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Prophet of bloom

Prophet of bloom
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Ash Wednesday: The Hands that Hold the Ashes « The Painted Prayerbook Image: Blessing the Dust © Jan Richardson Readings for Ash Wednesday: Joel 2:1-2, 12-17; Psalm 51:1-17; 2 Corinthians 5:20b – 6:10; Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 (For the Ash Wednesday 2015 post, click Ash Wednesday: The Terrible, Marvelous Dust.) My husband’s ashes are in the keeping of my brother. You can imagine that Ash Wednesday will feel different for me this year and always. In the midst of my struggle and sorrow, what I keep seeing are the hands that hold the ashes—my brother’s hands, and the hands of those who, in gatherings around the world next Wednesday, will trace the sign of the cross on each brow: sign of repentance and release, sign of stubborn hope. How about you? Blessings, blessings to you as Lent draws near. Will You Meet Us A Blessing for Ash Wednesday Will you meet us in the ashes will you meet us in the ache and show your face within our sorrow and offer us your word of grace: –Jan Richardson An invitation into Lent…

found, stitched and dyed Eucalyptus from Carol Todd Rowland Description Silver-Dollar Eucalyptus, also called Silver-Dollar Gum, is most readily indentified by its round juvenille leaves which are gray-green in color and are attached to the branches by a stem. (Some of the other Eucalypts have the leaves attached directly to the branches.) The mature leaves lose their round shape and become more lance-like. There are many kinds of Eucalyptus trees, and all the ones I have seen have a distinguishing pungent odor when their leaves are crushed. Comments The best color is said to come from the round juvenille leaves of this species. Leaves can be used fresh or dried, but I seem to get the best color from the dried leaves. INGREDIENTS 24 ounces dried leaves 4 ounces wool, some mordanted and some unmordanted 4 quarts water METHOD 1) Cover leaves with water. Here's a Recipe using Fermented Leaves Question: What causes different colors from the same species of Eucalyptus? From Linda L. From Barbara H. From Linda L.

Fine Mess Pottery The Inhabit Project I'm really enjoying this collaboration with Vanessa of moira & obbie! We have two new pieces to share this week from The Inhabit Project. They complement each other nicely again, don't you think? My piece, Art Wall Deconstructed, started out as a basic image of my small art gallery area in my studio. I love how the linen fabric became three dimensional as I embroidered the circle. And here's Vanessa's piece, Coat: Threadbare. Once again, she offers a beautiful description of her thoughts: Vanessa Filley See more of Vanessa's pieces here and mine here.

INDIA FLINT WORKSHOP « make something A couple weeks ago, I had the honour of joining a week long workshop at the Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op with Australian textile artist, India Flint. India is world renowned for the magic she has created with natural dyes and her unique approach to imparting colour and foliage prints to textiles and paper. Since taking our natural dyeing class last year, I’ve been wanting to do more, (I think about it all the time!) but somehow haven’t gotten around to it. Silly how that happens. The opportunity to spend a whole week playing with plants and fabric with India at the helm was just perfect. We spent our days learning India’s gentle ways of collecting nature materials from florist or grocer garbage (with permission), going on windfall walks (collecting only what has fallen on the ground and not harvesting), learning about local weeds (plants that are in excess for picking) and looking in our own backyards. India’s approach to dyeing was very freeing.

Raven Hill Pottery | Handmade Pottery Inspired by Nature the art room plant New Possibilities | HandEye extiles have been an integral part of helping children create possibilities for change. Trauma, often emotionally experienced, settles equally and quietly into the body. Ultimately, creating more suffering for the child's relationship with Self and with others. In this small Toronto studio, children have been participating in many different kinds of therapeutic experiences. When the studio opens, a young girl arrives. Walking through the inner door of the studio, we begin every session with a silence that naturally occurs for Vayla. How can I honor the grace of this small child, whose courage is defined by looking left or right instead of only straight ahead? We always find some doorway open; learning new forms of expression, through the body, grit and tears. Many children who have come my studio to work with textiles--for purposes of healing--have discovered a safe silence. Words may not be enough for some of the children who come here for healing.

You'd be Surprised. Enjoying a happy ending smoke, I suppose. I joked, “If herpes was a color, it’d be that orangey-pink.” But my friend stayed quiet in the drivers seat. Stupidly, I kept talking, sharing my disgust for the scene outside my window, “You’ve gotta be some kind of desperate to pay for sex. “You’d be surprised…” is all he said. And I assumed he was talking about the mayor of San Francisco…or Kevin Bacon, or something. But that moment in front of the SurfWind motel came back in a flood of understanding a year later, when my friend said he needed to talk and I found him lying on the floor, just a pile of tears and snot, and I heard his confession through his sobs. He was married, he was a pastor, and he was right – I was surprised. Later, I sat talking with a group of women while we sipped coffee and nibbled the ends of crispy cookies like emaciated wannabe super-models. And I had to smile. Do you really want to know who does “that?” We are the People of the Second Chance. I need a second chance.

Judy's Journal Just Because He Breathes | Learning to Truly Love our Gay Son… layers