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Welcome to EnglishClub Listening, to help you learn the skill of listening in English. Listening is the first of the four language skills, which are: 1. Listening 2. Speaking 3. Reading 4. What Is Listening? How to Hear English Everywhere How can you hear English when you're not in an English-speaking country? Dictation Do you want to improve your English listening skills? Listen to English by Radio Listen to English online with programmes from stations like the BBC or Voice of America. Listen to the News Listen to our weekly digest of the news in English. Listen to Poetry in English Some classic pieces of poetry and other texts for you to listen to and read. Podcasts You can listen online or download these readings, many of which come with transcript and wordchecker to explain vocabulary. Improve your listening with MyEC! MyEnglishClub features thousands of videos and songs for English learners. This Week in History Listen to a new story every Monday. English Listening Links Words that Rhyme (YL)

Vidéos métiers anglais Cours d'anglais > Vocabulaire / Audio/Vidéo> Vidéos métiers (anglais américain) Ces 300 vidéos réalisées par l'Etat du Minnesota (c) pourront vous intéresser : - si vous êtes un professeur pour préparer une séquence sur les métiers - si vous souhaitez améliorer votre compréhension orale de l'anglais - si vous souhaitez apprendre du vocabulaire professionnel lié à votre (futur) métier - si vous souhaitez les utiliser en mode 'karaoke', c'est-à-dire en lisant le texte en même temps que le présentateur. Ces vidéos sont en effet sous-titrées en anglais. Voir aussi : Vocabulaire métier | Monde du travail Vidéos

Easy English news, short news, English story, reading skills for you Sound Grammar Newsreel Easy Nyheter från hela den engelskspråkiga världen, presenterade på lätt engelska. Rubriker: Skolflickor i Nigeria kidnappade. En astronaut vill ha bättre mat i rymden. Tvillingarna Ann och Elizabeth separerades, träffas igen efter 78 år. Här kan du skapa egna klipp ur programmet Hjälp Stäng 1. Se en film om hur man skapar klipp. DelaKopiera länken genom att trycka ctrl+C på PC eller cmd+C på Mac.

Better@English _Video and audio To learn to speak fluent English, you need lots of exposure to spoken language coupled with opportunities to use what you’re learning. Many learners think that going to a traditional English course is the best way to learn. But you can also learn English very well on your own, without spending a lot of money. Before you sign up for a course, why not make the most of the audio and video resources for English learning that are widely available online? Jump directly to the list of resources. There are many advantages to using audio and video compared to going to a traditional English class. You can go at your own pace, and do as much or as little as you have time for. English is such a widely spoken language that the possibilities for finding great content are practically limitless. Do not skip this step. Using a good looping audio player will make it much easier and more efficient for you to learn from the audio resources that you use for listening practice. Put your learning into practice

Recension av Phrasal Verbs Machine - Kan verbpartiklar vara roliga att lära sig? Användningsområden Att lära sig verbpartiklar tycker jag påminner lite om att lära sig propositioner eftersom dessa är svåra att lära sig på ett nytt språk för att de ofta inte följer ett speciellt mönster. Exempel på verbpartiklar på svenska är ”titta på” och ”se efter” med betoningen på det sista ordet. I ”Phrasal Verbs Machine” lär man sig verbpartiklarnas fraser med hjälp av korta animerade filmer. Anledningen till att appen kallas maskin är för att den liknar en gammaldags verkstadsmaskin. Appen har ett visningsläge. Appen har också ett träningsläge där det omvända sker. Det är inte alltid lätt att visa något utan tal eller skrift men jag tycker att animationerna är förvånansvärt bra och lättförståeliga. Funktioner Undervisningens syfte En Kunskaper i engel­ska språket och kunskaper om områden och sammanhang där engelska används samt tilltro till sin förmåga att använda språket i olika situationer och för skilda syften. En Utveckla en allsidig kommuni­kativ förmåga.

ESL - Movie Trailers 1 SECTION 3: Movie Trailers Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to learn a new language. The exercises below use movie trailers to help you to better understand spoken English. Here's what you do: Click on the video you want to watch below.Watch the video, and pay attention to it! Southpaw Spy Far from the Madding Crowd Ant Man The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Ex-machina Foxcatcher Gone Girl Selma Nightcrawler NOTE: All of these videos are protected by copyright. A Five-Minute Activity to Bring Music into the Classroom Wouldn’t you like to be listening to the latest hit on the radio and find out that you are able to understand the lyrics?Wow!!! Don’t you, every now and then, sing along even though you can only remember some of the words from the chorus and you don’t have the slightest clue about what it means? But time flies and the course is short and even though I feel listening to a song can be as good as doing a traditional listening comprehension exercise the truth is that dedicating 20 minutes to a song never seems to fit into my lesson plan . The idea is to bring music into the class as often as possible but without this activity taking too much time off my lessons. In this song , we focus on the verb “to try” ♥Orally introduce the word you want students to learn by giving examples and asking them to infer the meaning. ♥Choose a song that contains the word or words you want to teach ♥Crop the video with ,for example, tubechop; remember you don’t want to play the whole song . My Fill in the Blanks

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