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Centre Européen de Recherches Préhistoriques de Tautavel

F93 Index - Accueil Interactive Dig Tiwanaku - History and Context Nestled in a Bolivian highland valley 13,000 feet above sea level, the broad altiplano of Tiwanaku is defined on three sides by mountain ranges and on the fourth by Lake Titicaca. Approximately in the middle of the valley are a series of large mounds and small platforms marking the center of the city of Tiwanaku, occupied ca. A.D. 500-950. By the time the Inka came to Tiwanaku around the middle of the fifteenth century, it had been abandoned for hundreds of years. The first Spanish chroniclers were amazed by the size and antiquity of the structures at Tiwanaku, and for the next few centuries a number of notable observers traveled to visit what became known as the "American Stonehenge" or the "Baalbek of the New World." Of all the ruins in Central and South America, Tiwanaku has especially been a magnet for strange theories. After decades of foreign research, Ponce Sangines established an unabashedly nationalistic Bolivian organization for the study of Tiwanaku in 1957.

Ombelliscience Picardie Le Mag Voyages vous emmène à l'Île d'Aix C'est une toute petite île coincée entre Ré et Oléron, en Charente-Maritime Il n'y a pas de voitures, l'Île est battue par les vents mais largement ensoleillée. Vous en faites le tour en quelques heures. Respectueuse de l'environnement, Aix se trouve sur les grandes voies de migration des oiseaux. Des monuments historiques comme le fort Liédot racontent l'histoire de France. LÎle fut aussi la dernière demeure de Napoléon avant son départ pour Sainte-Hélène. Le site officiel de l'Île d'AixLe site du tourisme dans le pays rochefortaisLes horaires de bac pour l'Île d'AixDes photos de l'Île d'Aix Une idée de séjour insolite La "Casa Anus" en Belgique

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Bibliothèque des sciences de l'Antiquité Accueil - Galerie Eureka Cartes d' Europe: atlas géographique et historique accompagné de Egyptian Monuments CCSTI de Corse, A Meridiana The National Academies In the News: Your Inner Fish – A Scientific Adventure Have you ever wondered why people look the way they do? Why our hands and feet have five digits instead of six? Why we stand on two legs instead of four? Follow that adventure now on PBS Darwin's Insights Continue to Inspire the Academy's Work The ideas of Charles Darwin and the concept of evolution by natural selection continue to have a profound influence on modern biology – they permeate almost every area of scientific exploration. In 2009 the National Academy of Sciences joined many other organizations in the international scientific community to celebrate the 'Year of Science,' which commemorated Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his masterwork On the Origin of Species. In 2010, the National Academy of Sciences awarded its most prestigious award, the Public Welfare Medal, to Dr.