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Music news & reviews, music videos, band pictures & interviewsQ Magazine

Once Upon A Time Zella Day’s Soundcloud biography insists on her American roots: raised in a small mountain town in the depths of Arizona, she grew up singing Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley covers in her family’s coffee shop. Strongly felt in the “Seven Nation Army” cover that first brought her to our attention, these influences are still there on “1965″ and yet make way for a pop twist as Zella Day’s captivating vocals expand to tell a beautiful, nostalgic tale. Our friends at Blah Blah Blah Science are releasing the track as the B-side to Sweet Ophelia next week. Having put out a couple of great tracks in the last few months, this young Icelandic duet could easily surf on the harmonious wave that is “Tension” to take their name further. After an ethereal introduction driven by bliss out vocals and minimalistic instrumentations, this amazing piece of electronica seamlessly navigates between peace and fieriness.

R2 (Rock 'N Reel) Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere Else De unge amerikanerne med nok et mesterverk. >> Perfect Pussy - Say Yes To Love Sonic Youth er dødt. The Stone Roses Music The "power jazz" trio reinvents Stravinsky's avant-garde classic in a wholly new way. And darn if it doesn't sound fresh! Love and Hate offers songs that are mature, but not aged, worldly, but not cynical, in a soundscape that flows with no forcing and no faltering. This merger of two industrial pioneers can be impressive, but never quite matches the original versions. Some questionable choices, but otherwise a good place to start in the man's discography. Wild Moccasins spend half of their debut slavishly recreating early '80s pop, but don't really come to life until they stop doing that later in the album.

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