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Maths Careers

Maths Careers

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Mathster: Free Maths Worksheets - free worksheets for KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and A level Maths Download our free maths worksheets individually below or combined together as a zip or rar file. All the free maths worksheets were generated in seconds by Mathster! You can create your own maths worksheets very easily - take a free months trial subscription and see how easy Mathster makes it! Want something else besides free maths worksheets? How about a desktop scientific calculator? Street-Fighting Math *Note - This is an Archived course* This is a past/archived course. At this time, you can only explore this course in a self-paced fashion. Certain features of this course may not be active, but many people enjoy watching the videos and working with the materials. Make sure to check for reruns of this course.

5 Reasons Why the Flipped Classroom Works in Higher Education Education research expert David Miller reveals 5 benefits flipped classrooms provide higher education. By David Miller February 10, 2015 Careers in tech: Top 10 tech industry careers A career in the technology sector is varied and rewarding, with great job prospects, personal development opportunities and high-end salaries available for the best candidates. Here we look at the best of what the tech world has to offer. Software engineer Requiring good analytical skills and an attention to detail, software engineers combine their knowledge of maths, engineering and computer science to design, develop, test and evaluate software. There is a greater demand for good software engineers than ever before, thanks to a growing number of start-ups and increasing tech complexity.

lhmaths This page contains a selection of my resources for use in Mathematics classrooms. Enjoy! Starter Activities All of the following are short activities designed for use either with students whiteboards or traffic light cards (multi-choice questions). Number:

Dave's Short Trig Course Table of Contents Who should take this course? Trigonometry for you Your background How to learn trigonometry Applications of trigonometry Astronomy and geography Engineering and physics Mathematics and its applications What is trigonometry? Trigonometry as computational geometry Angle measurement and tables Background on geometry The Pythagorean theorem An explanation of the Pythagorean theorem Similar triangles Angle measurement The concept of angle Radians and arc length Exercises, hints, and answers About digits of accuracy Chords What is a chord?

A Thematic Approach to Planning Your Maker Space When schools talk about the Maker Movement and creating maker spaces, they often focus their initial thinking on purchasing the tools and materials. This resource-driven approach can create a buzz in your school for some time; however, that excitement will inevitably fade. While resources are an important part of any maker space, taking a thematic planning approach is much more effective. No two maker spaces are alike or should be alike.

Careers in Chemistry - Future Morph People who study chemistry work in a huge variety of careers both in and out of the lab, including many you might not have thought about before. Some of these career areas are described in the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) publications: The Next Step (for 14-16 year olds) and Degrees in Chemistry (for 16-19 Year olds). You can get inside information straight from the people doing jobs you might be interested in by reading the RSC employee profiles which offer an insight into the jobs of people who use their qualification in chemistry in a wide range of careers. Remember, doing a chemistry degree does not mean you will have to work in a lab – of course you can if you want to – but there are so many routes available for you. About a third of chemistry graduates decide to pursue a career in the laboratory, but many do not.

Nuffield Foundation This site provides resources for teaching the use of mathematics and statistics. The resources are self-contained and can be used for any lessons where the context or skills are relevant. Nuffield Mathematics resources are divided into three levels and can be used to support a wide variety of qualifications, including Free-Standing Mathematics Qualifications (FSMQs), A/AS Use of Mathematics and the new Core Maths qualifications. We provide schemes of work for using the resources to support Use of Mathematics and FSMQs. We have also outlined which resources are relevant to each of the six new Core Maths qualifications.

Free Trigonometry Practice Tests Our completely free Trigonometry practice tests are the perfect way to brush up your skills. Take one of our many Trigonometry practice tests for a run-through of commonly asked questions. You will receive incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your Trigonometry practice test to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Pick one of our Trigonometry practice tests now and begin! High school Trigonometry classes introduce students to various trigonometric identities, properties, and functions in detail.