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AltJS compile-to-JavaScript language list

AltJS compile-to-JavaScript language list
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The Shumway Open SWF Runtime Project | Mozilla Research Shumway is an experimental web-native runtime implementation of the SWF file format. It is developed as a free and open source project sponsored by Mozilla Research. The project has two main goals: 1. Advance the open web platform to securely process rich media formats that were previously only available in closed and proprietary implementations. 2. Offer a runtime processor for SWF and other rich media formats on platforms for which runtime implementations are not available. You can view live demo examples using Shumway. Mozilla’s mission is to advance the Open Web. The Open Web can be further advanced by making rich media capabilities, previously only available in Flash, also available in the native web browser stack. 1. More information can be found on the github links: * * *

Benvie/continuum About php.js php.js is a resource that offers community-built JavaScript alternatives to PHP functions. Why on earth would you port php to js? to see if we canto learn JavaScriptto help others learn JavaScriptto see how php scripts perform with V8 strapped on their backsto profit from helpful functions like: strip_tags, strtotime, md5, strftime, number_format, wordwrap, vsprintf, and date, that are too high-level for JavaScript. PHP is a language with many high-level functions and while they’re not always implemented as consistently as we’d like (mimicking their underlying C parts), they do get many programming jobs done without the need for additional libraries or abstraction. We recognize JS has beautiful language features, and we encourage you to learn them (never let php.js be an excuse not to!). That said, we do think it’s a challenge to port everything and decided to also port low-level PHP functions like strpos that have perfectly good (and more performant!) And what not. Contributing Licensing

Jquery Slider New Tricks in XMLHttpRequest2 Introduction One of the unsung heros in the HTML5 universe is XMLHttpRequest. Strictly speaking XHR2 isn't HTML5. Turns out our old friend got a huge makeover but many folks are unaware of its new features. This tutorial highlights some of the new features in XMLHttpRequest, especially those that can be used for working with files. Fetching data Fetching a file as a binary blob has been painful with XHR. The old way to fetch an image: var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', '/path/to/image.png', true); // Hack to pass bytes through unprocessed.xhr.overrideMimeType('text/plain; charset=x-user-defined'); xhr.onreadystatechange = function(e) { if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { var binStr = this.responseText; for (var i = 0, len = binStr.length; i < len; ++i) { var c = binStr.charCodeAt(i); //String.fromCharCode(c & 0xff); var byte = c & 0xff; // byte at offset i } }}; xhr.send(); While this works, what you actually get back in the responseText is not a binary blob.

jQuery Mobile winston/cactus LLJS : Low-Level JavaScript Home · kripken/emscripten Wiki What The Rails Security Issue Means For Your Startup January has been a very bad month for Ruby on Rails developers, with two high-severity security bugs permitting remote code execution found in the framework and a separate-but-related compromise on, a community resource which virtually all Ruby on Rails developers sit downstream of. Many startups use Ruby on Rails. Other startups don’t but, like the Rails community, may one day find themselves asking What Do We Do When Apocalyptically Bad Things Happen On Our Framework of Choice? I thought I’d explain that for the general community. Nota bene: I’m not a professional security researcher. Mostly, I sell software. Don’t skip this post because you’re not a Rails developer. Background: What Has Been Happening in Rails-land? Ruby on Rails recently released two sets of security patches (announcements here and here), in response to related vulnerabilities discovered in the frameworks. How bad were those bugs? What does “execute arbitrary code” mean? What went wrong? We’re A Startup.

ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points Apologies about that long table of contents, and here we go. ES6 – also known as Harmony, es-next, ES2015 – is the latest finalized specification of the language The ES6 specification was finalized in June 2015, (hence ES2015) Future versions of the specification will follow the ES[YYYY] pattern, e.g ES2016 for ES7 Yearly release schedule, features that don’t make the cut take the next train Since ES6 pre-dates that decision, most of us still call it ES6 Starting with ES2016 (ES7), we should start using the ES[YYYY] pattern to refer to newer versions Top reason for naming scheme is to pressure browser vendors into quickly implementing newest features (back to table of contents) A new primitive type in ES6 You can create your own symbols using var symbol = Symbol() You can add a description for debugging purposes, like Symbol() Symbols are immutable and unique. Time for a bullet point detox. Then again, I did warn you to read the article series instead.

Les évènements Web à ne pas manquer en Octobre, Novembre, Décembre prochain Alors que la fin de l’année arrive à grand pas, les événements Web ne manquent pas à l’appel et continuent de se bousculer. Aujourd’hui, je vous propose de découvrir de nouveaux rassemblements Web pour cette fin d’année 2012. En effet, la France regorge d’événements sur lesquels, nous amateurs de conception Web, dont la soif d’apprendre n’est plus à présenter, aimons participer. Ainsi, que l’on soit expert en développement ou conception, mais également simple passionné du Web qui cherche à apprendre et à échanger, ou encore étudiant, ces événements sont quasiment indispensables pour nous ! Dans la suite de ce billet je vais présenter les principales conférences Web des prochaines semaines qui me semblent intéressantes, ainsi que celles relayées par les lecteurs, et celles pour lesquelles je devrais être présent. L’heure est donc venue de faire un point sur celles-ci, qui vont je l’espère satisfaire votre soif de connaissances dans le monde de la conception web :