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Cloud Point of Sale

Cloud Point of Sale
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ShopKeep POS ShopKeep iPad POS is a cloud-based iPad point of sale (POS) or checkout system founded by a former retailer. Started in New York City in 2008, ShopKeep POS has over 7,000 merchants nationwide. The system allows merchants to ring up sales, print or email receipts, pop a cash drawer, accept credit cards and print remotely to the kitchen right from the iPad. The robust web-based BackOffice allows inventory, employee, and customer management, and robust analytics and reporting. The smartphone dashboard app allows merchants to view real-time store sales remotely. ShopKeep recently launched mobile payments via a partnership with PayPal[1] and has recently announced partnerships with other mobile payment providers such as LevelUp. History[edit] ShopKeep was founded by Jason Richelson,[2] co-founder of several retail stores in Brooklyn and New York City. In August 2011, the first iPad version of ShopKeep was released in the App Store. Awards and Recognition[edit] See also[edit] References[edit]

8 Securities Limited - The world's smartest online brokerage - Powerful, customizable, social, unlimited Live Chat Software | Real-Time Customer Engagement | LivePerson ShopKeep 2013 | iPad POS Systems - TopTenREVIEWS Tablets and mobile phones have inspired a new breed of POS systems, including ShopKeep POS, which utilizes the iPad and Apple-compatible peripherals. ShopKeep requires only a small upfront investment, and the monthly service fees are affordable. With ShopKeep you are not required to contract with a specific payment processor. You can continue to use your current payment processor or shop for a new payment processor to find the best deal. ShopKeep POS allows you to choose the hardware package that works best for you. The software included with ShopKeep POS is created, updated and maintained by ShopKeep. Customer support is provided by telephone, live chat and email, seven days per week during extended business hours. An extremely valuable service the company offers is migration services. Now business owners can utilize an attractive, modern POS system for little upfront investment. Learn more about ShopKeep's POS for iPad.

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Businessfriend ShopKeep POS | Point of Sale Bigger than Crack. Better than a Cronut: 7 Lessons From Candy Crush 1DollarScan Scans And Digitizes Your Books For You “For A Dollar” Having old media digitized to get more space in the house, preserve them or simply make them portable isn’t exactly a new trend. But some startups, like Peggybank in the case of videos and photos, still find ways to stand out. And now a new company called 1DollarScan tries to do the same for books, documents, pictures and just about anything that’s printed on paper – through pricing. 1DollarScan is the US equivalent of a service in Japan called Bookscan, which is the largest of its kind in that country and hit several millions of US dollars in revenue within a year, according to the namesake company (in fact, the service is so successful that some customers in Japan currently have to wait for months to get their material digitized). 1DollarScan works in the same way as Bookscan: after receiving physical books or other printed material from customers, the company scans the papers, and converts them into PDFs or DVDs.

ShopKeep POS Founded by retailers for retailers, ShopKeep POS is the affordable, complete platform for running a shop from an iPad. Backed by the industry’s best customer support, ShopKeep’s iPad app rings sales, prints receipts, and processes credit cards. It also manages inventory, reports, and customers from anywhere and without extra hardware. Bridging the gap between dated retail systems and advanced cloud technology, ShopKeep POS provides mass customization and alternative to common payment platforms. ShopKeep POS replaces traditional expensive point of sale terminals with an easy to use, high-end technology that stores all data in the cloud. ShopKeep POS comprises two parts: (1) front-end cash register interface for iPad and (2) a ‘BackOffice’ website where all transaction data is located and available for store owners and managers to view from any web browser. Recent Milestones Videos

BOOKSCAN(ブックスキャン) 本・蔵書電子書籍化サービス - 大和印刷 世界中の本好きのために 私たちは、"蔵書を電子書籍化+廃棄処分する" お手伝いをしています。 BOOKSCANでの電子書籍対応機種(全130機種) ▶ PC / Mac iPad,iPad2,iPad mini,iPhone3G,iPhone3GS▶ iPhone4,iPhone4S,iPhone5,iPod touch ▶ HTC Desire,HTC DesireHD,Xperia,Xperia arc ▶ GALAXY S,GALAXY Tab,kobo ▶ kindle Paperwhite,Kindle3,Kindle(4th),▶ Kindle touch,Kindle DX ▶ SONY Reader PRS-650,PRS-350,PRS-T1 ▶ B&N nook, color nook, au biblio leaf SP02 ▶ XOOM, Optimus Pad L-06C, ASUS EeePad BOOKSCAN Reader無料ダウンロード会員専用リーダー 無料

1DollarScan - Book Scanning Service SizeUp Brings Mint-Like Business Intelligence And Competitive Analysis To SMBs When it comes to business intelligence and competitive analysis, large businesses hire consultants and employ in-house analysts to help determine where a business should be operating, how to compete, how to grow and more. But what about small businesses? According to the SBA, 99.9% of the businesses in the US are small businesses. SizeUp provides many of the same demographic, industry, geographic, business, and cost data that big businesses use to make smarter decisions, but provides it to all companies at no cost to the end-user. First, SizeUp allows businesses to compare their business, in terms of revenue, employees, growth, salary, profit and more, against the rest of their competition in a region. Second, SizeUp can show businesses where competitors, customers, and suppliers are located on a map, and creates a geo-visual list of potential buyers and vendors. Businesses can also use SizeUp to find the best places to advertise. JH: What business model will you focus on first?

Mocha Maya's is looking at this - I have an inquiry in to them to find out if it's possible to add images (QR codes) to register receipts (yes, they do printed receipts too). by marysurf Sep 26