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The human calendar®

The human calendar®
News! October 28th, 2013 I finished my 2,660 mile walk from Mexico to Canada. I reached the border on September 25th, 2013. I made up a clock time of "26:60" to represent the distance from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. I kept a journal the whole time on my

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Carla Freitas - Boxe girl! Para dirigente, brasileiras terão mais chances de quebrar jejum no boxe Uma das modalidades mais antigas do programa olímpico - faz parte dele desde 1920, na Antuérpia -, o boxe era também a única a ser unissex Contando até aqui apenas com a solitária medalha de bronze de Servílio de Oliveira nas Olimpíadas de 1968, o boxe brasileiro recebeu um novo incentivo para quebrar esse jejum nesta quinta-feira. Agora que o COI (Comitê Olímpico Internacional) confirmou as mulheres como também praticantes do esporte em Londres-2012, o país aumentou suas chances de brigar pelo pódio, conforme avaliou o presidente da Confederação Brasileira de Boxe, Mauro Silva. Uma das modalidades mais antigas do programa olímpico - faz parte dele desde 1920, na Antuérpia -, o boxe era também a única a ser unissex, informação que não vale mais a partir desta quinta, quando a cúpula do COI se reuniu em Berlim para decidir que a versão feminina começará a ser disputada na próxima edição dos Jogos.

Dropjar : un nouveau service en ligne pour partager des fichiers jusqu'à 10 Go ~ Freewares & Tutos Dropjar est un nouveau service de partage de fichiers allant jusqu'à 10 Go qui ressemble beaucoup à WeTransfer. Originalité de Dropjar : il permet de mettre en pause le transfert des fichiers et de reprendre là où vous en étiez. Son utilisation est simple comme les autres outils du même genre : vous uploadez votre fichier, renseignez l'expéditeur et le destinataire, puis vous lancez le processus. Une fois l'upload terminé, Dropjar envoie un mail au destinataire, à moins que vous ne préfériez échanger le lien crée et affiché pour partager le fichier. Les fichiers transférés sur Dropjar sont conservés pendant sept jours. Dropjar

Globe visitors RevolverMaps Standard GL This improved version of the RevolverMaps Standard widget displays the locations of your visitors as well as the number of visits from the time of the installation on your site. Recent visitor locations are animated and labeled, new visitor locations appear live on the globe. A click on the RevolverMaps button opens the public live statistics page providing detailed information on your visitors. highlights:transparent background 3D labels mouse and touch control (zoom/rotation) hardware accelerated renderer energy saving features: deferred resource loading stop of bandwith and CPU/GPU consuming activities if the globe is offscreen Nuanciers - générateurs (sélection) Time traveling​ Palettes de nuancier en ligne – Générateurs de couleurs David Gaborit , dans Graphisme 0 Les nuanciers en ligne

Tagxedo - tag clouds with style You probably know all about the word cloud generator, Wordle, but here's another service that turns your words into stunning tag clouds. Here are a few examples from the Gallery to see what you can do with Tagxedo Find out more about Tagxedo and how you can create.print and share your images here: Tagxedo Slant Rhyme in Poetry: Definition, Examples & Quiz In this lesson, we'll explore slant rhymes, which are sometimes called half rhymes or near rhymes. After we look at a formal definition and some examples of slant rhyme, there is a short self-assessment quiz that you can take. Explore our library of over 10,000 lessons Click "next lesson" whenever you finish a lesson and quiz.

ELTPics How Does it Work? The idea has remained pretty much the same since then. Every two weeks teachers and folks in ELT are invited to take and share photos on a given theme. This theme is publicised on facebook and twitter by the now curators: @cgoodey, @elt_pics, @fionamau, @JulieRaikou, @mkofab, @sandymillin, and @vickyloras using the hashtag #eltpics. Gifs: The Perfect Language Learning Object Over the years, I’ve turned into a bit of a “gif” guru. EnglishCentral beginner video lesson content offers brillant gifs for A1 learners. Here’s an example – Hobbies. Gif Lingua and Gif Lingua Books offer a gif “corpus” where gifs are tagged and learners learn over 50,000 words of English through gifs – these amazing “ideographs”.

Things I like about Animoto for Education byonApril 12, 2013 [byline_dns]? A colleague of mine recently showed me a very cool way for students to create good-looking videos. Animoto in the Classroom: Activity Ideas Looking to enhance students' Web 2.0 competencies and build 21st-century skills? The Animoto tool allows anyone to create professional-looking projects using audio, photographs and video. Fortunately, if you're a teacher looking to bring this fun and easy multimedia tool into the classroom, a free account will do just fine. Free accounts let students generate projects up to 30 seconds long in a limited number of styles and with a Web-streaming level of visual quality.