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The State of Digital Education Infographic - #edtech #edutech #edu11

The State of Digital Education Infographic - #edtech #edutech #edu11

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Online Jump to Navigation Menu Search No More Passwords: Clever Shows Off 'Instant Login' Most people would agree that having more learning resources and tools available on the Internet is a good thing. But with great options come great responsibility--and great work, especially for schools. At a basic level, two things need to be done before students can access online learning products. First, accounts have to be created, a process that involves the vendor and and school IT administrator. Then, the students actually have to log in to their accounts. San Francisco-based Clever, founded in 2012, has made its name by building an API that helps companies and schools provision student accounts.

How Businesses Use Social Media for Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC] Savvy job seekers have turned to digital and social media tools to help them in their job searches, and now recruiters are on board with the power of social media as a recruiting tool. LinkedIn isn't the only social network that helps in the job search process — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ have all been used by people to land jobs in innovative ways. And interesting takes on the digital resume are increasingly popular, with job seekers creating infographic resumes, video resumes and other visual resumes that set them apart from other job applicants. Employers are taking note of the importance of social media in the recruiting process, and the majority of businesses are turning to social media to find and evaluate job candidates, according to this infographic compiled by Career Enlightenment, a resource for online job seekers. Take a look and let us know what you think of using social media to find a job.

A Paradigm Shift from Instruction to Learning ERIC Identifier: ED414961 Publication Date: 1997-11-00 Author: Schuyler, Gwyer Source: ERIC Clearinghouse for Community Colleges Los Angeles CA. In the hearts of dedicated education professionals is the belief that the primary goal of education is student achievement. However obvious this may seem, some believe that the goal of student learning has become incongruent with the current way higher education institutions function. A new paradigm of learning has been proposed and discussed largely among community college professionals.

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Google Announces New 'Classroom' Tools Over 30 million teachers and students use Google Apps for Education when it comes to writing assignments, crafting presentations, and doing just about any kind of learning activity that includes the web. Today, the Internet search giant hopes to become an even bigger presence in schools with the pre-release announcement of Classroom, a free tool built on Google Apps for Education designed to help teachers organize, assign, and collect work done across Google Docs (which also includes Sheets and Slides) and Google Drive. Already, many teachers are using Google’s productivity apps to organize their students’ work, says Zach Yeskel, a product manager on Google’s Apps for Education team and a former high school math teacher in Oakland. “We’ve heard a lot of teachers that use Google Apps as a LMS,” he says.

The Web & Business Tools Startups Use Most [INFOGRAPHIC] Putting the likes of the super-funded aside (Color, anyone?), most early-stage startups operate on tight budgets and spend their dollars sparingly. A bevy of web services have made start-up costs all the more affordable, but now there's the conundrum of nearly too much choice. The folks at BestVendor surveyed 550 startup staffers — most in marketing and executive administration positions — on their favorite tools for email, accounting, web analytics, CRM, productivity, design, storage, payment processing, operations and so forth. Their answers, in aggregate, speak to the growing trend in startups moving toward predominately cloud-based operations. The most popular selections also highlight the rising stars (Dropbox) and impressive veterans (Paypal and Salesforce) in the business-to-business services sector.

How we got started Our story Founded in Chicago, Illinois, when two school district employees set out to bridge the gap between how students live their lives and how they learn in school, Edmodo was created to bring education into a 21st century environment. Today, Edmodo is based in San Mateo, California. Thanks to those who guided and supported us in the beginning, we're now the number one K-12 social learning network in the world, dedicated to connecting all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential. Forecasting K 12 Edtech Adoption Trends Trends change with the season. And in education technology, no one does a more persistent job of tracking these shifting patterns than the New Media Consortium. Last week, the Austin, TX-based organization gave a sneak peek at the 2014 K-12 Horizon Report, which projects fast, mid-range and long-range edtech adoption trends. Here are this year's forecasts--and the first thing that came to our mind, based on what we've been reporting on:

How to use Twitter [Infographic] A few weeks ago, I posted Twitter Tips via @PartyAficionado and @SocMediaTulsa . Many people who follow me are new to Twitter, so I decided to create a list of tips to help them understand the basics of Twitter. After posting Twitter Tips for a few days, I was asked to create a blog post of my tips. Exploring the Connected Universe – Delegate Level 1 – Resonance Academy A cutting edge interactive course Exploring the Connected Universe to better our planet through you. Engage with 9 leading faculty members and shift the current paradigm. Embark on a mind-bending journey, connect with 2,000 other travelers and apply this knowledge to transform yourself and our world. This course will TRANSFORM your reality and make you EMPOWERED, CONNECTED and KNOWLEDGEABLE to POSITIVELY IMPACT CHANGE! I have done thirty years of research and – together with a team of brilliant scientists – developed a unified field theory. My mission and the mission of the Resonance Academy is to get this information out to everyone, regardless of their educational background.

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