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Technology News and Analysis - BetaNews
Windows 8.1 business users get Update reprieve Microsoft has had a rather lax policy when it comes to providing Windows updates, allowing users to receive patches, for a long period of time, even without having the latest service pack applied. That changes with Windows 8.1, as the software giant has revealed installing Update becomes mandatory to apply future updates that will be rolled out starting this May's Patch Tuesday. This move gives Microsoft more leverage than ever before, as the software giant now has a real chance of convincing Windows 8.1 users to more quickly apply Update. But, businesses, which have had trouble getting Update through WSUS (Windows Server Update Services), are getting a reprieve. Continue reading

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5 biggest security failures of 2015 and who is still at risk Security breaches are, in all likelihood, an inevitability of information technology. Despite the best efforts of IT professionals, perfect security is not yet possible. Headaches arise when poor security practices by vendors, governments, and other companies put your information or users at risk. These five security failures are the biggest stories of 2015, and have consequences that extend well into next year. 1. Building Your Own 3D Printer Home-built 3D printers are booming. In 2006 there were no such printers and 5 years later there are tens of thousands. There are currently hundreds of thousands of people wanting to start their own build waiting for the right moment to get started.

CSS, Web Development, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc. Vitaly Friedman's The Web Developer's Handbook creativity | css galleries & showcases | color tools | color schemes, palettes | color patterns | fashion: colors selection | color theory | royalty free photos | css daily reading | web design daily reading | css layouts | css navigation menus | css techniques | css: software & Firefox Extensions | css-web-tools & services | html-web-tools & services | accessibility checkers | miscellaneous tools | ajax | javascript | DOM | fonts | typography | RSS | CMS | blogging |

67 Resources for Cloud IT Admin Professional Development The web is full of resources for learning new things; and there’s no shortage of information when it comes to Google Apps or Office 365. Sometimes, the sea of documentation, videos, and other training resources can be hard to find, or even overwhelming. We wanted to consolidate some of that information for all cloud IT admins–both Google Apps and Office 365. The Stanford NLP (Natural Language Processing) Group About | Citing | Questions | Download | Included Tools | Extensions | Release history | Sample output | Online | FAQ A natural language parser is a program that works out the grammatical structure of sentences, for instance, which groups of words go together (as "phrases") and which words are the subject or object of a verb. Probabilistic parsers use knowledge of language gained from hand-parsed sentences to try to produce the most likely analysis of new sentences. These statistical parsers still make some mistakes, but commonly work rather well. Their development was one of the biggest breakthroughs in natural language processing in the 1990s.

CSS from the Ground Up Introduction If you are frightened by the prospects of using Cascading Style Sheets, there's no need to be. Using a computer can be daunting for someone coming to it afresh but after a while, you think nothing of it. It all comes down to taking small steps to begin with and that's what I'm going to do in this series of tutorials. 10 artificial intelligence insiders to follow on Twitter With the flood of news on self-driving cars, drones, caring robots, and more, it isn't always easy to keep up-to-date with the latest in the artificial intelligence universe. For the insiders' view on what's happening in AI, follow these 10 researchers, professors, institutions, and other great thinkers who offer human insight into the world of machines. Martin Ford: @mfordfuture Author of the recently released Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, Ford is an important voice in conversations about the future of the workplace and the debate over whether automation will replace humans in the job market. He tweets about psychic robots, military robots, robot waiters, and more.

About « Complex Diagrams The name Complex Diagrams is drawn from my master’s thesis, which is all about how to design effective, qualitative diagrams with non-trivial levels of complexity. About Noah I’m a visualization and information designer and design expert (author, speaker) with a strong foundation in UX. I’m interested in making knowledge accessible, and building better knowledge-sharing tools. I have experience with product definition and team leadership. Things I enjoy Good problems to solve: I crave ongoing intellectual challenge.Impact & benefit: I like to build things that are helpful and educational.An environment that supports excellent performance: I enjoy empowered teams, enthusiastic collaboration, and structured mentoring and career development. shiftzoom.js (zoom and pan functionality) <form name="lst" id="lst" method="post" action=".. shiftzoom.js 3.9 allows you to add zoom and pan functionality to oversized images on your webpages. It also allows you to build interactive applications through the various user commands. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. It works in all the major browsers - Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, Chrome, Safari and IE 6+.

35 Email Newsletters To Boost Your Career In Tech Get Our Free Ultimate Guide to Launching An Email Newsletter Sign up below to get it instantly. Plus, get more Skillcrush news and updates to your inbox! Confession time: I love keeping up with what’s happening in tech, but it seems like every time I start Googling around to find more info on this or that, I end up in a black hole. Six hours later I’ve gone from reading up on the newest WordPress update to being elbow-deep in Ruby on Rails tutorials that have nothing to do with my project. Google’s great for research.

Organization theory (Castells) The theory of the Information Age is deeply rooted in organization theory. This may come as a surprise since Manuel Castells is perhaps more readily associated with either the study of the Internet, cities and regions, or social movements. There are two points to be made about the parallels with organization theory.

17 Wonderful Free Tools To Make Designers Lives Easier! - Opensource, Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. This is the wonderful list of 17 free and online web based tools for designers and developers which may be very helpful for you as well when you are at work. Designers and Developers will must like this list but you can also use them and will love whether you are office worker, manager, supervisor, student, home user, etc. Most of them are not very well-known but, they are really amazing in respect to their features. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here.

7 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web Testing Many times a Software tester has to face new challenges while testing web applications and adapt to the prevailing situation. In the Agile testing model, the tester is asked to share the quick observation on different use cases. And, there is almost no time to automate or to use the automation suite. So we’ve compiled a list of must-have Chrome extensions for testing web applications that can help a software tester in quick validation. 7 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web Testing These Chrome extensions are tiny widgets that hid in your browser and can help you achieve your testing objectives. Cyc The project was started in 1984 by Douglas Lenat at MCC and is developed by the Cycorp company. Parts of the project are released as OpenCyc, which provides an API, RDF endpoint, and data dump under an open source license. Overview[edit] The project was started in 1984 as part of Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation. The objective was to codify, in machine-usable form, millions of pieces of knowledge that compose human common sense. CycL presented a proprietary knowledge representation schema that utilized first-order relationships.[1] In 1986, Doug Lenat estimated the effort to complete Cyc would be 250,000 rules and 350 man-years of effort.[2] The Cyc Project was spun off into Cycorp, Inc. in Austin, Texas in 1994.

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