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Jabberwacky - live chat bot - AI Artificial Intelligence chatbot - jabber wacky - talking robot - chatbots - chatterbot - chatterbots - jabberwocky - take a Turing Test - Loebner Prize - Chatterbox Challenge - entertainment robots, robotics, marketing,...

Jabberwacky - live chat bot - AI Artificial Intelligence chatbot - jabber wacky - talking robot - chatbots - chatterbot - chatterbots - jabberwocky - take a Turing Test - Loebner Prize - Chatterbox Challenge - entertainment robots, robotics, marketing,...

Lively In July we launched Lively in Google Labs because we wanted users to be able to interact with their friends and express themselves online in new ways. Google has always been supportive of this kind of experimentation because we believe it's the best way to create groundbreaking products that make a difference to people's lives. But we've also always accepted that when you take these kinds of risks not every bet is going to pay off. That's why, despite all the virtual high fives and creative rooms everyone has enjoyed in the last four and a half months, we've decided to shut Lively down at the end of the year. It has been a tough decision, but we want to ensure that we prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business. will be discontinued at the end of December, and everyone who has worked on the project will then move on to other teams. We'd encourage all Lively users to capture your hard work by taking videos and screenshots of your rooms. MindMentor, Your robocoach Thinking Machine 4 Thinking Machine 4 explores the invisible, elusive nature of thought. Play chess against a transparent intelligence, its evolving thought process visible on the board before you. The artwork is an artificial intelligence program, ready to play chess with the viewer. If the viewer confronts the program, the computer's thought process is sketched on screen as it plays. A map is created from the traces of literally thousands of possible futures as the program tries to decide its best move. Play the game. Image Gallery View a range of still images taken from Thinking Machine 4. About the work More information about the project and answers to common questions. Credits Created by Martin Wattenberg, with Marek Walczak. About the artists Martin Wattenberg's work centers on the theme of making the invisible visible. Marek Walczak is an artist and architect who is interested in how people participate in physical and virtual spaces.

Chat - Connect - Comment BumpIn Social Media provides two types of products SocialBar is meant to enhance visitor experience with interactive and intuitive features. The bar rests at the bottom of the page and provides a variety of social and site specific features at just a click of a button. SocialBar is comprehensive and can be customized. BumpIn SocialBar's features include IM Chat, Shoutbox , Chatbox and Social Navigation. ShoutBox enables visitors on your page to share their opinions with other visitors making the whole experience more engaging. • Free Hosted Shoutbox, Chat Box, Tagboard and Chatrooms. • Fully Customize Chat box for blogs, Wordpress, Blogger and Forums • Lightweight Ajax Shoutbox, Tagboard and Flash Chat • Choose color, theme, size and many configuration options that suit your website • Advanced web based Admin Control Panel - delete messages, clear history, snub a user, block/unblock by IP and more... • Multiple Embedding Options: Facebook Style Chat, Sidebar, or traditional Chatroom

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Artificial Intelligence Depot SciDev.Net Actualités: Le financement de la recherche par la redevance pétrolière bat de l'aile Plusieurs pays se sont engagés à utiliser les revenus issus des ressources naturelles pour financer le secteur … FinancementsEnergieInnovationEducationGouvernance Le GIEC appelle à agir contre le réchauffement Selon les experts du Groupe d'experts intergouvernemental sur l'évolution du climat (GIEC), il est encore possible … Changements climatiquesAgricultureBiodiversité Le Bénin introduit la biométrie dans les systèmes de santé Un nouveau système d'identification biométrique des patients est en cours d'expérimentation dans le pays, pour … SantéInnovationTechnologie Actualités scientifiques étonnantes d'imaginascience Notre sélection Abonnez-vous ! Explications sur le Neutrino : kesako ? " Cette actualité sur la découverte de deux neutrinos sert de prétexte pour comprendre ce qu'est un neutrino ; évidemment, ces explications ne sont pas complètes, car il reste de nombreux mystères à éclaircir. . Le cancer demeure un ennemi impitoyable depuis des décennies de recherche intensive pour tenter de lutter contre. Newtoon a écrit 446 actus scientifiques. Chercher quelque chose dans nos actualités avec Google Get the <a href=" Your Site With Google (no web search)</a> widget and many other <a href=" free widgets</a> at <a href="