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100 Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites Even as the Web has become more entertaining--and certainly better looking--over the past 15 years, it has also become much more useful and practical, as the 100 sites in this feature will demonstrate. I've organized the sites in the list by the type of task they help you with. It is not a ranking; in each category I recommend sites that specialize in a different area than the others. I've also mixed in a smattering of sites that you might not use every day, but that provide ready answers to specific questions like "How can I learn to rumba?" Most Useful Web Sites by Category 9 Sites to Help You Survive the Recession A growing number of good Web sites, like Prosper and Bankrate, are popping up, offering you cool tools to help you manage and conserve your money. 8 Great How-to Web Sites Because of sites like Yahoo Answers and Instructables, the Web has become the first stop for people trying to fix something, build something, or learn a new skill. Extras:

Health Games for Kids and Adults | Making Health Games Fun at Playnormous Double-Entry Journals: Graphic Organizer & Advice Page 1 of 2 What Is It? Students can use a double-entry journal to help them study concepts or vocabulary, express opinions, justify an opinion using text, and understand or respond to the text they are reading. The double-entry journal is a two-column journal. In the left column, students write a piece of information from the text, such as a quotation or a concept, which students want to expand upon, understand better, or question. In the right column, students relate to or analyze the information that is written in the left column. Below is an example of how a language arts teacher who is teaching Walden, by Henry David Thoreau, could use a double-entry journal. Double-Entry Journal for Walden by Henry David Thoreau Why Is It Important? Double-entry journals give students a way to interact personally with the text, by reflecting on and writing about their understanding of the material they are reading. How Can You Make It Happen?

TeacherTube - Teach the World | Teacher Videos | Lesson Plan Videos | Student Video Lessons | Online Teacher Made Videos | Deep Web Links | .onion hidden service urls list Explore, Play, Discover: Websites, Activities & More Search form Search Low-cost, teacher-tested activities for the classroom and the curious. Science of Cooking • Explore the science behind food and cooking with recipes, activities, and Webcasts.PreviousNext Explore, Play, Discover: Websites, Activities, and More Auroras: Paintings in the Sky Far north in the night sky, a faint glow appears on the horizon. Feeling Pressured Feel atmospheric pressure changes by stepping into a garbage bag. Camera Obscura Take the Beat Back Uncover the everyday origins of some extraordinary instruments. The Cold Water Candy Test Science of Baseball What's the science behind a home run? Arctic Seals These unique – and uniquely beautiful – seal species spend their lives amid the sea ice Plant Hybrids If you're a patient gardener, you can grow your own hybrid flowers. 2016 Total Solar Eclipse Telescope View Watch the telescope view of the entire 2016 total solar eclipse in Micronesia. Energy from Death Slinky in Hand Make waves without getting wet. Cheshire Cat Pages explore Connect

Login iMoviemanual för nybörjare Jag har skapat en manual för nybörjare till appen iMovie. Den tar upp en del av, enligt mig, de viktigaste funktionerna att känna till för att komma igång. Manualen har bilder och beskrivningar för funktionerna i iMovie när man vill skapa en film eller trailer. iMovie rymmer så mycket mer, men har du väl startat, kommer du att själv upptäcka finesser under resan. Glöm inte att det rymmer sig mycket information under den lilla knappen med frågetecknet som dyker upp på alla sidor. Jag passade på att testa webbtjänsten ISSUU för att publicera manualen som en webbpublikation för att dela med dig. Hoppas du kan ha nytta av den:) Dela den gärna vidare Relaterat Skolstart med iktsidan- startpaket till iPad med gratis appar I Lysekils kommun startar vi nu ett iPadprojekt som kommer att löpa under tre år, där målet är att alla elever årskurs 1-6 ska få en egen iPad att använda i skolarbetet. I "Allmänt" Book Creator steg för steg- lär hur Spara musik till din iPad, gratis och lätt

Career Quiz "Interests" describe the types of activities that you are drawn to; these will need to be present in a job or career that you are considering if you are to stay motivated. It is important to note that interest in an activity does not necessarily indicate skill. Yellow — People with yellow Interests like job responsibilities that include organizing and systematizing, and professions that are detail-oriented, predictable, and objective. People with yellow Interests enjoy activities that include: ordering, numbering, scheduling, systematizing, preserving, maintaining, measuring, specifying details, and archiving, which often lead to work in research, banking, accounting, systems analysis, tax law, finance, government work, and engineering. Green — People with green Interests like job responsibilities and occupations that involve persuasion, sales, promotions, and group or personal contact.

Free Online Learning at GCFLearnFree RWT Cover Creator The Cover Creator is designed to allow users to type and illustrate covers for a variety of media: front book covers, front and back covers, full dust jackets, CD and DVD covers and related booklets for liner notes and other information. Students can use the tool to create new covers for things they have read or viewed or they can create covers for media they compose individually or as a class. Grades K – 2 | Lesson Plan | Recurring Lesson Have Journal...Will Travel: Promoting Family Involvement in Literacy Students build positive memories of literacy activities when they take turns taking home a book bag stuffed with items to encourage literacy interactions with their families. Grades K – 2 | Lesson Plan | Minilesson Collaborative Stories 2: Revising Using a collaborative story written by students, the teacher leads a shared-revising activity to help students consider content when revising, with students participating in the marking of text revisions. Safety first! back to top

Career Assessment with College Majors for Career Well-Being | Career Key ClickSchooling | RWT Postcard Creator Home › Classroom Resources › Mobile Apps Mobile App The Postcard Creator helps students learn to identify all the typical parts of a postcard, and then generate their own postcard messages by typing information into templates. Students fill in the address, illustrate the front and stamp, enter details on the postcard's artwork, and craft the postcard message. The finished postcard can then be previewed, edited, printed, and shared. Related Classroom & Professional Development Resources back to top Grades K – 8 | Student Interactive | Writing & Publishing Prose Postcard Creator The Postcard Creator helps students learn to identify all the typical parts of a postcard, and then generate their own postcard messages by typing information into letter templates.