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Electron - Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Electron - Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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Top 20 Ajax Tutorials Ajax is commonly overlooked as a language that many newbies to web design don’t really understand. Well the truth is, Ajax can do wonderful things and give your website that extra special something. I have rounded up a collection of the top 20 Ajax tutorials I think will help anyone get their feet wet with Ajax. Let me know what tutorial you like best, and if you know of any other tutorials that have helped you master Ajax, then please by all means drop us a comment.

The State Of JavaScript: Introduction The State Of JavaScript Depending on who you ask, right now JavaScript is either turning into a modern, reliable language, or a bloated, overly complex dependency hell. Or maybe both? What's more, there's just so many options: Do you use React or Angular 2? Do you really need Webpack? And what's this month's recommended way of dealing with CSS? The following are the possible ways to create professional animations in SVG: – Medium Export your SMIL animations from a graphics application. The standard way to produce SVG animations with SMIL is to create them in applications like Adobe Animate CC and similar others (see the section below for a list), and then using plugins like Flash2svg to export them in SVG. The Flash2svg add-on, created by the very talented Tom Byrne, is a marvel. With it you can export from Adobe Animate CC almost all animations+sound as a single self-contained SVG file. Even entire cartoon episodes like this one: If you need to use the SVG animation for cartoon editing or video production, you can then import the resulting SVG file in your editing software, for example Adobe After Effects.

5 Reasons Why JavaScript is The Perfect Next Step After Learning HTML5 And CSS3 Ups... I guess the headline of this article already spoiled the surprise answer to the “what’s next” question. Sorry about that :) Web Animations Conformance requirements are expressed with a combination of descriptive assertions and RFC 2119 terminology. The key words “MUST”, “MUST NOT”, “REQUIRED”, “SHALL”, “SHALL NOT”, “SHOULD”, “SHOULD NOT”, “RECOMMENDED”, “MAY”, and “OPTIONAL” in the normative parts of this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119. However, for readability, these words do not appear in all uppercase letters in this specification. La console, une introduction Ah, la console ! Terrain de jeu pour certains, écran terrifiant pour d'autres, il devient chaque jour plus indispensable d'en connaître au moins les rudiments. Par John Long, bienfaiteur des designers. “Un tutoriel pour les designers du web”

Javascript, un langage ? un script ? En savoir plus Créé en 1995 par Brendan Eich, le Javascript était un simple langage de script. Aujourd'hui le JavaScript est un des poids lourds du développement Web, voici sa carte d'identité. Le JavaScript (souvent abrégé JS) est le premier langage script pour le Web. Il fut lancé par un navigateur très connu au début d’internet appelé Netscape. Le javascript est inclus dans le fichier html avec ses propres balises qu’on déclinera plus tard dans l’article :) Ce dernier ajoute des fonctionnalités intéressantes que le HTML ne possède pas.

CSS, JS or SMIL: What Should You Use For Animations? – Designhill Blog Web designers usually have three different tools available at their disposal for creating animations. These tools are CSS, JS or SMIL. But the bigger question here is- which is the one that offers maximum benefits in terms of functionality and near perfect designs? Well, each of these tools have their own set of pros and cons. Human JavaScript Code is as much about people as it is about computers. Sure, it's run by computers, but it's written by, maintained by, and ultimately created for people. People are not computers. We are not robots.

25 Free Resources for New JavaScript Developers We asked our campers to share their favorite free resources for new JavaScript developers on Camper News. The list includes some time-tested books as well as podcasts and videos you may not have heard of yet. Books standard One JavaScript Style Guide to Rule Them All No decisions to make. No .eslintrc, .jshintrc, or .jscsrc files to manage. It just works. This module saves you (and others!) time in two ways: Nunjucks You've been looking for a more sophisticated templating engine for JavaScript. Here it is. Rich Powerful language with block inheritance, autoescaping, macros, asynchronous control, and more. Heavily inspired by jinja2 Fast & Lean High-performant.

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