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27 Tech Tools Teachers Can Use to Inspire Classroom Creativity Students who grow up with a love of learning are more likely to stay engaged in STEAM subjects and other lessons as they grow older. They won’t take what they learn at face value, and will instead seek out ways to expand their knowledge and ask questions about what they learn. Teachers are always looking for ways to pique student interest, from engaging experiments to unique learning methods. If you want to add fresh elements to your classroom and encourage your students to be creative, check out these tools. They might offer the tech solutions you need to wow your students during the learning process. Evo Classroom Kit We may be a little biased, but our personal favorite tool is the Evo Classroom Kit. Nearpod Nearpod specializes in multimedia displays to make discussions more engaging. Learn Around The World The goal of Learn Around the World is to use technology to connect students and educators globally. Buncee Glogster FlipGrid TodaysMeet Microduino TinyTap Because Learning SiLAS Solutions

20 Classroom Technology Tools You Might Not Know | The #1 Screen Recorder for Chrome The use of technology in the classroom is no longer up for debate. It's now extremely clear: the effective use of classroom technology drives student results. But, any competent education professional would be quick to point out that student results are only positively impacted when they are introduced to the right tools. With a U.S. based edtech market that has raised more than a billion dollars over the last year, the options for technology tools to use in your classroom can seem infinite. So, take a look below for our carefully curated list of the newest tools to add to your arsenal. Classroom Technology that will Help Create Amazing Videos 🙌 1. Ok, fine! Listen to EdTech Heroes to learn the most important edtech skill from Kasey Bell: 2. The Tour Creator allows you to lead viewers through a point of interest you select or a well-known location like the Eiffel Tower or The Statue of Liberty. Try getting students involved by having them lead you through one of their favorite places. 3.

9 Technology Tools To Engage Students In The Classroom - 10 Technology Tools To Engage Students In The Classroom contributed by Sara McGuire, Technology distracts students, right? Keeps them from focusing? One solution is to ban phones and computers from the classroom. Think about it–if students are growing up in a world that requires them to be tech-savvy, then shouldn’t tech play a big role in their classroom experience? 1. We’re starting with what’s likely the simplest app on the list (well–aside the from background noise strategy): Google Forms One of the best ways to engage all students in your classroom is to give students an easy (and even anonymous) way to ask questions, receive feedback, or otherwise reach out to the teacher. Whether you provide specific questions and prompts for students to respond to as an exit slip (e.g., Was there any point during today’s lesson where you were confused?) 2. 3. Kahoot! 4. This is a fun tool to gamify the classroom. 5. Immediate responses from every single student instantly? 6. 7. 8. 9.

3 Minute Teaching TOOL-torials Be sure to share these great resources with your friends and colleagues! Access all of these videos in this YouTube Playlist How to Add “Time Tags” to Youtube Vids (so Viewers can Jump to Tagged Sections)It’s Super Easy to Create These Simple ‘Bookmarks’ so Viewers Can Pop to Different Section of Your EdPuzzle 3 Minute TOOL-torial Add Questions to Videos, Monitor Progress, etc. Create Top Notch Graphics With Ease, for Little or no Cost with Canva (fun for Students too!) Share Videos With no Distractions or Inappropriate Content, Fast & Easy with SafeShareA quick overview of the SafeShare.TV application that makes it easy to safely share YouTube and Vimeo videos without the distractions of ads and other extraneous content, or inappropriate content! ThingLink: Creating fun interactive learning content with ThingLink is a blast. Easily overlay interactive links anywhere on an image, or insert them in a video.

7 Digital Tools to Streamline Your Classroom Routines Technology is integral to the modern learning experience. Indeed, with tablets replacing textbooks and students being so partial to their smartphones External link , it seems that digital tools are no longer optional for a modern teacher. There is also a number of other sound reasons to expand your teaching inventory with programs and apps. They can optimize the routines, such as handouts, homework assignments, and grades statistics. As for your students, digital enriches their learning experience and enables you to communicate with them through the media that are natural to them. Edmodo External link This tool connects teachers and students into a safe learning-themed social network. ClassDojo External link This tool promotes connectivity between teachers, students, and parents in a way similar to Edmodo. GroupMaker External link This is a mobile app for breaking your class into groups and encouraging collaboration. Socrative External link Kahoot External link Popplet External link