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3D Mind Map - Concept 1

3D Mind Map - Concept 1

WikiNodes Visual Root: Collaborative and Creative Mind Mapping You can check out this mind map here Visual Root is a free web based tool to create collaborative mind-maps made from videos, images, and text. Visual Root mind maps are like threads in a forum, one person starts a mind map root, and other people add node responses. It is a very interesting brainstorming tool. In my opinion one of the key features of Visual Root is the possibility to export and download each map as a FreeMind file, then you can edit the map offline with a mind mapping software, given that most of the mind mapping softwares are importing FreeMind maps.

Using 'Mind Maps' to Explore Teaching Resources - The Digital Campus 2011 By Josh Keller A vast number of lesson plans, practice problems, and other resources for teaching elementary-school math are available. But when Maria H. Andersen is teaching future teachers, she says, they often do a poor job of seeking out those resources and sifting through what they have found. Later, on the day before a school year begins, some new teachers "freak out" and wonder how they are going to teach the material, says Ms. IN THE RIGHT COLUMN: More on The Digital CampusBROWSE THE FULL ISSUE: News, Commentary, and DataBUY A COPY: Digital and Print Editions at the Chronicle Store To show her students how to build a library of resources they can later use to teach, she requires them to create and maintain a Web-based "Mind Map"—a treelike diagram built around a central idea—to record and organize what they have learned during that term. Ms. Some students don't like using Mind Maps, she acknowledges.

Spicynodes : Home Videos No one believes in the power of visualization for learning more than HumanConcepts. We provide extensive audio-visual support through videos to help you learn about our solutions, as well as important topics, trends and best practices. Our videos provide a quick, easy way to gain a basic understanding of HumanConcepts solutions, illustrating features and functionality while highlighting multiple financial and operational benefits.

Lloyd Hooson 3D Unity 3D Engine The Unity 3D Game Engine is one of the new and upcoming 3D Engines that is being used in the games industry and interactive sectors. I have been using the engine since version 1 and it has only got better, I use both the Mac and PC versions and the speed of rendering coupled up with the scripting engine cannot be surpassed. Below are examples of work I have created using this brilliant engine. August 20th, 2013 For the past few weeks I have been helping out with the talented people at Keele University and Cardiff University to help them produce there latest virtual patent. This virtual patient has a dental problem that the users (dentist students) have to work out what the ailment is and diagnose the treatment for the patient. The user can ask the virtual dentist patient all manor of questions and then there are multiple chose questions and answers to get the correct diagnose. Take a look at some screen shots from the web application. August 6th, 2013 Take a look here: Itunes

GENIUS - Memorização ‘Wordflex’ Makes Your Dictionary Interactive | PocketFullOfApps Nearly everyone has used language tools like the dictionary and thesaurus. Each helps users to expand their vocabulary and their understanding of language to enhance their options for clear, concise, and descriptive communications. And this is not only important for students, who must use language in every subject (even math), but also for adults in the workforce, who often have to communicate via written formats (emails, presentations, etc.) in which tone can be easily misconstrued, especially when the word choice is poor. In short, language presents most people with a lifelong challenge that includes ongoing education. And there’s one app out there that is uniquely designed to help both language lovers and those that are struggling with linguistics to increase their vocabulary in an interactive and intuitive environment. You may be hesitant to leap into language when you see the price tag on this app, which comes in at $11.99. Editor’s NoteThanks to Evan Fischer for this guest post.

MindView - Professional Mind Mapping software Brainstorm, Organize and Present your Ideas Brainstorming MatchWare MindView's brainstorming mode is an invaluable tool for capturing the bursts of inspiration that emerge during group planning meetings. This powerful, yet easy-to-use program lets you instantly capture those ideas without disrupting the brainstorming process to define their precise wording or positioning. Multimedia MatchWare MindView's Multimedia Catalog contains 1500 high quality clipart illustrations created specifically for business and education use, as well as numerous root shapes and map styles. Calculation MindView Business Edition allows you to add numeric values to the branches of your Mind Map, for example sales numbers, costs, exchange rates and so on, and also formulas to carry out calculations on the values. Values appear on the Mind Map under the branch labels. The data can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with the simple click of a mouse. Map styles External resources Templates Multi-Maps Printing