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MEDIAPORTAL - a HTPC Media Center for free! - MEDIAPORTAL

MEDIAPORTAL - a HTPC Media Center for free! - MEDIAPORTAL

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XBMC For Android 13 Jul Posted By: Team XBMC on Jul 13, 2012 in Site News We have been keeping a little secret.. the kind that is so much fun to share when the time comes. Today we announce XBMC for Android. Not a remote, not a thin client; the real deal. No root or jailbreak required. Anyone Use Their Android Phone (Or Other Phone) With Whs? - We Got Served Forums Hello, first time poster here! I wanted to share my experience with Android and WHS. I just got the HTC EVO 4G, and have been putting it through the wringer. I found an app on the Android marketplace called MeCanto, which is a cloud-based storage service for streaming music. The service is currently free, and has no limit on the number of songs, or storage space provided.

Open Source Human Resource Management System OrangeHRM is an open source human resource management information system. Say that 5 times fast! It’s of course built in PHP and runs a MySQL database so it’s all web based running on the apache server. It’s currently in version 2.3 as it’s latest production version. Here are the main features of OrangeHRM so you know a little more about it: Media Streaming with Windows 7 - Engineering Windows 7 We’ve blogged about a number of features related to home networking and media in Windows 7. A scenario which brings all these together in a pretty cool way is Media Streaming. This scenario allows you to use a Windows 7 PC as a hub for media sharing—where you can share media with other PCs and devices on your home network via streaming, and even stream this information securely over the internet.

XBMC for Android Alpha Build Miniand Admin Now that XBMC has been released for Android, we have made a build from the git repository that works on the MK802 and the Mini X. We will be building new versions of XBMC every now and then, so keep an eye on this thread for updates. Note that these versions are pre-release. Expect issues with the build. Installing Adito SSL VPN Details Category: VPN Published: Monday, 09 March 2009 03:44 Written by Tony 10 Promising Opensource PHP E-Commerce Application  1. Open Cart OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system. MiniX NEO X7 RK3188 Quad Core Android 4.2 TV BOX Review - Geek Gadgets Hi, Geeks: Sorry for you wait, i really spent much more time to test this NEO X7 quad core tv box. I have so many hopes like you guys to this device, so i test everything i can. Now i will share with you guys for ths review: NEO X7, The Quad Core Model from MiniX. if you ever got Minix G4 or X5, you might be quite happy for their quality. Here is the basic information for MINIX NEO X7:

How to Sync Your Media Across Your Entire House with XBMC XBMC is an awesome media center solution but when you’re using it all over your house your library updates and watched-media lists get out of sync. Read on as we show how to keep all your media centers on the same page. Note: This how-to guide was originally published in September of 2011 and detailed how to set up whole-house media syncing for XBMC “Dharma” 10.0. We’ve updated the guide for the newer, more user-friendly MySQL integration included in XBMC “Eden” 11.0. Why Should I Care and Who Is This Guide For? XBMC has a built-in library system and it keeps track of media you’ve already watched. Hosting a website NOTICE: making anything visible outside your network can open security issues, so you are doing this at your own risk. Some apps are more secure than others, but there is nothing ultimately secure. Best is to use the VPN to login back home.

Websites To Search And Find Code Snippets Hey Readers, Win 25 Citrify Premium Licenses How to Participate and Win!!! :-D . Stay tuned for more premium giveaways coming next by subscribing toRSS feed or Subscribe to App Sheriff - Sworn To Serve by Email. Good Luck Guys! In a race against time, we are always looking to save as much as possible; this is especially applicable to the Website development.

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