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The 15 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World Canna Cannas not only feature pretty blossoms, but also beautiful leaves (often likened to that of the banana plant) that come in a variety of stunning colors. Popularized in Victorian times, Cannas are popular garden plants. Cherry Blossom The unofficial flower of Japan, the spectacular display of blossoms that arrive in the spring are celebrated by festivals both in Japan and the U.S. The most popular colors are white and pink.

Login - Yahoo! What does "Keep me signed in" mean? Many of our users have asked for a way to reduce how frequently they're asked to sign-in to and Mail. By checking this new box you'll stay signed in for up to 2 weeks or until you sign out. The "World's Largest" Stop Motion Animation Was Created With A Nokia N8 Less than a year after making the world’s smallest animation, Nokia just ticked off that large, lurking item on the to-do list: conjuring the world’s largest stop motion animation. The new film, Gulp, tells the simple story of a fisherman who gets swallowed by a larger predator. It was shot entirely with the Nokia N8 phone. “Strapping the device to a 40-meter high cherry picker on a massive expanse of beach with gale force winds seemed like a good challenge for the smartphone,” says David Bruno, a creative at Wieden + Kennedy London which created the spot along with directing team Sumo Science, from animation studio Aardman, and sand artist Jamie Wardley, from sand and ice sculpture specialists, Sand in Your Eye.

10 Very Rare Cloud Pictures Showcasing cool pictures of rare clouds caught on camera. Clouds fill the skies above us and are part of our every day lives but often go unnoticed. However, there are some clouds that are so rare that you will be very lucky to see them in your lifetime. This is a list of the top 10 most rarest cloud formations (in no particular order) that for those lucky enough to see them, were caught on camera. For those of you more interested in clouds, we recommend Cloud Book: How to Understand the Skies 1. 3753 Cruithne 3753 Cruithne (/kruːˈiːnjə/[2] or /ˈkrʊnjə/)[3] is an Aten asteroid in orbit around the Sun in 1:1 orbital resonance with Earth, making it a co-orbital object. It is a minor planet in solar orbit that, relative to Earth, orbits in a bean-shaped orbit that ultimately effectively describes a horseshoe, and which can transition into a quasi-satellite orbit.[4] It has been incorrectly called "Earth's second moon".[2][5] Cruithne does not orbit Earth and at times it is on the other side of the Sun.[6] Its orbit takes it inside the orbit of Mercury and outside the orbit of Mars.[6] Cruithne orbits the Sun in about 1 year but it takes 770 years for the series to complete a horseshoe-shaped movement around the Earth.[6] The name Cruithne is from Old Irish and refers to the early Picts (Irish: Cruthin) in the Annals of Ulster[6] and their eponymous king ("Cruidne, son of Cinge") in the Pictish Chronicle. The name is cognate with "Britain" and "British".[7]

Around The World Time Lapse « Kien Lam Photography Title: Time is Nothing by Kien LamOriginal Music: Places and Faces by William Lam [Metaphysika Sounds] Stonehenge, England. The first stop on my around the world adventure. A friend picked me up straight off a non-stop flight from San Francisco and we headed on the A303 through the English countryside to this prehistoric monument. It’s staggering to think that I was standing in front of something that’s been there for 5000 years.

Famed atheist Christopher Hitchens dead at 62 By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) - British-American author and essayist Christopher Hitchens died Thursday from complications of esophageal cancer. He was 62. Welcome to Florida State Parks Welcome to Florida Caverns State Park This is one of the few state parks with dry (air-filled) caves and is the only state park in Florida to offer cave tours to the public. The cave has dazzling formations of limestone stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, flowstones and draperies. The Chipola River and a freshwater spring provide areas for fishing, canoeing and boating. Florida Caverns State Park is popular for camping, picnicking and horseback riding.

Alfarrobeira Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Ceratonia siliqua - MHNT A alfarrobeira (Ceratonia siliqua) é uma árvore de folha perene, originária da região mediterrânica que atinge cerca de 10 a 20 m de altura, cujo fruto é a alfarroba (do hebraico antigo al charuv (חרוב), a semente, pelo árabe al karrub, a vagem, corrupção daquele outro termo). Também é designada pelos nomes vulgares de figueira-de-pitágoras e figueira-do-egipto[1] . Pensa-se que as suas sementes foram usadas, no antigo Egipto, para a preparação de múmias; foram, aliás, encontrados vestígios de suas vagens em túmulos. List of thought processes Nature of thought[edit] Thought (or thinking) can be described as all of the following: An activity taking place in a: brain – organ that serves as the center of the nervous system in all vertebrate and most invertebrate animals (only a few invertebrates such as sponges, jellyfish, adult sea squirts and starfish do not have a brain).