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4 Personal Websites for the Media-Savvy Worker This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. You post to Facebook and Twitter accounts, you blog regularly on Tumblr and you upload the occasional YouTube video. On the other hand, you don't own or operate your own website (partly because was taken 15 years ago). Think of a personal website as a public business card — with links. SEE ALSO: 5 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter Hashtags And the best part is, you don't have to worry about buying Bonus: They all work with mobile and tablets, too. Take a look at four inspiring personal website platforms. More Small Business Resources From OPEN Forum - How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Small Business- 10 Things You Didn't Know About Yelp- How to Master Social Media Like a Famous Comedian Image courtesy of iStockphoto, alejandrophotography

The 22 books to read before you quit your job - BestSelf Blog I was recently visited by a good friend I went to university with. He’s still in the field of architecture, and it was the first time we’d seen each other since I’d given up on the industry in favor of entrepreneurship. During his visit we talked a lot about the Architecture industry as a whole, our biggest problems with it, and why I ultimately decided it wasn’t what I wanted. As I mentioned in my previous post, when I was working at my job in architecture, I started a side project, Calm The Ham, which after 18 months of work was making decent money, especially compared to the $40,000 I was making at my job (which does not stretch far living in New York City). What could I create if it was my only focus? Then the negative thoughts would kick in. I wasn’t about to quit my job, join an MBA program, and then start a business. I needed to learn the basic principles of business, both running and growing one. I must read my list of 22 books before I was allowed to quit my architecture job. 1.

OneTab samlar snabbt och lätt dina öppna webflikar i en flik med delbar lista – Hannas skolblogg Har du liksom jag alltid tusen flikar öppna i din webläsare? Plus flera fönster öppna samtidigt..? OneTab är ett litet tillägg till Chromes webläsare som spar minne och kan förenkla tillvaron en smula genom att ordna flikarna i en lista. Man kan även dela flikarna lätt med andra om man vill, något som kan underlätta om man vill dela resurser med sina elever. OneTab kan hämtas på och dyker upp som en ikon i menyfältet. I den här videon kan du se hur man gör: Om man öppnar många flikar i ett webfönster och klickar på OneTab-ikonen kommer webadresserna till sidorna på flikarna att samlas i en lista i en ny flik. Genom att dela länken till den nya fliken (Share as web page) kan man alltså dela hela uppsättningar av flikar till en kollega, elev eller annan. Flikarna i webfönstret (vä) samlas i en delbar lista (hö). Tack för tips Google Road Show!

Cerveau : le nombre de neurones fait-il l'intelligence CERVEAU. Interrogé sur les affaires lors de son interview au journal télévisé de France 2, Nicolas Sarkozy, l'ancien chef de l'État a répliqué à deux reprises avec la même expression : "Est-ce que vous me prêtez deux neurones d'intelligence ?". Cette interrogation en pose une autre sur le plan neuroscientifique : est-ce le nombre de neurones qui définit l'intelligence ? La réponse est en fait plus complexe qu'il n'y paraît. Une expression partiellement vraie Le nombre de neurones est effectivement lié à l'intelligence, mais seulement en partie. En effet, plus le cerveau est gros, plus il héberge de neurones. Mais le nombre de neurones ne fait pas tout. Culture primaire d'un neurone dopaminergique (en marron) au milieu de cellules gliales (en bleu). © Inserm, T. Et l'intelligence animale ? Globalement, chez tous les vertébrés, la taille du cerveau est proportionnelle à celle du corps. ADAPTATION.

Internal Time: The Science of Chronotypes, Social Jet Lag, and Why You’re So Tired by Maria Popova Debunking the social stigma around late risers, or what Einstein has to do with teens’ risk for smoking. “Six hours’ sleep for a man, seven for a woman, and eight for a fool,” Napoleon famously prescribed. (He would have scoffed at Einstein, then, who was known to require ten hours of sleep for optimal performance.) This perceived superiority of those who can get by on less sleep isn’t just something Napoleon shared with dictators like Hitler and Stalin, it’s an enduring attitude woven into our social norms and expectations, from proverbs about early birds to the basic scheduling structure of education and the workplace. The distribution of midsleep in Central Europe. This myth that early risers are good people and that late risers are lazy has its reasons and merits in rural societies but becomes questionable in a modern 24/7 society. The scissors of sleep. Chronotypes vary with age: [T]he less stress smokers have, the easier it is for them to quit. (Thanks, Jalees.)

