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Twitter tips, tools, and best practices

Twitter tips, tools, and best practices

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How to Use Twitter for Business Twitter can be an integral component of any plan to market your business on Social Media (others include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest). But haphazardly shooting out tweets is not going to do much of anything to promote your business or grow your brand. To use Twitter for business effectively, follow these tips: Business Plan Types and Purposes Two common misconceptions about business plans are that a business needs just one, and that there is one type of business plan that suits all businesses. In reality, companies often need new or amended business plans as they evolve, and the right kind of business plan for any company depends on the its purpose. What type of business plan do you need? This guide, which matches different types of business plans to different purposes, will help you choose. To Test Your Business Idea

Why Study Marketing? 1.3 Why Study Marketing? Learning Objective Explain the role marketing plays in individual firms and society as a whole. Marketing Enables Profitable Transactions to Occur Products don’t, contrary to popular belief, sell themselves. Good Customer Service Guide for Small Business Good customer service can be the difference between being able to compete and survive and failing for small businesses. So I'm continually amazed at how many small business owners take a "wing and a prayer" approach to good customer service in their business; they hire what they think are good people and just assume that they'll do the right things – often without even bothering to do any customer service training. This guide is designed to take a more systematic approach. The articles here will teach you what good customer service is and give you tools to assess and improve customer service in your small business.

10 Proven Ways for Brands to Connect With Millennials (Infographic) In 2014, NewsCred’s highest-performing piece of content was about the millennial demographic and how brands were eager to reach them, but they weren’t impressed. We were curious what the key to their hearts, minds, and wallets was – and judging by the success of this one blog post (42K views and counting), so are you. So we commissioned a study to survey 501 millennials and the results reveal that nearly two-thirds (62%) feel a direct correlation between content marketing and brand loyalty. The problem? They are turned off by the content they’re receiving. The survey also revealed 10 proven tactics that brands can leverage in their content marketing to successfully reach this elusive demographic:

How to Gather Intelligence on Your Business Competition An important business strategy involves staying informed about your competition. Not knowing what your competition is doing can hamper your ability to make intelligent business decisions and hurt your efforts to retain current customers or attract new ones. As a small business, there are ways to gather intelligence to stay current about your competitors. Check Out Competitor Advertisements A competitor's advertisements can tell you a lot about the particular audience they're targeting and the products or services they're promoting. This information is useful for planning your own promotions and advertising campaigns.

5 Free Tools to Help Create Visual Content for Social Media Incorporating strong visual content into your social media posts helps give them the edge they need to stand out from the thousands of other posts competing for attention in your followers' news feeds. Your audience members are much more likely to stop scrolling endlessly through their social media feeds and actually look at your post when they see an image that catches their attention. Visual content is a great supplement to your text in a social media post, while it can also help you convey information more clearly and efficiently.

Building Customer Loyalty Through Customer Service Personalizing customer service as much as possible is seen as key to building customer loyalty a Telus and Lumos Research study* found. Providing outstanding customer service and increasing customer engagement are two of the main strategies the participating small businesses are using to get a competitive edge. "...(T)he ability to maintain a commitment to outstanding customer service that ultimately engenders customer loyalty to the business (especially in businesses where the business owner's primary ware was him/herself and his/her expertise, such as health care or real estate)" was seen as an "important differentiator" to the small businesses participating in the study.

Facebook Marketing: The Ultimate Guide We use cookies to make HubSpot’s website a better place. Cookies help to provide a more personalized experience and relevant advertising for you, and web analytics for us. To learn more, and to see a full list of cookies we use, check out our Cookie Policy (baked goods not included). Facebook Marketing How to Drive Demand, Create Loyal Fans, and Grow Your Business on Facebook