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Cytoscape: An Open Source Platform for Complex Network Analysis and Visualization Social network analysis software Social network analysis software (SNA software) is software which facilitates quantitative or qualitative analysis of social networks, by describing features of a network either through numerical or visual representation. Overview[edit] Some SNA software can perform predictive analysis.[5] This includes using network phenomena such as a tie to predict individual level outcomes (often called peer influence or contagion modeling), using individual-level phenomena to predict network outcomes such as the formation of a tie/edge (often called homophily models[6]) or particular type of triad, or using network phenomena to predict other network phenomena, such as using a triad formation at time 0 to predict tie formation at time 1. Network analysis software generally consists of either packages based on graphical user interfaces (GUIs), or packages built for scripting/programming languages. GUI packages are easier to learn, while scripting tools are more powerful and extensible. See also[edit]

SONIVIS Visio Radial Grid – Visio Guy Need to arrange shapes in a circular pattern? This shape might help! Update 2018.10.05: a new version of this shape has been published. See Visio Radial Grid v2. As you may have discovered, Visio doesn’t have a feature for arranging shapes in radial patterns. If you’re good at scripting, it’s not hard to write a small program to do this via automation. For many situations, just having a visual grid is good enough. So I’ve been fiddling with that concept for a few hours, and have come up with a configurable Visio SmartShape that should help you to arrange things in a circle. Basic Anatomy The concept is simple. People doing network diagrams just love this kind of layout! In the example above, the icons have been manually placed along the grid lines. Once you’ve arranged your shapes, turn off the grid and check your work! That little circle icon in the top-left corner is actually a UI element. Ring and Sector Options The shape can be configured to quite a few permutations. Connection Points

Visio Radial Grid v2 – Visio Guy If you enjoyed the first version of the Visio Radial Grid shape, well I’ve got a new version for your enjoyment and productivity enhancement! Overview At the end of the article about the first version of this shape, I added a bullet list of TODO items. I couldn’t resist implementing them, so here we are, a few days later with another post and download! I’ll point you to the first article as the “help file” for this shape, and use this article to highlight the improvements to the shape. In general, the shape is intended as a radial grid to help you visually align shapes in circular arrays. v2 adds a bunch of features that some of you might find really useful. About a Bug in Visio Edit 2018.10.09: this bug has been fixed in the shape for the current download! Note: Visio still has a bug with IF statements that point to user-defined expressions that involve the EVALCELL and ARGS functions, but a workaround was concocted, so that the shape works without any user-tweaking. Look! New Feature List