Information Visualization: Word Clouds, Phrase Nets, Tree Maps | Virtual Tool Cupboard | e-lab Digital Creation: Information Visualization: Word Clouds, Phrase Nets, Tree Maps A visualization is a way of quickly and clearly expressing complex information. Information visualizations are constantly being used and created – a hurried sketch, a scribbled map, the pictorial instructions provided to help assemble furniture – are all examples of everyday practices of information visualization. Visualization of data does not necessarily have to involve numbers. Beginning Your Work A good place to begin creating visualizations is with a simple ‘cut and paste’ resource such as a Word Cloud tool like Wordle. One of the main things to remember when it comes to creating and using visualizations is that they present a different way of reading. The program will need to normalize your data in order to be able to classify the text and create the visualizations. Secondary Uses One of the off-label prescriptions for these tools is also one of the most useful. Web Tool VisualizationsWord Clouds

NeoCoat - innovative CVD Diamond Solutions Det här från Internetdagarna sänds live på webben | Internetdagarna 2017 Vi vill göra dig uppmärksam på att din webbläsarversion (Firefox 17) är föråldrad. Uppdatera din webbläsare för bättre säkerhet och en roligare webb. Köp biljett - 1250 kr/dag Stockholm Waterfront 20-21 november 2017 Det här från Internetdagarna sänds live på webben Dela Twittra Dela Precis som föregående år kommer flera av evenemangen på Internetdagarna att livestreamas på vår webbplats. Här hittar du alla evenemang som har kameror riktade mot sig under årets upplaga av Internetdagarna! A1: Keynote Cathy ONeil och Molly Wright Steenson, keynote Matt Mason, keynote Andreas Antonopoulos + WordCamp Stockholm 2017 A2: Vad innebär digital kompetens i skolan? A4: 10 år med sociala medier – då, nu och sen?! C3: Internet 3 000 – robotarna tar över (OBS: spelas in, livesänds ej) C4: Öppna teknologier digitaliserar offentlig sektor BAR 4: Bitcoin – en disruptiv teknik (OBS: spelas in, livesänds ej) BAR 5: WordCamp Stockholm 2017 A2: Skolans digitala infrastruktur – från vision till verklighet

MEMOIRE ET CONCENTRATION Selon le professeur Paul D. Mac Lean, le cerveau peut être divisé en trois étages : Le cerveau reptilien Le cerveau reptilien ou cerveau primitif est le plus ancien. Sa fonction principale est d’assurer la survie de l’individu et de l’espèce. Il commande les besoins de base (soif, faim, sommeil, pulsions sexuelles…) et les réflexes de défense (fuite, agressivité …). Exemples : sucer son pouce, se gratter le nez, se ronger les ongles, lever les bras pour se protéger …. Le cerveau limbique Le cerveau limbique entoure le cerveau reptilien. Le cortex Le cortex ou cerveau supérieur nous distingue des autres mammifères. Contrairement aux deux cerveaux précédents, le cortex est capable, en présence d’une situation, d’avoir une réponse originale, dégagée des stéréotypes. Conséquences Pour réussir son apprentissage, il faut : avoir confiance en soi établir un plan d’action entretenir sa motivation avoir confiance en soi Pour apprendre, il faut croire en soi, en ses possibilités. Le cerveau gauche

Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) | Ginny Whitelaw | Betsy Wetzig The FEBI looks at the bridge between the physical body, the mind and behavior. It demonstrates a powerful link between movement and temperament and identifies ways that physical changes can lead to pervasive changes in human behavior--as well as the impact those physical changes can have. The four patterns and their application to personality, teams, organizations and general human behavior is addressed in detail in the book, Move to Greatness by Dr. What you will learn from the Comprehensive Report: Your Energy Balance Profile across all four energy patterns and the order in which you normally engage them.