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Just got laid off, any Internet work? - Page 10 Originally Posted by pubba Sorry for the thread bump, but thought I would share an update in case anyone is on the fence re: trying online work.I thought it might be a good way to earn some pocket money on the side, but since starting in the middle of March (when waiting for my daughter to be born), it's quickly become a better income than my teaching job. I'm seriously considering quitting my job and doing it full-time until my kid is old enough to start school (4-5 years).Textbroker started out pretty slow, and I was only making 40-60 euro a week, but then I was invited to join a big project for eBay Australia, writing item descriptions. That work was a bit tedious, but payed just over 300 euro! I was hooked..Since then I have done another big project for an online toy store and am currently in a team writing (boring) user guides for

10 Amazing Free Online Writing Courses The decision to pursue your freelance career is a huge step. Congratulations! But… Now what? Where do you start? How do you know what resources are good and what resources aren’t? Is every free report worth your time? Cool Tools Lots of ideas for last minute holiday shopping There is still enough time to buy cool tools as gifts and have them arrive before Christmas. Here’s our complete list of gift ideas for 2016. (And here’s Boing Boing’s complete gift guide, too.) The Top Four Online Writing Labs - The Best Online Writing Centers for Students and Teachers Many colleges and universities host exceptional online writing labs--or OWLs, as they are commonly called. The instructional materials and quizzes available at these sites are generally suitable for writers of all ages and at all academic levels. Here are four of the very best OWLs.

Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools Full course description This free five-module online introductory course gives you the essential concepts, techniques, and skills to effectively work with data and produce compelling data stories under tight deadlines. Comprised of video lectures, tutorials, assignments, readings, and discussion forums, this course is open to anyone in the world with an Internet connection who wants to tell stories with data. Our media environment is increasingly saturated with data, including large collections of leaked documents published by Wikileaks, public databases about lobbying or government spending, and “big data” from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. As a result, many media organisations seek data-savvy journalists to help them process this information to understand what is in it, to identify what is important, and to provide insights to readers in a compelling way.

Strike Search - Torrent Search Engine I suppose I’ve been waiting to make this post for sometime. Source code for Strike Search is released here some of you might be aware that since Aurous was sued and shutdown I’ve been quite absent from maintaining a few of my projects. Strike being one of the most popular. The Writer's Channel Class One - The Story Mind 1. Introducing the Story Mind 2. SensorWake - Wake Up Happy with the Smell-Based Alarm Clock by Guillaume Rolland Risks and challenges We are very proud to be able to offer our product to backers on Kickstarter. But for us, it’s only the beginning.

Lifewriting Classes Steven Barnes' Free Writing Class! What follows is, in slightly modified form, the complete text of the 9-week writing class I've taught for years at UCLA. To my knowledge it is the only completely free program of its depth and scope available on the WWW. I would suggest that you download it all, and take the lessons one week at a time, writing your butts off.

HeavyM - Download HeavyM HeavyM is now on beta release and free for non-commercial use. If you use it in a project, please mention that you use HeavyM and include a link to To install our software, just unzip your HeavyM package and double-click on the execution file contained. For more informations and tutorials regarding how to use HeavyM, click here! Version 0.94.6 - beta ! NEW release for Mac and Windows : version 0.94.6, May 29th 2015 (UPDATED).