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U.S. National Park ServiceFind A Park

U.S. National Park ServiceFind A Park

Yosemite National Park Location: California Established: October 1, 1890 Size: 747,956 acres In a high-country meadow two hikers crouch near the edge of a mirroring lake and watch a pika as it harvests blades of grass for a nest deep within a huge rock pile. When they resume walking, there is no other person in sight for as far as they can see. And on this sparkling summer's day, the view seems endless. Eris, the Goddess of Confusion, Chaos, and Laughter » Daven's Journal - Letters from the Editor (Note from Daven: Please note, this is NOT my article, but it is THE best article I have ever seen dealing with who Eris is and why we should care. Do not make the mistake of dismissing this goddess just because she seems scary like other trickster/chaotic deities (like Loki, Coyote and Discordia) have been in the past. They are CRITICAL to our world. I made a comment when I read this article, and the author said it was one of the best summations of how a Discordian sees Chaos: “Creative Chaos.

Pack a Backpack for Camping From Wired How-To Wiki A well-packed sack will save your back. Photo by The Glasshalffull via Flickr. Welcome to the Digital Public Library of America It’s not very often you get to build a new library. Together, that’s what we will begin to do today. Starting with over two million items, each with its own special story and significance, the Digital Public Library of America will now begin to assemble the riches of our country’s libraries, archives, and museums, and connect them with the public. Today also begins my tenure as the founding Executive Director of the DPLA, after twelve years at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. Accommodations Bed & Breakfast Accommodations The Baldpate Inn is open each year from Memorial Day weekend until mid October. We offer a unique bed and breakfast experience with casual hospitality as our hallmark. Our twelve guest rooms and four cabins are decorated with a mountain country flair complete with handmade quilts and dust ruffles of calicos and ginghams. Many of our rooms have spectacular views of the surrounding area. The Inn’s library and comfortable lobby welcome guests to engage in friendly conversation or curl up with a book in front of any of the massive stone fireplaces.

tonglen ~ Tonglen meditation (“Sending and receiving” in Tibetan) I. The Allure of Nonexistent Places The 1507 Johann Ruysch map. Courtesy of Wikicommons Unpacking a box of books recently I found my old copy of No Longer on the Map, a small classic of literary geography published in 1972. The author Raymond H. Libraries Digital Collections Rotator powered by <a href=" a free and easy <a href=" slider</a> builder from Please enable JavaScript to view. Search across all collections Select a collection to browse

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