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The Psychology of Creativity

The Psychology of Creativity
Looking for inspiration? Start with PsyBlog’s articles on the science of creativity. Here’s a deceptively simple question: if we all have the potential to be creative, why is it so hard? Part of the problem is that so little attention is paid to the psychological research on creativity. If we can harness what scientists already know about creativity, we can propel ourselves to new heights of achievement. Creativity isn’t just for artists, we all need it—at home, in our relationships and, for many of us, at work. For many of us, then, our incomes rely on our creativity. Collected below are recent PsyBlog articles which explore how to be creative: Image credit: Faith Goble

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How to be Creative Trying to make connections? Here are seven more research-based techniques to increase creativity. “Creativity can solve almost any problem. 100 Excellent Art Therapy Exercises for Your Mind, Body, and Soul January 9th, 2011 Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." It's no surprise, then, that many people around the world use art as a means to deal with stress, trauma and unhappiness – or to just find greater peace and meaning in their lives.

10 easy ways to instantly energize your creative powers Whether you’re a freelancer or employee, being a successful copywriter has a lot to do with your creativity. Creative thinking helps you solve problems, overcome obstacles, and find new and better ways to use your skills in a productive and financially rewarding way. You don’t think you have creative abilities?

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Top 10 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing I'm a programmer, so my creative is creative thinking, not artistic creative like most people view the term. I do two basic things. Keep a notepad and a pen on me or nearby at all times. At lest a single A4 sheet and a mini pencil. This way I can jot down anything that comes to mind. "Talent Is Nothing Without Focus and Endurance" I have to disagree in-part. Focus and endurance make talent. We understand the interplay between genetics and environmental factors enough to know that how we are raised, and the time we spend engaged in a thing, are many times more influential on 'talent' than raw genetics; genetics are not a blueprint, they exhaust their influence as soon as the amino acid chains are formed—the rest is entirely self-governed and highly influenced by the environment.

Use "Weird Rules" To Boost Your Creativity Ten years ago, Stanford professor Robert I. Sutton wrote a book on how to manage for maximum creativity called Weird Ideas That Work. After studying some of the most innovative people and companies, Sutton concluded that what is right for routine work is consistently wrong for creative work. The best way to manage for creativity, he discovered, is to simply take every tried-and-true management trope and do the opposite. Armed with this epiphany, he laid out his “Weird Rules of Creativity.” In the decade since, many of Sutton’s “Weird Rules” have become, if not standard practice, characteristic of typically innovative companies.