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Bootstrap Form Builder Rendered source of your form: About Created By Adam Moore (@minikomi) to help take the stress out of writing all that markup to get bootstrap forms together. The original version of this was a big jQuery spaghetti mess, so as of March 2013 it has been rewritten using backbone.js and takes advantage of underscore.js templates. Learn Dance Party Grades 2+ | Blocks Minecraft Hour of Code A Minecraft Tale of Two Villages Grades 2+ | Blocks, Python

Free Photoshop Brushes - Original High Resolution Photoshop Brushes I love how much cool free stuff you can find on the web. Designers are always sharing their talents and you can find some pretty amazing stuff. To help with your search, I have compiled a list of 20 great sites where you can find awesome freebies.

Ultimate Collection of 30+ Free iOS 7 Resources for Designers September 16, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Web Design With the release of Apple’s latest iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 7, earlier this week, we thought it natural to provide some free resources for developers and designers. Overall the new OS has received mixed reviews, with some of the more critical evaluations deriving from many flat design enthusiasts. C XML Schema If you want yours listed here, please send an announcement to xmlschema-dev. Recent changes / news: 2010-01-05 generate bindings from XML Schema 2009-11-19 Python XML Schema Bindings 2008-01-06 Visual Schema 2007-12-12 Stylus Studio 2008 released 2007-11-13 CodeSynthesis XSD/e 2.0.0 released 2007-11-04 Saxon 9.0 2007-10-23 Liquid XML Studio 2008 2007-10-17 Intel XML Software 2007-09-20 XSD/e version 1.1.0 2007-09-17 XMLSpy/Altova 2007-09-03 Xerces-C++ 2.8.0 2007-08-22 LMX V3.4 2007-08-16 SchemaXpert 2007-08-01 CodeSynthesis XSD 3.0.0 2007-06-05 xchecker 2007-05-17 oNVDL 2007-05-08 oXygen XML version 8.2 2007-01-22 DocFlex/XSD 2006-11-28LINQ to XSD 2006-11-17SchemaAgent 2007 2006-10-18 XSDBench 2006-09-22XmlPad2006-09-21 ITCworks 2006-09-19 xnsdoc 1.2 - XML Schema documentation generator 2006-09-13BRICS Schematools 2006-09-07EditiX Altova XML (XML Spy) Version 2008 of the Altova XML product line is available 2007-09-17

56 Pure CSS Effects Javascript Alternatives Including Demos Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a document format which provides a set of style rules which can then be incorporated in an XHTML or HTML document. It is a means to separate web content from formatting and presentation information. Although CSS is generally considered a simple and straightforward language, sometimes it requires creativity, skill and a bit of experimentation. The good news is that designers and developers worldwide often face similar problems and choose to share their insights and workarounds with the wider community.

The Hour of Code 2013 Dance Party Grades 2+ | Blocks Minecraft Hour of Code Make a Flappy game Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code Grades 2+ | Blocks, JavaScript 50 Free Fascinating High Resolution Textures and Backgrounds It’s a fact, nobody can get enough textures. It is like collecting stamps, or Photoshop brushes. The inner components of a texture is usually a source of inspiration for new designs or layouts. This is a showcase of 50 free textures that you can use for your personal and commercial designs. 110 Totally Free PSD Website Templates If you don’t have enough time to design your website using Photoshop then you can use ready made website templates and you can play with them however you want.Today it’s really hard to find free yet premium like website templates especially in PSD form but we again have a huge list of free website PSDs.You can find all kinds of templates – one page templates,blog templates,photography templates or even shopping website templates. Here is the huge collection of absolutely free PSD website templates for your web projects. Gridzilla Download Focus

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