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42 High Quality Free Fonts For Graphic Designers Resources July 26, 2011 Typefaces are like clothes. They either make us look good or bad. They also indicate what kind of character we want to portray. Using the proper font can also be compared to a person who knows how to dress up to the occasion. However, to be able to impress people it is also necessary that the clothes we wear or, in this case, the typeface we use are of high quality. Today, we have collected some amazing high-quality free fonts to spice up your designs. Weston free font Download Source Code Pro Download Source Sheep Sans Download Source Morning Glory Download Source Legion Slab Typeface Download Source FoglihtenNo01 Download Source FoglihtenFr02 Download Source BUUG Typeface Download Source Limelight Download Source Ostrich Sans Download Source Dunn Typeface Download Source Dash Typeface Download Source Absinthe typeface - Free Font Download Source Network Font Download Source Dalle Download Source Decani Download Source Elega Download Source Podvoka Download Source Pacifica Download Source Jokal Fatboy

The Power of Noticing This weekend I re watched one of my favorite movies, Shall We Dance. And as cute as Richard Gere was in the movie (and boy was he!), my attention centered on a moment in where his onscreen wife, Susan Sarandon whispered these words in his ear: “We need a witness to our lives. There’s a billion people on the planet… I mean, what does any one life really mean? Although the quote is referring to marriage, I think the need of a human being to be noticed, to be witnessed, to matter, is behind much of the popularity in all social media, and is captured – or projected – most acutely in Twitter. As a writer, educator, and lover of learning and life, I have made noticing a discipline practice. I encourage others to do the same. So the next time you send a tweet, meet a friend, or have the chance to learn with another, plan to notice more. Watch the learning come to life!

Maven Pro - A free sans-serif font brought to you by Now available on Google web fonts. What is Maven Pro? Maven Pro is a FREE sans-serif typeface with unique curvature and flowing rhythm. Here, you can follow the progress of the typeface and offer support, request additional glyphs, or just say hello. Glyphs Maven Pro has an extensive collection of characters that totals over 530 glyphs! FontLab Studio So all the characters are designed and created, now what? Release History Arm Race: Your Wristwatch Is Your Next Web Portal Investors, and a number of industry heavies, have just acquired the smartwatch business of Meta Watch, as well as all its IP. The players include Juho Pinomaa, the former president of Sunnto (which makes dive computers, smart sports, and GPS watches), formerly of Nokia, and Bill Geiser and David Rosales, who used to lead the connected watch division of Fossil. The developer-centric Meta Watch is already due on sale this month, but these moves show that there's serious interest in the future of the digital watch--and Meta is only one of the players. Lest you doubt the seriousness of these moves, consider that one of the players involved is Apple. Chances are, you don't wear a watch and haven't for quite some time. Faced by shrinking sales of its traditional watches that really do little more than tell the time, Fossil began a project some time ago to develop a future connected watch--a digital device that would offer much more data to a tiny display. And Meta Watch isn't alone.

What Facebook Knows that Google+ Doesn't - Joshua Gans Back in July, I suggested that Google+ lacked the features that would allow it to displace Facebook. While Google+ was technologically wonderful, I argued, it did not solve a problem for consumers and therefore would not attract users. Despite the reported 50 million people who have signed up for the service, it’s not clear how many are regularly using it. And, of course, it is use that matters. While it is still too early to tell if Google+ has completely lost the opportunity to build a virtuous cycle of adoption and greater use, we can assess the one feature of Google+ that distinguished it from Facebook: “circles.” When you first sign up to Google+ it asks you to spend time sorting people you know into circles. Because the issue of “who to share with” is a real one, and one that Google offered a solution for, Facebook was quick to replicate circles’ essential elements.