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Top Agile and Scrum Tools - Which One Is Best?

Top Agile and Scrum Tools - Which One Is Best?
There are many different types of Agile tools out there. Some are free, some are paid, some are going by the new business model called “Freemium” in which you get a distilled version of the software but to get all the awesome features and scaleability you have to pay. So which Agile tools are out there? Which Scrum tools are the best for your business? [[If you’d like us to review your product, tool, or book, let us know.]] *Looking for the best Kanban tools? Acunote: Agile Agenda: Agile Bench: *AGILE SCOUT REVIEWED Agile Buddy: Agile Fant: *Open Source Agile Log: Agile Manager: *AGILE SCOUT REVIEWED! Agile Soup: *AGILE SCOUT REVIEWED! Agile Task: *AGILE SCOUT REVIEWED! Agile Tracking Tool: *Open Source AgileWrap: *AGILESCOUT REVIEWED! Agile Zen: [On our Kanban page] Agilo for Trac: Agilo For Scrum: Airgile: Agile Cockpit: Axosoft: Banana Scrum: Boarrd: *AGILE SCOUT REVIEWED! Base Camp: Binfire: *AGILE SCOUT REVIEWED! Bright Green Projects: – *AGILE SCOUT REVIEWED! Eylean:

Top 7 Challenges in Mobile App Testing | ThinkSys This Image is available courtesy of According to Statista, it is projected that the Mobile app store revenues worldwide will grow to US $76.5 billion in the year 2017. A Marin Software study reveals that in the UK, mobile devices now account for 44.8% of ad impressions, 50% of clicks, 46% of spend and 43% of conversions. People’s obsessions with smartphones have enticed businesses to innovate and build interesting applications and also think of ways to improve their relationships with their customers through such apps. Designing a user-friendly and killer mobile app is undoubtedly a difficult task but surprisingly, that’s a lesser problem for businesses today. With millions and millions of options available on the app stores, users have become unforgiving – they uninstall the apps if they find those to be non-user-friendly, not serving the purpose, or worse, have errors. The issues with mobile app testing – Let’s analyze some of the key challenges of mobile app testing – 1. 2.

Merlin - ProjectWizards präsentiert Merlin - Projektmanagement für Mac OS X Die führende Projektmanagement-Software auf OS X Gleich ob Sie ein gelegentlicher Projektanwender oder Projektmanager im täglichen Berufsleben sind, Merlin wird mit den angebotenen Funktionen Ihren Ansprüchen genügen. Kostenlose Demoversion laden Einführung zeigen Merlin ist mehrfach ausgezeichnet und ist sowohl bei den Kunden als auch bei der Fachpresse beliebt. MindMaps Sammeln Sie gemeinsam mit Projektpartnern alle Themen und halten diese in einer Mindmap fest. MS Project Von MS Project 98 bis MS Project 2011 versteht sich Merlin mit allen Versionen der Windows-Software. Elemente Die Elemente sind nur in Merlin erhältlich. Merlin Schnelleinstieg Benötigen Sie mehr Informationen zu unserem Produkt? Laden Sie jetzt den Merlin Schnelleinstieg.

Building Blocks of a Solid Test Automation Strategy | ThinkSys “Without strategy execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” Morris Chang CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. In this agile age, more organizations than ever before are looking at making Test Automation a core part of their product development efforts. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Winston Churchill is reported to have said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” Overview - Redmine Myths About Usability Testing | ThinkSys 7 Myths About Usability Testing It is somewhat strange that while usability testing has been around for over two decades, it is still shrouded by a number of myths and misconceptions. Over the years usability testing, a very important part of software development, has become much simpler, faster and cheaper – there’s really no good reason to NOT do usability testing. In this blog, we try to bust a few myths about usability testing to convert the non-believers into believers. Myth 1 – Usability testing has to be done by experts While ‘anyone’ can actually do usability testing, not everyone will do it ‘well’. Myth 2 – It is time-consuming and very expensive While this was true even a decade ago, with the dawn of the age of high-speed internet and hi definition web cameras and great quality screen recorders, usability study can be conducted at a minuscule expense and also can be done remotely. Myth 3 – Usability testing is the same as focus groups No, it is not! Again, not true!

]project-open[ - Enterprise Project Management, IT Service Management, PSA What Should an Ideal Test Automation Team Look Like? | ThinkSys “Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.” (Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering) As long as there is software programming there will be software testing. Get the business involved: A key input into the early planning and design of the test automation suite (or framework) should be the business need. It’s important to know that each member of the team has a key role to play but in the end none of them can do the task alone.

ThinkSys Launch of Krypton, an Innovative Open Source Test Automation Tool, Saw an Overwhelming Response at STARWEST Techwell Event, California | ThinkSys ThinkSys recently launched its innovative open source test automation tool Krypton at the STARWEST Techwell event in California. STARWEST Techwell is the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals. Built on top of Selenium, Krypton is a free automation solution for testing websites, web-based applications, mobile websites and mobile native apps. ThinkSys has built the Krypton Framework based on its experience of helping several Enterprises and ISVs across the world in building quality software while reducing the cost of quality. On the occasion of the launch of this Framework, we got in touch with Rajiv Jain, the CEO of ThinkSys and the innovator of Krypton. Question: What is the idea behind Krypton? [Rajiv Jain]: For the past several years, we have been providing testing and quality assurance services to our worldwide customers. Question: How was the response for Krypton at STARWEST? [Rajiv Jain]: It was brilliant – to say the least?. Good question. Oh yes!