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Membership Site Software
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Kajabi | Easily build and market membership sites. No technical skills required. Best Permalink URL Structure for your Wordpress Blog | Smart Blog Tips WordPress by default is very SEO friendly. Its only Bloggers who make it difficult for Search engine Spiders or Crawlers to understand the blog by loading in more and more stuff in the name of features and add-on value items. In this post we will look at the most simple and the very first change you should make in your WordPress Blog to make it geared towards Search Engines. Permalinks Permalinks (short for Permanent Links) are permanent URLs for your individual Blog Post, Category Pages, Tag Pages, Archives and typically any page in a WordPress CMS. It is the string called URL you see in your Address Bar of the Web Browser while visiting the page. Types of Permalinks WordPress classify Permalinks into 4 Types. 1. Ex: 2. Ex: 3. 4. Ex: Permalinks Settings Settings to change Permalinks can be found at (WordPress ver 2.5 and above) Structure Tags 1. 2. 4.

OptimizePress - Create Landing Pages, Sales Pages & Membership Portals Modern Redirect Links For Marketers Javascript and WordPress – The Definitive Guide | If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Using custom JavaScript code in a WordPress theme or plugin is, in many cases, a given. Fortunately, WordPress comes bundled with a selection of popular Javascript libraries (jQuery, Prototype and others) for use with your plugins and themes. Okay, what are we doing here? We’re going to enqueue the Javascript files, used by our WordPress plugin or theme, using the correct method and the wp_enqueue_script()function. How do we enqueue the Javascript? Okay, you will need: 1 x custom function in either your theme’s functions.php file or in your plugin.1 x selection of Javascript files required by your theme or plugin.1 x add_action() line within your code. Lets follow this like a recipe. 1. This function is the heart of enqueuing the JavaScripts in WordPress. Okay. For each Javascript file you wish to include, add another wp_enqueue_script() line to the function. Each parameter can be explained as follows: Right.

Keyword Analysis Tool - Market Samurai {mailfluence} — // send email better // Static frontpage - combined with dynamic content - in WordPress Tutorials @ MoshuBlog Thanks for visiting! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. My blog posts useful tips, ideas, tutorials and guides for WordPress bloggers - and articles about the life on the Canadian Prairies. If you are familiar with RSS readers, just add my feeds to your reader! [I know I still owe the second part of my Two-level menus article regarding the styling of the menus but today this little trick came up and I thought I'd share it.] Since WP 2.2.x in the Options > Reading there is the possibility to assign an existent(!) If you really want to make that first main page special, you can create a special Page template and while creating the new Front Page you can select the newly added template. In your favourite text editor (I always use PSPad) open the page.php template file for editing. Now find the last line of the Loop: 1.<? (There might be another line after it with the edit_post_link – it this case add the following after that line!) 01.My latest news 02.<? 03.<? 05.<?

30+ mejores temas WordPress gratuitos con diseño web adaptado móvil Os presentamos una lista de los mejores temas de WordPress gratuitos y adaptados a dispositivos móviles. WordPress es a día de hoy la mejor plataforma para sitios web que requieren de blogs o compartición de contenidos en Internet. Cuenta con gran cantidad de opciones y extensiones que nos permitirán adaptar esta plataforma a las necesidades de nuestros negocios. Estos temas de WordPress pueden ser utilizados para fines personales y comerciales, pero antes de hacer uso de ellos, os recomendamos que leais las condiciones de uso. También podeis leer nuestro post sobre los mejores temas premium de WordPress. Thoughts Thoughts es una plantilla de WordPress gratuita adaptada a móviles. Tetris Tetris es una plantilla de WordPress especialmente indicada para blogs y portafolios personales. Unique Su diseño es moderno, limpio y fácil de usar. Attitude Este colorido tema de WordPress adaptable a móviles fué desarrollado por ThemeHorse, y es un gran tema para sitios web de negocios y corporativos. Best