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Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript

Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript

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Nano Basic Download on AppStore. Free Turn your mobile device into a real computer What makes a computer a computer? Google Knol on Flow-Based Programming Flow based programming solves problems that, while they may currently be on the horizon, will soon present new challenges to software developers. This article is really by Justin Bozonier – thanks, Justin! Introduction Flow based programming is a development methodology invented by J.

NoFlo Development Environment by The Grid Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Flow-based programming FBP is a particular form of dataflow programming based on bounded buffers, information packets with defined lifetimes, named ports, and separate definition of connections. Introduction[edit] Because FBP processes can continue executing as long they have data to work on and somewhere to put their output, FBP applications generally run in less elapsed time than conventional programs, and make optimal use of all the processors on a machine, with no special programming required to achieve this.[1]

xowiki Announcement: Next Scripting Framework 2.0.0 available January 01, 2015 We are pleased to announce the release of the NSF/NX/XOTcl 2.0.0 (Download ). This first stable release includes important feature and performance enhancements, documented in detail here: Changes to NSF in version 2.0.0 Announcement: Next Scripting Framework 2.0b5 available Wiki: FlowBasedProgramming Hot off the press! A second edition of my book is now available from CreateSpace's eStore - and at - Take a look and see how FBP has changed in 15 years! The new edition contains information about the Java and C# implementations, as well as the diagramming tool (DrawFBP), several sections contributed by Mike Beckerle, CTO of Oco Inc., plus a whole new chapter on projects that have appeared in the last 15 years and either build on FBP, or have strong similarities to it. For obvious reasons, the new sections are not available on this web site - but just think, you could have a shiny new copy in your hands, printed with loving care by CreateSpace? - and IMHO it looks just as good as the original edition (if not better)! This wiki has been converted to a restricted access wiki - it is still open for anyone to read, but to contribute you will have to get the password from me.

Success Story: Frontback RubyMotion Success Story: Frontback Frontback was launched in early August and distinguished itself immediately among a sea of camera apps. Frontback is unique in that it includes the photographer in all the photos. Frontback got an excellent coverage in the tech press since its launch: TechCrunch, The Verge, CNET, The Next Web, and many more. It was also featured on Bloomberg TV and users of the app include Twitter creator Jack Dorsey and prime minister of Belgium Elio Di Rupo. The app is excellent, and was lovingly built using RubyMotion.

Extract, transform, load In computing, extract, transform, and load (ETL) refers to a process in database usage and especially in data warehousing that: Extracts data from outside sourcesTransforms it to fit operational needs, which can include quality levelsLoads it into the end target (database, more specifically, operational data store, data mart, or data warehouse) ETL systems are commonly used to integrate data from multiple applications, typically developed and supported by different vendors or hosted on separate computer hardware. The disparate systems containing the original data are frequently managed and operated by different employees. For example a cost accounting system may combine data from payroll, sales and purchasing. nth-graph - nth-graph, a graph based programming scheme nth-graph "Diagrams" convey a network (or graph) structure of nodes and edges. Our eyes have a high-bandwidth capacity to understand a diagram's structure. "Text" conveys rich meaning through words. We must read text serially, but short phrases easily bring concepts and actions to mind, quickly. "nth-graph" employs these human capabilities, by mixing "diagrams" and "text" in a new programming language.

Kilim Kilim is a message-passing framework for Java that provides ultra-lightweight threads and facilities for fast, safe, zero-copy messaging between these threads. It consists of a bytecode postprocessor (a "weaver"), a run time library with buffered mailboxes (multi-producer, single consumer queues) and a user-level scheduler and a type system that puts certain constraints on pointer aliasing within messages to ensure interference-freedom between threads. Hardware facilities are getting distributed, from the micro to the macro levels -- increasing numbers of cores, CPUs in a box, boxes in a data center to a multitude of data centers.

UX Design: guiding before selling Post promoted by Mays Digital. We can say many designers don’t have any idea of UX design, and it is understandable when you think about it: although this is not a recent discipline, website design didn’t focus on user experience as a whole, but it focused into creating beautiful interfaces no matter the result. But websites became businesses themselves: they became marketplaces of all sorts of products and services, and you no longer needed just a beautiful site, but a functional one that converts users into customers. UX design is about making the experience of using a website easy and fun for the user, and it is a way of creating a bond between the website and the user; this means both entities understanding each other: devices knowing what users require, and users understanding how the website performs easily.

How to Recover Deleted Data and Files From Android Phone/Tablet using free tools The Most Painful moment when you loose some of your important data(image,pics,video,document,etc) which has been deleted from your phone by someone.Or you might deleted some data some days before but afterwards you found it useful and want it back then ? If you are facing the such problem then don't worry In this article I will explain you How you can retrieve deleted data of your Android device easily. Recovering deleted data of your Phone is very easy.You can recover it some simple steps which I'm gonna explain you in this article step by step.In this Article we will see:- How to recover data of your android Device using Computer First of All you need a computer running on Windows and Steallar Phoneix Photo recovery Software(Download from here)After downloading, Install the Recovery software and run it.Connect you SD card/Memory card to you Computer using a Card ReaderNow Click on Recover Photo,Audio and Video Button like below Screenshot.

newRPL Details Introduction What exactly is newRPL? Asynchronous Component-Based Programming It seems hardly worth pointing out that the universe we live in is a highly asynchronous place: it is a place where an infinite number of things are happening all at once. In fact, it might be said that humans, and indeed all living creatures, are designed to operate in such an environment. In spite of this, until recently, computer programs were always based on the model of a sequential, "one step at a time", computer with a single instruction counter. Not surprisingly, therefore, mapping the real world onto such a model has always been difficult, and is becoming more so as the requirements on our systems become ever more stringent Back in the '60s, Dr. Lance Miller of IBM became intrigued by this apparent mismatch, and went looking for strictly procedural behaviors in other areas of human experience.

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