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365 tomorrows : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

365 tomorrows : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

36 Writing Essays by Chuck Palahniuk 1: Establishing Your Authority Chuck teaches two principal methods for building a narrative voice your readers will believe in. Discover the Heart Method and the Head Method and how to employ each to greatest effect. 2: Developing a Theme At the core of Minimalism is focusing any piece of writing to support one or two major themes. 3: Using “On-The-Body” Physical Sensation Great writing must reach both the mind and the heart of your reader, but to effectively suspend reality in favor of the fictional world, you must communicate on a physical level, as well. 4: Submerging the “I” First-person narration, for all its immediacy and power, becomes a liability if your reader can't identify with your narrator. 5: Nuts and Bolts: Hiding a Gun Sometimes called "plants and payoffs" in the language of screenwriters, Hiding a Gun is an essential skill to the writer's arsenal that university writing courses almost never touch upon. 6: Nuts and Bolts: “Thought” Verbs 8: Nuts and Bolts: Using Choruses

A daily comic about life by Jon Rosenberg Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy : Issue 96 Top 10 Lists - Listverse Ichor Falls - A Quiet Community Written? Kitten! The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance #2) by N.K. Jemisin The Broken Kingdoms is the second book in N. K. Jemisin’s Inheritance Trilogy, the sequel to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (review here). In the first book, we followed Yeine, a warrior princess summoned to the great city of Sky amidst a fierce political struggle. In this sequel, we learn the aftermath of that struggle as we follow Oree, an artist living in Shadow, a city teeming with godlings. Oree herself is a mortal, blind except for her ability to see the glimmering outlines of gods, godlings, and magic. One day, while discarding her trash, Oree finds a homeless, literally down-in-the-dumps godling and decides that the humane thing to do for one in such sorrow is to take him in. A page-turnerThe main storyline constitutes a mystery: Who is killing godlings, and why? The bigger pictureThe Hundred Thousand Kingdoms introduced Itempas (the Bright Lord, the Skyfather) who killed Enefa (Mistress of Twilight and Dawn) and enslaved Nahadoth (the Nightlord, the Lord of Shadows).

Convert Files - free online file converter and flash video downloader.Convert videos, audio files, documents and ebooks.Flash video to MP3 FASHIOLISTA | love your style! Last Will and Testament Author's Note: Cesca: It was a good idea at the time! Cesca: This story was like waking up somewhere drunk and having to get home! So this is a flashfiction gone long and wrong; it was started for the Harlequin Challenge (that might have been a clue about the incipient wrongness and longness) and was finished as an act of sheer bloodymindedness. Preface. "Dr. "Later, Thelma—" "There's a telephone call for you." "I said later." "It's your sister." "Take a number. "It's about your father. The vortex dynamics were no longer visible, and Rodney blinked rapidly, trying not to lose his concentration. "Get the information; find out when the funeral is," Rodney said with deliberately forced patience. Thelma just stared at him, like she was waiting for further instructions. Rodney groaned and said: "Are we done here? Wordlessly, Thelma turned and left. Part One. "Welcome back, Dr. Rodney had been surprised at his father's late-in-life return to Canada. "Hey!" "They said I'd...?" "Did you find it?"

Place Names Let's say you've created a fictitious tavern, hamlet, village, town, city, realm, kingdom or planet for your story but you can't think of what to name it. Or the name you came up with for your fictitious tavern, hamlet, village, town city, realm, kingdom or planet makes your critique partner snort coffee out of her nose. Either way, you're in trouble. Let's cruise around some of the online place name generators, see how they can help, and grade them accordingly. 1. Generator Grade: Okay to good. 2. Generator Grade Range: Eh to okay. 3. Generator Grade Range: Okay to good. 4. Generator Grade Range: Okay to good. 5. Generator Grade Range: Great to excellent. 6. Generator Grade Range: Okay to good. Seventh Sanctum offers some different place name generators: 7. Generator Grade Range: Eh to okay. 8. Generator Grade Range: Okay to good. 9. Generator Grade Range: Good to great. 10. Generator Grade Range: Eh to okay. I tend to invent names out of the blue or use anagrams of common words.

The Wise Man’s Fear (Kingkiller #2) by Patrick Rothfuss The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss was one of the most critically acclaimed fantasy debuts of our time. Though widely recognized as a book that would impact the future of fantasy literature, The Name of the Wind has also received some critique. The book is a character study that focuses deeply on the dilemmas the young and gifted orphan Kvothe met on his life’s journey, and thus there was no need for action and suspense to thrive on. Needless to say, I am a fan of The Name of the Wind, so when its sequel The Wise Man’s Fear, the second novel in Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles, came out on March 1, I had to read it. Kvothe’s story continuedThe Wise Man’s Fear follows closely after the events of The Name of the Wind. Breaking the laws of fantasy However, as Kvothe’s life progresses there are new elements introduced to the story. Let me explain that further. Dilemma-centered There are new flaws as well. Why should you read this book?

10 Modern Must-Read Sci-Fi Masterpieces Any discussion of science fiction invariably begins and ends with the masters of the genre. Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Phillip K. People didn’t suddenly stop writing science fiction novels in 1980. The Dark Tower (1982 – 2004) Written by: Stephen King King is best known as one of the modern masters of fantasy and horror but The Dark Tower series is as much science fiction as it is anything. Neuromancer (1984) Written by: William Gibson William Gibson created the cyber punk genre with Neuromancer. Ender’s Game (1985) Written by: Orson Scott Card There’s never been anything quite like Ender’s Game, before or since. The Liaden Universe (1988 – 2010) Written by: Sharon Lee and Steve MillerAgent of Change was the first book published (though not the first chronologically) in what would eventually become known as the Liaden Universe. Hyperion Cantos (1989 – 1997) Written by: Dan Simmons The Hyperion Cantos is actually four books. Jurassic Park (1990) On Basilisk Station (1992)

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