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Trend map for 2010 and out to 2050

Trend map for 2010 and out to 2050
For the last few years Richard Watson of NowandNext has created annual trend maps based on city subway maps. This year he has been more ambitious, creating a highly detailed map with five time zones, ranging from 2010-2015 out to 2035-2050. For the previous three trend maps (shown at the bottom) I collaborated with Richard and we co-branded them with Future Exploration Network, however time pressures this year meant that I haven’t directly contributed to the 2010 map. – Ageing – Power shift Eastwards – Globalisation – Localisation – Digitalisation – Personalisation – Volatility – Individualism – Environmental change – Sustainability – Debt – Urbanisation Click on the images below for the original blog posts and full-size pdfs. 2009 Trend Map 2008 Trend Map 2007 Trend Map

What's Next Index of 2013 Disruptive Technologies Above: Like lightning, digital technologies jolt us with energy, the savvy will harness their energy, those who ignore, risk danger. One Line Goal: List disruptive technologies in 2013 on one page, with your help in the comments. The number of technologies that are creating disruptions to companies and ecosystems are increasing at an alarming rate. Even though Altimeter rated the technologies that matter from last week’s SXSW, we see even more technologies emerging on the heels of mobile world congress, and CES. In an attempt to track and then analyze these technologies, I’ll host the following “industry index”, where I list out examples, and the community adds to it in comments. I’ve kicked off the list with 10 technologies I see (with help from colleague Chris Silva), and at Altimeter, we’ve embarked on looking at research themes that impact business. Index: 2013 Disruptive Technologies Image Credits used with creative commons attribution by WVS

Global forces: An introduction - McKinsey Quarterly - Strategy - Globalization “I never think of the future,” Albert Einstein once observed. “It comes soon enough.” Most business managers, confronted with the global forces shaping the business landscape, also assume that their ability to sculpt the future is minimal. Business history is littered with examples of companies that missed important trends; think digitization and the music industry. The fact is, trends matter. Video Why trends matter McKinsey director Peter Bisson explains the value of tracking global forces and how to build them into corporate strategy. For much of the past year, a team at McKinsey has revisited and retested our assumptions about the key global trends that will define the coming era. The great rebalancing. Our thinking is exploratory rather than definitive. What we do know is that the forces driving the emergence of this new world are too powerful to be denied and that running a 21st-century company is exponentially more complex than running a 20th-century one, of any size. Exhibit

TRENDsFACTORY 2015 : 200 pistes prospectives ? surveiller Nous vous proposons 200 idées, ovnis, tags, tendances, objets, concepts, signaux à surveiller entre 2011 et 2015…en mode shuffle. Pour avoir plus d'infos sur un item, vous pouvez soit le googliser, soit consulter les 27 hit parade de tendances identifiés pour 2011 (cf. sources ci-après). So enjoy !!! Les sources d’informations utilisées pour trendsfactory 2015 : Calentador solar gratis con botellas PET Hace ocho años José Alano, un mécanico brasileño retirado, tuvo la inspiración de recoger botellas de plástico (PET) y cartones de leche usados para desarrollar un sistema de calentamiento de agua por energía solar simple, barato y que pudiera construir cualquier persona. The Ecologist le dedica un estupendo artículo contando su historia:…viendo que en su pequeño pueblo de Tubarão no existía ninguna infraestructura para reciclar los envases y sintiéndose incapaces de tirar todos esos envases a la basura, Alano y su mujer pronto se encontraron con una habitación llena de botellas y cartones de leche vacíos. […] Haciendo uso de su ingenio y experiencia con captadores solares, él y su esposa construyeron una versión alternativa utilizando 100 botellas PET y 100 cartones de leche usados. El prototipo funcionó a la perfección, al tiempo que dieron una nueva vida a todos esos desperdicios de manera responsable. Instructivo grafico:

The Future of Business: Drivers of Change and Skills to Hone The University of Phoenix and Institute for the Future recently combined forces in order to produce the Future Work Skills 2020 report, examining what exactly propel's change and which skills we'll have to fine tune if we want to keep up. Game Changers and Skills IFTF’s foundational forecasts in areas such as education, technology, demographics, work, and health were mashed up with the findings from one of the University of Phoenix's recent workshops. According to the final report, the six major game changers are as follows: None of these trends come as a surprise, but they are in fact pushing along the workplace and employees from all shapes and sizes of business would do well to think about how they're shifting and changing daily routines. On the key skills side, the report highlights the following as a result of said drivers: Sense-making - The ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed. Get Social! Continue reading this article:

Future Trends | Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Future Trends, Economy, Markets, Keynote Speaker Media interview before Prime Minister's Global Forum in Latvia - Patrick Dixon's opening keynote at Riga International Leadership Summit Topics: global economy, social media, sanctions against Russia, future of Baltic companies, Scottish independence, green tech, altering the human race using biotech, intuition in business decisions, dangerous obsessions with shareholder value, and what companies will most succeed in tomorrow's world. "Our world will be increasingly interconnected and we will see key examples where a single event has triggered a wide range of unexpected results. Expect successful corporations to develop more agile and dynamic leadership, with alternative strategies for innovation and change." The keynote will create a broad 5-10 year vision of tomorrow’s world, based on fundamental trends which will dominate corporations and governments.

Road To Virtual Reality - What's Next: Top Trends | Diary of an accidental futurist – observations on current & future trends Leap motion, la prova del controller gestuale Più preciso di un mouse, più reattivo di un touchscreen, il controller Leap Motion aggiunge comandi gestuali al computer. Come con il Kinect, Leap traccia il tuo movimento e lo converte in azioni sul monitor. Ma niente sbracciate davanti allo schermo: il riconoscimento funziona sulle singole dita, con un livello di precisione di un centesimo di millimetro. Il produttore dichiara che è 200 volte più accurato di qualsiasi altro programma sul mercato. La prima cosa che salta all’occhio è la mancanza di ritardo tra il gesto e lo schermo. Continua dopo il video Leap Motion Controller si connette a una USB 2.0 (o superiori), è compatibile con Windows 8 e Mac OS X e basta collegarlo per iniziare. "I consumatori vogliono passare a un livello superiore di di interazione per creare e godere dei contenuti digitali", ha aggiunto Ron Coughlin, Senior VP e General Manager della divisione Consumer PC di HP. Foto e Video: Maurizio Pesce / Wired

Come riscaldare una stanza con soli 10 centesimi Riscaldare una stanza della casa con soli 10 centesimi è davvero possibile? Il metodo sarebbe adatto sia alle normali abitazioni che agli uffici. Per riscaldare la casa risparmiando bastano pochi semplici strumenti: un vassoio di metallo, due vasi di terracotta di grandezza differente e delle candeline. Con l'arrivo dell'autunno e dell'inverno, le bollette per il riscaldamento iniziano a crescere. Il sistema è molto semplice. Le candele accese riscaldano l'aria all'interno dei vasi. L'ideatore del progetto spiega che per riscaldare una normale stanza bastano quattro candeline per volta. Il sistema per riscaldare una stanza della casa o l'ufficio con soli 10 centesimi vi sarà ancora più chiaro grazie ad un video presente su YouTube, che sta per raggiungere i 3 milioni di visualizzazioni. Marta Albè Fonte foto: LEGGI anche: Riscaldamento: 10 consigli per risparmiare soldi ed energia I 5 modi per riscaldare la casa e risparmiare energia Potrebbe interessarti anche: