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The new Periodic Table of iPad Apps for Primary aged pupils – ICTEvangelist

The new Periodic Table of iPad Apps for Primary aged pupils – ICTEvangelist
I’ve always enjoyed thinking of ideas about how we can utilise technology for purposeful means in the classroom. It is often we see the simplest ideas making the biggest impact on teaching and learning. I’m still asked regularly for apps for particular subjects, asking children to use devices as sources of information rather than vehicles or tools to express learning. The iPad has always given us the opportunity to do so much more than consume information giving us opportunities instead to use our creativity to express our learning, to test our learning, to share and publish what we do. Therefore it has given me real pleasure to create this new Periodic table of iPad apps; this time focusing on tools to support younger learners. I realise that not everyone will agree with my choices of apps but they have all been made with personal experience of using all of these tools with children and seeing not just how they work in the classroom but more importantly how they can impact on learning.

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AccessAbility Solutions Don’t get too excited this is more of an admin procedure as I have created a domain that can be used that “points ” to my blog site. This is the original site I have used for the past three years! At this stage it is slow but for commercial reasons I can now use the address so its more in line with me being a business and not an organisation. Like this: Like Loading... Related Free Chooseit Maker activities HelpKidzLearn are offering free activities to use with their app Chooseit Maker 3. If you don’t have a subscription then please consider this as its a great resource. I have written article about Choose it Maker 3 on LinkedIn.

Useful events from the British Assistive Technology Association British Assistive Technology Associatipon (BATA) has a news and events section that contains a useful list of events that you may find interesting to go to. Like this: Like Loading... Special iApps Parents started this company for both Apple and Android . it’s rare to find apps that cover both operating systems for special needs. Looking at the way the apps are designed they would suit a 1:1 interaction with a teacher or language therapist. One of the problems of many apps is that they cover too many concepts at once making it difficult for those with learning difficulties to pick up the information. in Special iApps they have kept the concept to one eg shapes are shapes and not colour and shapes. This is a real plus for those teaching a particular concept to a child with special needs.

The Grid – artificial intelligence browser “The Grid” – not to be confused with Smartbox’s communication software – is an artificial intelligence website creator. It sounded amazing when it was first mentioned but there have been delays and frustrations for those who have been waiting. And there looks like a further wait of between 3-6months. The Grid is currently in beta stage testing with 100 testers taken from founder members. Information with founder members have been sparse to say the least until the last couple of months. But if you have a spare 24 minutes this google hangout video describes in some detail how the grid will work.

SEN PRESS SEN PRESS make ebooks that have simplified language and storylines that are appropriate to holder readers. You can download a free sample book from their website or download an app from the App Store. Like this: Like Loading... Apple Announces Multitasking Experiences for iPad with iOS 9 Today at WWDC, Apple confirmed that multitasking would be coming to the iPad with iOS 9. The new feature will allow users to view, and sometimes interact with, two apps simultaneously in multiple ways. First is "Split View," coming to iPad Air 2, which brings the most powerful task managing multitasking experience to the tablet. With it a user can open two apps at the same time, and completely interact with them in the normal way with no limitations. Conversely, older generation models and iPad mini will have "Slide Over," allowing them to slide in a smaller version of a second app from the side of the screen.

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10130 for PCs Hi everyone, We have a new build for PCs releasing today to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring – Build 10130. As I mentioned with the last build, from here onward you are going to see a lot of tuning, tweaking, stabilizing, and polishing which means fewer big feature changes from build to build. You’ll see that in this build which has a number of small improvements and more polish. For example – you will see some new icons (check out File Explorer) as well as many subtle changes to the UX.

Tobii Dynavox I-series+ Inclusive Technology have published that they are marketing this new Eye-Gaze AAC device . For more details go to:- Like this: Like Loading... Related Inclusive Technologies new catalogue Cortana – Windows 10 expert speech recognition system I have been looking at Cortana on Windows 10 and trying out some of its functions. Cortana is built into the search window and integrated into Bing so the two are simultaneously supporting each other. You can make appointments, search maps and look for local restaurants. Much of which I wouldn’t need to do. There is a feature which lets you alert when you need to set off back home from work. Useful for me these days !

HelpKidzLearn apps for iPad and Android Helpkidzlearn apps are for both ipad and android so if you use an android device you can use these great special needs apps! Follow the link below:- Like this: Like Loading...