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Designer Italian Furniture

Designer Italian Furniture
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de : Bretz Characters Campaign Stores Flagship: Düsseldorf Artemide 2014 Design Novelties Light + Building Environment and Landscape 2014 Architectural, Outdoor, Nord Light Novelties Master's Pieces Le Design Radical Un autre mouvement proche de l’Anti-design fait son apparition dans les années 60 : le mouvement dit du «Design Radical». On y retrouve une critique du modernisme assez cinglante mais la vocation du Design Radical est plus avant-gardiste et expérimentale. Le mouvement est également plus théorisé et plus politisé, ce qui s’explique par ses sphères d’intervention : il s’agit davantage de théoriciens de l’architecture et de l’urbanisme que de praticiens du design industriel. En Angleterre le Design Radical se structure autour d’un groupe d’une grande importance : Archigram. Archigram est un groupe de designers formé par Peter Cook, Ron Herron, Warren Chalk, et d’autres en 1960.

E15 אותנטיק Home page News Category Collections Special Editions Accessories Interior Home Welcome to the Interior Home Dialin, an exclusive representative Pozzoli brand in Kazakhstan. A Famous furniture house POZZOLI celebrated its centenary in 2007. Furniture items made by its masters adorn royal families’ residents all over the world. And now POZZOLI furniture is made by an old method, of the same materials as dozens years ago. In modern industry these skills are lost a long time ago, and only they can give the master an opportunity to put the warmth of his heart in a beautiful thing, to make every curve of the pattern unique and the furniture itself inimitable. The most luxurious materials are used: pink, walnut and red wood, marble, silk, velvet, 24-carats gold.

Two Points – Pen, Ruler And Compass Combination Stationery by Jeonghwan Bae Two Points Are Better Than One You never know when inspiration strikes or that you run out of stationery; hence the Two Points Pen is a great way to always be prepared. An innovative combination of a pen, ruler and compass point, you can draw circles on the go, anywhere and every time! I guess architects and interior designers will agree with me! prototypes of absurd inventions by patrick strattner sep 25, 2013 prototypes of absurd inventions by patrick strattner prototypes of absurd inventions by patrick strattnerautomatic upper and lower full mouth tooth brushall images courtesy of patrick strattner