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Mandarin Chinese: Vocabulary Guide

Mandarin Chinese: Vocabulary Guide

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Best of Chinese Study Tools, Studying Chinese Online and Off Dictionaries come in three main categories: paper, hardware, and software. I would suggest noting that in the dictionary section, with forward references to wakan, plecodict, mandarintools, zdt, etc. In the "other" (software?) section, you missed both Dimsum from and zdt from They are both completely free, multifunction software tools, but, like wakan, have very good built in dictionary support for Chinese. For example, you can paste in a section of chinese text in Dimsum, and it will generate a complete list of all the vocabulary in the text.

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Internet Software for Learning Chinese Characters - Chinese Learning 中文学习互助 - China Forum Recently I started think seriously about studying chinese, I found some useful resources that other people may find useful. There are lots and lots of free software learning resources around, however I wanted to try and find a single resource with as much as possible in the same place. The software courses on these sites all have to be paid for, but they may be worth it if provides you with a convenient method of learning Hanzi. Chinese Pronunciation Introduction The purpose of this section is to clarify some important issues regarding the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese. I have noticed over the years that some sources are publishing incorrect information about Mandarin pronunciation. It is my intent to identify a few of the misconceptions and to make the reality of the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese crystal clear, both in linguistic terms and in everyday language.

Chinese phrasebook Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Mainland China and Taiwan, and is one of the official languages of Singapore. In English, it is often just called "Mandarin" or "Chinese". In China, it is called Putonghua (普通话), meaning "common speech", while in Taiwan it is referred to as Guoyu (國語), "the national language." It has been the main language of education in China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) since the 1950s. Standard Mandarin is close to, but not quite identical with, the Mandarin dialect of the Beijing area. China Resources <p><span>If you can see this line, then JavaScript is turned off on your machine and you will not be able to use some features of this site. Please click <a href="../securitywarning.html">here</a> for more information.</span></p>

Introduction Welcome to the Web-based Chinese Reading Program! The purpose of this reading program is to provide various extra-curricular reading materials suitable for students at different learning levels. The reading materials are divided into three levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. The beginning level is prepared for students who have learned 500-1000 characters. The intermediate level is for students who have learned 1000-2000 characters.

Learn mandarin Chinese Navigation:Chinese Words and PhrasesChinese Video TutorialsChinese CultureChinese HistoryHow to Write Chinese Characters Overview of the Chinese Language The Chinese language was originally spoken by the Han Chinese and is spoken by about one-fifth of the total population of Earth.