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Pop Up Cards - how to articles from wikiHow

Pop Up Cards - how to articles from wikiHow

hummingbird pop up card I’ve just reviewed this pattern for Folding Trees, and here’s the hummingbird card I made. Isn’t it gorgeous? And it looks a lot more complicated to make than it really is! Click through to Folding Trees this week to read my review of the pattern and to enter our contest to win a pattern of your choice from Easy Cut Pop-up, the people who designed the amazing hummingbird above and many more wonderful pop-up card designs! PS – Thank you to everyone for the Discworld love! How to make a pop-up scene Created 21 March 2004 My son and I made this pop-up scene (click it for a larger view): It was easy and fun, and it really does fold flat then pop up when opened. Here's how to do it. You will need stiff paper, drawing tools, scissors, and glue. If you want to be really precise, a ruler could help, but I found it wasn't necessary. How much you plan the scene ahead of time is up to you. Take one sheet of stiff paper, and fold it in half. The geometry of the pop-up is straightforward: each separate element has a vertical front (the part with the drawing), and a horizontal support (that attaches to the backdrop). If those two gluing distances are right, then when the scene is opened, each element will form a rectangle with the base and the backdrop. Draw the backdrop and the base on the sleeve. Draw each separate element of the scene on a piece of stiff paper. Each element also needs enough paper left above it for the support. Fold the base tab. These are things I figured out as I went along:

Popup Workshop Popup Workshop is a program to help you design simple pop-up books and cards, and print a pattern on your printer to cut and fold. Although this early version of the software creates only a limited set of pop-up forms, we hope that using this application will start you on your way to learning about pop-up design. Version 2.0 of Popup Workshop is now available. Since 2.0 requires a later version of Java, and also requires Java3D, we have kept Version 1.1 as an alternate. Version 2.0 will give you more pop-up forms, and a better view of your finished pop-up. Dowloading the Documentation and Software The documentation for Popup Workshop is available here in PDF format: Popup Workshop 1.1 Documentation Popup Workshop 2.0 Documentation Version 1.1 of Popup Workshop requires Java 1.4 or later, Version 2.0 requires Java 1.5 or later, and also Java3D. In order to download the software, we ask that you fill out a registration form. Popup Workshop is a research software environment.

Cute and elegant DIY kirigami pop up cards pattern and design | PaperCraft Art Creative Cute and elegant pop up greeting cards. These kirigami patterns / designs are not free but it worth your money, I guess.. It’s nothing but namely – classic. At first, I thought it provides a few trial freebies patterns but it turns out that the free one is only a special bonus for those who bought their pattern set. But still, they look nice and I would like to share their design and pattern with my readers. Anyway, if you are looking for free pattern, try to check my old post on free pop card pattern and tutorial by wikihow. ” Easy Cut Pop-ups are printable pop-up card patterns. - EasyCutPopup For each, price range from $1 to $3 but it’s cheaper if we buy a set. So if you wanna taste the pleasantness of these pop up greeting card yourself, you can take a peek here, Easy Cut Pop up, make it yourself Just for a note, PaperCraft Art Creative do not have any affiliation with the site we just mentioned.

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