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Welcome to IRENA

Welcome to IRENA
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CREativity in Science and Technology - CREST — The Learner's Way Grant Wiggins writing for te@chthough deals with this problem in an article titled 'Experiential Learning: Just Because It’s Hands-On Doesn’t Mean It’s Minds-On’. Grant asks students three questions that reveal the level to which they are cognitively engaged with the task at hand; What are you doing? Why are you doing it? and What does this help you do that’s important? The next level is a little more challenging and is possibly the first step towards open ended scientific inquiry. A simple example of ‘guided discovery’ was shared with a group of scientists and teachers at a recent CSIRO ‘Scientists in Schools’ event. The next level is where it for most teachers it gets scary and for the students it gets most exciting; Open ended scientific exploration. Considering an example, students in Stage Three study in NSW as part of the new Science syllabus might be investigating rapid changes at the earths surface.

RCREEE Energy Online » Το περιοδικό για την Ενέργεια και το Περιβάλλον ScienceWeb - ASTA ENTSO-E Milk the Sun Science and Space Facts, Science and Space, Human Body, Health, Earth, Human Disease - National Geographic ACER The contents of this page are obsolete. Please visit for current updates Welcome to ACER – the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy RegulatorsWorking towards a Single Energy Market to the benefit of all EU consumers! We work towards a competitive, sustainable, secure and transparent Internal Energy Market to the benefit of all EU consumers. ACER’s overall mission is to assist national energy regulatory authorities (NRAs) to perform their duties at EU level and to coordinate their actions whenever necessary. ACER cooperates thus closely with NRAs but also EU institutions, and European associations of stakeholders, market participants, especially the European Networks of Transmission System Operators (ENTSOs), to deliver a series of instruments for the completion of a single EU energy market. The main areas on which ACER activities focus are: Biology For Kids -