned an independent inquiry into the university's relationship with Libya and with Saif Gaddafi.

Tvořivá inspirace z Japonska – Hana kanzashi | Možná jste si všimli (nebo vaše drahé polovičky), že se v současné době rozmohly nejrůznější plstěné brože, textilní spony a dekorativní čelenky. Jednou ze změti tvořivých technik jsou moderně pojaté textilní květiny, označované na českém trhu jako kanzashi. Už ten pojem zní…kanzashi. No, abych se vrátila ke kanzashi. Kanzashi v praxi Vyrobit jeden takový květ dá docela práci. U nás můžeme tato kvítečka koupit jako brož, sponku do vlasů nebo náušnice, ale v Japonsku je jejich použití daleko bohatší. Únor - ume švestky Květen - vistárie Červen - hortenzie Říjen - chyzantéma Hřebínek do vlasů Hana Kanzashi Tsumami Kanzashi Zakoupit tato kvítka už dnes není problém, na prodejních serverech typu Fler je jich hromada různé kvality a ceny. Tsumami Kanzashi v ČR - Tsumami Kanzashi z ČR - Tsumami Kanzashi - sponka Kanzashi - návod Další články, jež by vás mohly zaujmout:

Tokyo's best souvenirs Going home to see the family? Got a client coming to visit? First time in Tokyo and searching for a hip souvenir? Omiyage (souvenirs) can be found practically anywhere and there’s a vast range of gifts and souvenirs on sale in the city. If you’re short on time, money or ideas the convenience of shopping culture in Tokyo has given rise to some of the most complete one-stop shops in the world. See also: Essential Tokyo souvenirs General Oriental Bazaar Probably the best-known gift shop in Tokyo, this is a useful one-stop outlet for almost everything: dolls, china, kimonos, yukata, woodblock prints, furniture, antiques and books on Japan. Tokyu Hands From stationery to toilet-seat covers, this is the largest household and novelty goods store in Tokyo. Loft Much like its competitor, Tokyu Hands, Loft offers anything you can imagine for the home, office, car, or even plane. Souvenir From Tokyo Traditional crafts Bingo-Ya Traditional fashion Kimono Arts Sunaga Tansuya Furifu Sagemonoya Antiques Fuji Torii

Special Education Through the Blissfulsage Foundation and Care-Belize partnership to provide resource libraries, staff development and Special Education awareness programs we will be addressing the following Millennium Development Goals (MDG). 1. Achieve universal primary education 2. Reduce child mortality 3. Improve maternal health 4. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases 5. Our on-ground contact in Belize is Mr. Although there is a public school system in Belize, there are still substantial costs involved in sending a child to primary school, and especially to high school. Often, traditionally large families do not have the income to provide all their children with even a primary school education, let alone provide a disabled child with a special education. Learn more about special education in Belize by visiting the Care-Belize web site at

Tokyo Travel: Odaiba (Daiba) Access to Odaiba can be an attraction in itself, as the views of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo's harbor and waterfront area from the Yurikamome elevated train and boats are quite spectacular. Furthermore, it is also possible to walk across the Rainbow Bridge. By Yurikamome The Yurikamome is an automated, elevated train with rubber tires, which connects Shimbashi Station on the Yamanote Line with all of Odaiba's attractions and Toyosu Station on the Yurakucho Subway Line. Trains depart every few minutes, and a ride between Shimbashi and Daiba Station takes 15 minutes and costs 330 yen. The Yurikamome crosses the Rainbow Bridge to get to Odaiba and offers spectacular views of the harbor and the Tokyo waterfront. By Rinkai Line The Rinkai Line connects Osaki Station on the JR Yamanote Line with Shin-Kiba Station on the JR Keiyo Line, stopping at the Tokyo Teleport and Kokusai Tenjijo underground stations on Odaiba along the way. By boat On foot Orientation in Tokyo

Japan JNTO Official Guide Monthly Mgazine Latest Topics News from Your Local JNTO Office Events ekantipur Kachidoki, Harumi - Tokyo Bay Area - PLAZA HOMES Kachidoki Area Major Rail Lines in Kachidoki and Harumi Area The area is within walking distance from the Ginza area. From Kachidoki Station on the Toei Oedo Line without needing to change trains you can get to Roppongi Station (14min), Ueno Station (20min), Shinjuku Station (20min), and other major areas in Tokyo (approx. 30min). Multiple Toei Bus lines have stops at Tokyo, Shinbashi, and Yotsuya Stations. The opening of a new section in Loop Road No. 2 is expected to facilitate easy access to areas towards Tsukiji and Ginza. Harumi Area Kachidoki Station on Toei Oedo Line Toyosu Station on Metro Yurakucho Line Tsukishima Station on Metro Yurakucho Line, Toei Oedo Line From Tsukishima Station on the Yurakucho Line without chaing trains you can get to Ginza-itchome Station (4min), and the major stations in Tokyo (less than 30min) such as Shinjuku, on the Toei Oedo Line, and Ikebukuro Station, on the Yurakucho Line.